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Fight like a tiger at Onyx MMA!
By: cherelle
February 16, 2022

Like any type of sport and activity, there are facilities and programs for you to learn. Don’t know how to play basketball? Find a basketball coach! Can’t play badminton for the life of you? Join a badminton class! Want to learn how to fight? Get a lesson at Onyx MMA boxing gym! Simple as that. Nobody was born with the skills to fight straight away. They have to learn it from somewhere. Furthermore, there is no shame in learning a new skill at different ages. You don’t have to be a master at Muay Thai, you could just be doing it for fun! Or, if you are trying to learn a few self-defence skills, especially for girls, Onyx MMA might just be able to help with that. The best part about learning martial arts is that it could also be a great way to release any pent up anger. 

Onyx MMA

Onyx opened its doors to the public back in 2011 and ever since, it has been established as one of the most recognised boxing schools in Singapore. If you’re thinking of a gym with cooling air conditioning all-around, you are gravely mistaken. The goal at Onyx MMA is to sweat and train. So, you’ll be delighted to find an open-air compound sheltered by zinc roofings and barriers that aren’t wire fences. But don’t worry, once you start training here and accustom yourself to the atmosphere, you’ll find that it is the perfect place to work out and adapt to Singapore’s tropical weather. Furthermore, Onyx MMA not only has one but three locations across Singapore. Thus, you can easily find one that is most convenient for you. Aside from that, this boxing gym is also well-equipped with gloves, punching bags and even a boxing ring. 

Classes Available

At Onyx MMA, they offer a variety of different boxing classes. Ranging from Muay Thai, to BJJ and Boxing. Onyx MMA also offers classes for Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, as well as Kiddie Classes! If you ever have any questions about when these classes take place, you can always check out their website, where the schedules for all three outlets are posted. Muay Thai classes tend to be offered every day at the Jurong East and Yishun Safra outlets. While the Tampines Safra outlet only offers Muay Thai lessons every day except Wednesdays. Which is the official rest day for their Tampines outlet. 

The Trainers at Onyx MMA

There are also several trainers at Onyx MMA the team comprises Keng, Iskandar, Aleksander, Zim and Beary! If you are looking for Muay Thai classes, Keng is your guy and he is an absolute beast. For boxing, Iskandar will be there to help and if you are looking for a class in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Aleksander is your man. Besides all the amazing coaches at the gym, they also have a fight team that participates in several competitions. If you’ve trained long enough and are up for the challenge, you might just get your chance to compete as well! 


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onyx mma

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