Netflix And Candy Digital Releases Stranger Things NFT

Upside down
By: balqis
July 15, 2022

Netflix has collaborated with Candy Digital to release a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for its critically acclaimed show, Stranger Things. 

The Stranger Things NFT collection will feature 17 different characters from its latest season.

During the release, a total of 11,111 tokens with popular characters like Hopper, Joyce, Mike, Eleven, Dustin, and Max will be made available for sale. 

However, the NFT of its main character, Eleven, will be limitedly released with only 223 digital collectables minted. 

The Stranger Things NFTs are available through “The Upside Down Series” which is priced at $11 for individual mystery boxes. Whereas the $275 “Hell Fire Club Bundle” includes all of the 17 characters.

Early access to the Stranger Things NFT collection will be opened at 1 pm ET on July 14th. The sales will expire at 5 pm ET on July 20th, or until all of the tokens are sold. Click here for more details.

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