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March 14, 2022

The concept of Origin Bar is centred around a journey of discovery of the 6 important districts of Singapore. These are namely Orchard Road, Balestier, Chinatown, Little India, Boat Quay, and Marina Bay. Furthermore, all of these complement the hotel’s interior design that embraces train travel. A crew of young mixologists with great enthusiasm for what they do hand-craft inspired drinks. For example, the cocktail inspired by Orchard Road crucially refers to the Shangri-La brand’s first house. The bouquet of your glass will be a combination of fruits, flowers, and spices. With this, Glitz is presenting you with an Origin Bar review, also known as one of the best bars in Singapore.

Top Drinks To Order

1. Jammu

Jammu is a drink inspired by Little India and features a beautiful crisp papadom on top. It is made with Mitchter’s Small Batch bourbon, mango, saffron, and citrus. What you get is a sweet concoction with a hint of tang at the end. But of course, the booze is potent enough for you to relish in its taste. Jammu is one of just two states in India that produces saffron, as you may have guessed. ​It’s also a highly recommended item to order in our Origin Bar review.

2. Pantelleria

The Pantelleria is named after an Italian island famous for its sweet and aromatic capers. Furthermore, it takes inspiration from the Boat Quay neighbourhood. Thus, it’s a drink made with capers cordial, red grapes, verjus, and Hendrick’s gin. If you’re a fan of gin then this drink is perfect for you. It’s a beautiful hue of pink and exudes a lovely herby taste that ties in beautifully with the sweetness of the grapes. In addition, the capers do shine in this drink and add a fragrant touch.

3. Don Andres Brugal

The Don Andres Brugal is a Dominican Republic treasure that has been enjoyed by the Brugal family for five generations before being available for sale. Each edition is unique, with only 1,000 decanters available for purchase each time. Therefore, this is one of the most unusual and remarkable rums available. The aromas of raisin, anise, and coffee are abundant in this 2015 edition. ​It’s a must-try in our Origin Bar review.

4. Nashi & Matcha

Nashi & Matcha represents Boat Quay and pays a beautiful homage to the picturesque spot. In addition to the standard highball, the Nashi & Matcha feature tea, nashi pear, and caramel cordial. This is built on a foundation of floral Roku Gin and tonic, and it’s one of the best cocktails in Singapore. Nashi & Matcha comes with a gadget that allows you to combine the matcha by lifting the ice cube instead of stirring. Thus, you’ll notice the attention to detail and elegance in this single drink.

5. Crystal Moj!to

No, ma’am, that is not a spelling mistake. Indeed, this drink is called the Crystal Moj!to – with the exclamation mark! Origin’s mixologists employ cold distillation to capture the pure flavours of mint and lime without releasing any bitterness in the classic recipe. The mixologists also combine sugar cane juice, ascorbic acid, and an ingenious charred lime garnish. What you get is a cocktail that is clean, refreshing, and gives out just the right amount of sweet. ​Out of all the drinks in our Origin Bar review, this is perfect for non-sugary lovers!

6. Saz-Mei

An Asian twist on the Sazerac, Saz-Mei, is a plum-infused twist on the classic cocktail. Remy-Martin V.S.O.P infused with smoked plum is combined with in-house Origin Absinthe, which is the cognac of choice for this event. ​It’s a sweet and beautiful cocktail that is truly the best addition to your Instagram feed. You even get an Origin sweet on the top that interestingly changes the taste of the cocktail with each sip.

7. Tropez

Triomphe is an extravagant concoction of seven-year-old Chocolate Matusalem Rum and Mancino Rosso Amaranto vermouth that’s both visually appealing and delicious. Smokey aromas give way to a sweet finish with a hint of Maraschino and coconut flakes in the aftertaste. The Balestier series draws on Origin Bar’s extensive rum collection, which dates back to the area’s days as a sugarcane plantation. ​

8. Urban Jungle

Orchard Road’s heritage is reflected in Origin’s signature drink, the Urban Jungle. This concoction is a tropical feast flavoured with fruit, nutmeg and pepper. The rum is paired with salted and fermented Kampot black peppercorns for bursts of sweet-spicy subtleties. Thus, the result is a cordial of baked pineapple, nutmeg flowers, and sugar. If there’s any drink we can compare this with, it’s the Old Fashioned. However, this is definitely an elevated version of it for sure.

9. Hong

In Chinese, the word ‘hong’ implies red, a colour associated with vitality, joy, and happiness. When paired with the elegance of Champagne, its deep and rich effervescence adds even more sparkle to your night out. The aromatic and fruity notes of hibiscus and hawthorn, combined with the smoothness of Reyka vodka, will keep you coming back for more. ​

10. Crystal Russian

The Crystal Russian is Adam’s masterwork, a creative spin on the White Russian. It tastes like a familiar combination of bitter coffee and cream, but it’s crystal clear. While its appearance may confuse you with water, it’s a beautiful drink to have. It goes nicely with some of the delectable desserts as an after-dinner cocktail.

Top Bar Bites

1. Wagyu Beef Skewers

In our Origin Bar review, you get wagyu reimagined into beautiful Wagyu Beef Skewers that brings us a sense of familiarity. That’s right, they look exactly like satay, but better! The skewers are extremely succulent and bursts with flavours. On the side, you get a creamy sauce that just reminds us of the lovely peanut sauce that comes with satay.

2. Yuzu Sake Cured Trout

If there’s any bar bite that’s on the highest level, it’s this Yuzu Sake Cured Trout dish for sure. Aside from the fact that it is beautifully plated, the dish is also amazing in taste. Furthermore, the texture is delightful, with the smooth and silky trout that combines with the crunch of the cracker with ease. To add more luxury to each bite, a generous dollop of caviar is topped onto the trout.

3. Mini Crab Cakes

Are you a fan of crab cakes? Then these mini crab cakes should be on your list! Featuring diced cucumber, caper aioli, and lime marmalade​, crab cakes are not easy to execute. Many places tend to dry out crab cakes, leaving you with a crumbly mess. But at Origin, it’s juicy and stays intact of its shape. The outer is a golden crisp layer that adds the perfect bite.

4. Beef Sliders

It wouldn’t be a complete bar experience without beef sliders. At Origin, you get complimentary beef sliders with every alcoholic beverage you order from 5pm-7pm daily. The sliders are juicy and extremely flavourful. Of course, you can opt to order more, or you can just order another alcoholic drink! Truly, the best way to end your day’s work. 

5. Octopus

Did you know Western Australia is home to some of the greatest tasting Octopus in the world, sustainably fished by the line? By charring it with smoky paprika and pairing it with the best-in-season tomato jam and eggplant puree, Origin amplified the flavour. Now we’re pretty sure many of you would think that octopuses are stringy and chewy. However, the one served in Origin is tender, silky, and extremely flavourful. Trust us, you will not regret getting this.

Origin Bar

Menu:Click here
Address:Lobby Level, Tower Wing, 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350
Operating hours:Tues-Sun 5-10pm | Closed on Mon
Contact details:+65 6213 4595


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