Spartans Boxing Club Review: A Place For Boxing Beasts

A family-friendly boxing club
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
March 22, 2022

While most fitness gym franchises regularly promote glossy pictures, complete with cutting-edge equipment, top-tier instructors, and ideal locations, Spartans Boxing Club on the other hand, chose to strove from the usual ‘’badass’’ boxing club stigma. 

Since its inception in Joo Chiat in 2015 by entrepreneur Naz Musa, the boxing gym business has prioritised community spirit. Spartans, according to its current managing director Russell Harrison, promised to remove the intimidating fight club environment of boxing gyms and provide inclusion to everyone who passes through its doors. 

Such a mentality has worked well with Spartans’ basic, straightforward boxing gyms, which create a gritty vibe while offering classes for a diverse spectrum of clientele – men, women, children, and even individuals with cerebral palsy. Below, Glitz by Beauty Insider takes on this boxing gym. 

A Boxing Made For Everyone

An all-inclusive environment. Spartans Boxing provides a welcoming family atmosphere that makes training enjoyable. The training you will receive will be addicting, driving you to become fitter and stronger every day. If you desire to fight, their skilled training staff will work with you to improve your abilities and mental fortitude. We produce winners.

There is no greater exercise than having your boxing training at SBC, with world-class equipment and champion boxers to instruct you. It’s an excellent method to lose weight while also improving your cardiovascular fitness, agility, and strength. There are no dull stationary bikes or treadmills here either—they have a specific emphasis on safe and regulated workouts and drills that emphasise quality over quantity. If you decide to enter the ring, you will get instruction from world-class athletes and professional fighters.

Types Of Classes 


Highly recommended for those who have no boxing experience and those who wish to refresh and refine their boxing fundamentals.


If you have been attending the basic class regularly, it’s time to level up your boxing by going to the intermediate class.


The kids, ages from 4 to 11 years old, will learn various movements for body awareness and basic boxing movements but in a fun and focused environment.


This class has more technique variations, complex movements and partner drills so it is suitable for kids who are able to recognize the basic punches,  movements and are able to follow the class well. 


This will help strengthen your core and those muscles that are usually used for boxing because proper technique conditioning will lessen injuries and improve boxing performance.


Boxing can improve a woman’s strength, reflex, flexibility, agility and endurance by toning the body, burning fat, and building cardiovascular strength. Being fit and learning boxing as self-defence can be empowering and addictive.


Exercise stations are set up for those who wish to do self training because they don’t have time for the scheduled classes.  However, trainers will guide you in the execution. You can do as many rounds as you wish.


Learn how to give and get lots of pad work! This class is a great class if you would like to punch out your stress and practice your techniques.


Parent-child classes. A great time to bond while working out and boxing together. A child under 12 years old is entitled to 50% off on a similar package when their parents sign up to any of our unlimited packages. 

10. HIIT 

Packed with short and intense bursts of exercises and boxing rounds,  this class is the class for you if you’re looking for fitness boxing. Consequently, it will keep your heart pumping throughout the class and it is suitable for all fitness levels.


Have a fun and intense outdoor workout, box outside for a change and get some fresh air. You are guaranteed to burn a load of calories, learn boxing skills and leave with a smile on your face.


This is the time to put your skills to test. Headgear, mouthguard and 14 Oz gloves is compulsory when attending the sparring class. Before attending this class, do approach your coach for feedback to see if you are ready for sparring sessions!


Our wide range of accredited and active boxers and fitness practitioners will help you reach your goals by assisting you to become stronger, healthier or technically proficient faster. Our coaches will personally monitor your goals, create a plan for you and monitor your progress.


Too busy or unable to meet your personal trainer face to face? Fret not because you can still meet your goals with our online personal training, just let us know the time and date! In Gym Experience At Home!


Unable to go to the gym? Don’t worry because we will bring the gym to you. We have daily online classes that you can access anywhere. In Gym Experience At Home!

How Much Does Each Class Cost?

Each class rates differently, you can check the adults package, under 21 packages and kids package which is for those under 12. Check here

Where Is The Spartan Boxing Club Located?

You can find the Spartans Boxing Club located near your neighbourhood here

What Equipment Should You Bring To Class?

If you have your own gloves and hand wraps, bring those along. If not then just your sports attire, shoes, positive attitude and an open mind. Leave the rest to Spartans Boxing Club to take care of your necessities.

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