Singaporean Women Who Inspire Us

In every aspect
By: agnes
March 17, 2022

Michelle Obama once said: “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish,”. And she was absolutely right. As we celebrate International Women’s Day this March, we at Glitz want to take this time to appreciate some inspirational women. Be it in sports, music, the economy, and even poetry; these are some of Singapore’s fierce inspiring women.

1. Jasmine Sokko

There’s no one we rather start this list out with than Jasmine Sokko! Jasmine is a Singaporean electronic singer-songwriter who has paved the way for local music. Having written songs in both English and Mandarin, she was also the first Singaporean to win an award at the MTV EMAs. Furthermore, she’s humble as ever as she always wears a mask to ensure that people recognise her through her music alone. Truly, she’s an inspiration to all women nationwide.

2. Yeo Jia Min

At only 23 years old, Yeo Jia Min has made Singapore proud by representing us in the recent Tokyo Olympics. She is a national badminton player who has put the little red dot on worldwide recognition with her stellar performance. Jia Min has won several titles, including the BWF Grand Prix Tournament and most recently the BWF World Tour Hyderabad Open. As she takes time to recover from Covid, we can’t wait to see her back on the court as she really does inspire us all.

3. Deborah Emmanuel

Deborah Emmanuel, also known as ArunDitha, is a Singaporean poet and performer. You may have seen her on TEDX, and that’s because she has spoken on the stage on multiple occasions. Deborah brings with her an interesting past, where she spent time in jail during her teenage years. However, that was what drove her to write the famous book that put her on the map. Since then, she is a well-known poet all throughout New York, London, and even Australia.

4. Mathilda Huang

Mathilda is no stranger to Singaporeans as this 24-year old Instagram influencer does more than just smile for the camera. Mathilda Huang is a self-love advocate and a girl boss on her own! She’s a fitness enthusiast and teaches you all about loving your body for who it is. Furthermore, she’s not afraid to showcase her love for food and owns a charcuterie business. Which remind young girls that having healthy relationship with food is the way forward. In this day and age, self-love advocates are truly what we all need in our lives to remind us how beautiful we are.

5. Queenie Yang

Queenie Yang is the Founder & Managing Director of JOYRE Oriental wellness and Spa. Undeterred and fueled by her passion for her work, she conducted additional study overseas and finally developed her own line of health and beauty products. These products are tailored to the specific demands of Singaporean skin types, as well as our tropical climate. She has been working tirelessly to hone her craft. And today, JOYRE has grown from humble beginnings to serving 10,000 customers and counting.

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