Dine In The Dark At Nox Singapore!

A unique dining experience with NOX - Dine in the…
By: Cherelle Lim
December 30, 2021

Have you ever heard of dining in the dark? Well, it sure sounds like fun! Dining is an experience we all want to have pleasantly. We also love trying new and exotic flavours of food. Although some foods might scare us, we still make the effort of trying them at least once if it intrigues us. Especially when the rest of the world is doing it too, it can be hard to not get sucked into the wonders of fine dining. There are several fine dining experiences that can seem magical because of the presentation of everything. From the setting of the restaurant to the presentation of the food and even performances in the restaurant! What’s more, is that these dining experiences constantly outdo themselves because they know social media loves it. That brings us back to dine in the dark restaurants in Singapore

These unique restaurants are unusual in a good way and definitely one-of-a-kind. Satisfy both your hunger and adventurous heart with a dine in the dark restaurant. Singapore is already known for its good food, so let’s take it up a notch by letting customers experience fine dining, in the dark. Sounds scary, but we promise that it packs a lot of fun in it too! So, dress up and build up your courage before entering a darkened space for dining. 

NOX – Dine in the Dark

Get ready for a pitch-black dining experience when you step into NOX – Dine in the Dark. As one of Singapore’s most romantic restaurants, NOX is the perfect romantic date night out. This restaurant in Singapore will offer you a fun experience like never before. With a posh and dimly lit lounge, NOX exudes a cosy and warm atmosphere, without taking away its sophistication. Start your evening at NOX – Dine in the Dark with their signature cocktails and be prepared for what entails. Brace yourself as they serenade your taste buds with seduction. 

Once they are ready to serve you in the dark, you’ll be seated in their pitch-black dining area. Be pampered with a complete 3-course meal that delivers you with 12 unique creations designed to blow your mind. Listen as you fumble to make out what the dishes really are! Thanks to NOX – Dine in the Dark’s unique concept, you’ll be able to enjoy a quiet evening with no distractions from technology. So, talk like it’s the 1950s! 

The Chef

So, who is the mastermind behind these impeccable meals that are tantalising your taste buds you ask? It is none other than Chef Shahrom! Extremely talented, Chef Shahrom fell in love with cooking during a study tour to Italy. After visiting and training at some of Italy’s finest restaurants and their best chefs, they all left a deep impression on his cooking. Chef Shahrom has an impressive career in Singapore’s F&B scene. He previously helmed the kitchens of Madison Rooms Asia, Lolla and SELA. 

Thanks to his passion for culinary arts and ambition to contribute to Singapore’s F&B scene, he joined NOX – Dine in the Dark in 2018 as Head Chef. Unafraid of the challenges, he was able to bring his culinary career to new heights. Since NOX – Dine in the Dark offers a very different culinary experience and dining concept, Chef Shahrom enjoyed creating 12 new dishes every month! He loved playing with the texture, flavour and aroma of each dish to ensure that he emphasises and intensifies them. Furthermore, he ensures that the combination of flavours both manage to compliment and contrast each other at the same time. Using locally sourced ingredients, Chef Shahrom creates modern and classic European cuisine with a tad of local flourish.  

Chef Shahrom focuses on fine dining and prioritises the affordability, accessibility and simple approach to European classics. His inspiration usually comes from his existing repertoire with several hours spent in the kitchen for R&D. He combines these ideas with those he acquires from travelling and tasting foods from other restaurants. Chef Shahrom is also dedicated to sourcing the highest quality produce, as well as extracting the best flavour out of every ingredient. Seeing as his creations never fail, it is no wonder every diner has hearts in their eyes! 

Dine in the Dark Experience

Before diving into a world of darkness, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind. Just to let you know what this gist of it is all about. 


dine in the dark

Before the dine in the dark experience even begins, you will be greeted by their friendly staff. They will escort you to the lounge and brief you on the concept of this dining experience, and what you should expect. After that, you can enjoy their signature cocktails, or choose from their extensive list of fine wines. Amuse-bouche will also be served to awaken your palate. This also gives you a glimpse of what entails, the quality of the food and the chef’s approach to the art of cuisine. 

During Dinner 

Once the welcome brief is over, you will be escorted to the entrance of the dining area. Here, you will be introduced to your visually impaired or blind guide. They will be the ones to serve and take care of you during the dinner. When in the dining area, you are still allowed to order additional drinks at any moment. All you have to do is call out for your guide’s name. Should you ever feel distressed or uncomfortable in the dark environment, feel free to let the staff know. They will escort you to the lit-up lounge accordingly. 


dine in the dark

After you are done with your dinner, you will be escorted to the lit-up lounge area. Here, you’ll be given a form to fill up all your guesses of what you’ve eaten in the dark room. After that, they will show you pictures and descriptions of the food for you to compare with your guesses! Find out how many you guessed right while sipping on some post-dinner cocktails or tea and coffee. Ending your night on a lovely note. 

More Information

NOX has recently secured a new location to offer their unique dining experience located in the CBD area. So, stay tuned on their social media as they will be opening reservations once they have a confirmed date. It is time for NOX 2.0 to become a reality! However, you can start seeking out NOX yourself as they are dropping hints on their Instagram of where they might be! Hint: it is somewhere at Club Street. If you are wondering how much the whole experience costs, here’s an idea.

Price: $103 for a three-course mystery set menu and cocktail drink

Experience Duration: Reservations are in 30min intervals and each dinner lasts 2 hours from Tue-Sun: 6pm – 10pm | closed on Mondays 

Location: TBA

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