Thrift To Your Hearts Contempt At REFASH- Singapore’s Biggest Chain Of Thrift Heaven

fulfil all your thrifting desires
By: Nina Shahriman
February 24, 2022

Within the last few years, the rise of awareness to create sustainability and the fight for environmental causes has risen. One leading factor is the fast fashion where many are voicing out methods to beat it, one being the popular choice of thrifting. It’s become a popular choice for many and even the act of “thrift diving” has become a prominent term nowadays. With that, Glitz is dishing out about Singapore’s largest chain of thrift shops: REFASH, to fulfil all your thrifting desires.


One of Singapore’s early pioneers in the pre-loved trend was REFASH. You may purchase with ease and be a part of the drive to lessen the fashion industry’s environmental effect thanks to a large variety of carefully picked, like-new female clothes. Aloysius Sng founded the firm in January 2016, and it now has storefronts and an online shop where you can buy and sell vintage apparel – like-new pieces from your favourite brands. The brand promises to reinvent how women purchase and sell vintage clothing by providing you with a shopping experience that includes thousands of unique options from a carefully chosen selection of vendors.

Offline, the storefronts have over 100 racks and over 5000 goods available for purchase on a daily basis. Furthermore, because roughly 500 to 700 things are brought in every day, you can expect to see something fresh every time you visit a shop. As a buyer on REFASH’s online side, you get daily access to thousands of fashion goods from well-known brands for up to 90% off retail pricing.

Why You Should Start Thrifting

Reduce wasting all your clothes

Thrifting is more environmentally friendly since it reduces pollution and waste. A single piece of clothes is worn 3-5 times by women before being tossed to the back of the closet. Thousands of tonnes of clothing are disposed of in landfills each year. According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), less than 10% of the textile waste produced by Singaporeans was recycled in 2019.

You may reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing pre-owned products rather than new items. When you’re done with it, you may give it to someone else who will appreciate it.

Save that buck

When compared to their retail equivalents, most charity stores offer exceptionally inexpensive costs. It should go without saying that the more money you can save, the better off you will be. There’s no better feeling than finding fantastic second-hand items for a fraction of their original price.

Despite their lower cost, used products are frequently of higher quality than new ones. If it’s sturdy enough to be donated, that’s a positive indicator.

Supporting locals

Many thrift stores support a philanthropic cause, whether it’s job training and placement, sponsoring a mission, or simply offering a cheap shopping choice to disadvantaged regions. Not to mention that supporting local businesses helps to keep money in the community. It’s a lot simpler to keep track of where your clothing and belongings have gone. Thrifted things are sourced locally rather than being flown halfway around the world.

The majority of REFASH’s clothing comes from local designers such as Love Bonito, The Tinsel Rack, The Editors’ Market, and others. They also carry items from quick fashion retailers such as Zalora, ASOS and Shein!

Curate your wardrobe to be one-of-a-kind

Whether you want to keep up with the newest trends or show your personality with one-of-a-kind and vintage apparel, thrift shopping allows you to build a truly unique wardrobe. When you buy second-hand, you have to be creative and look outside the box. It’s a fun task to make something old appear brand new. Trends come and go, which means thrift stores are brimming with finds that are both good for the earth and wonderful for your style.