15 Stunning Architecture Building In Singapore That Will Leave You Shocked

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By: agnes
November 26, 2021

Did you know that architecture is much more than just beautiful artistic buildings? Good architecture features impeccable designs and sturdy structures. Because of the difficulty, it’s always incredible when you come across amazing buildings. With this, Glitz is listing down all the stunning architecture building in Singapore that guarantees to blow your mind.

15 Stunning Architecture Building In Singapore

1. Marina Bay Sands

It wouldn’t be a complete list of stunning architecture building in Singapore without the Marina Bay Sands. Probably one of the most prominent buildings in the little red dot, Marina Bay Sands has so much to offer. Firstly, it’s a luxury hotel with a beautiful infinity pool. It also houses multiple award-winning restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment areas. There’s also a casino! Its architecture is truly incredible and we can spend all night just admiring it. 


2. The Interlace

This stunning architecture building in Singapore resembles Jenga blocks on top of one another. The Interlace was designed by The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). Another thing to note is that it won the World Building of the Year title at the 2015 World Architecture Festival. And truly it was a well deserved win. Interlace features six storey blocks in hexagonal arrangements surrounding eight courtyards. A total of four blocks are stacked on top of each other, providing a total of 24 floors. 


3. Pinnacle @ Duxton

Pinnacle @ Duxton is one of the most stunning architecture building in Singapore that we have ever seen. It is a 50 storey residential development in Singapore and features beautiful architecture. Seven tall towers are connected at the 26th and 50th floors of every building. What connects the towers is two longest sky gardens spanning up to 500 meters. Pinnacle @ Duxton has won two awards from over 200 entries, and remains one of Singapore’s best architectural buildings. 


4. The Gateway

Are your eyes playing games on you? Hmm, not quite. Depending on which angle you’re looking at, The Gateway may appear two dimensional. It may seem like a flat piece of glass floating in the air. And that’s what makes this such a stunning architecture building in Singapore. The building is designed by architect Leoh Ming Pei, a Chinese-American based in the United States. In addition, this particular building was said to be world-class by the National Library Board. So you should definitely check this building out yourself!



Are you a huge lover of all things green? Then PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering’s stunning architecture building in Singapore is the one you’ll want to visit. Featuring a beautiful open concept garden on the side of the building, it’s more than just a pretty view. PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering actually dedicates itself to being sustainable in its business and profits. This hotel is honestly perfect for the modern and contemporary souls looking to refresh the body and mind. 


6. Gardens by the Bay

If there’s one spot that tourists will always flock to, it’s Gardens by the Bay. Gardens by the Bay is probably one of the most stunning architecture building in Singapore, especially at night. Despite the hot and humid weather in Singapore, waiting for the light show at  Gardens by the Bay at night is super worth it. In addition, the floating sky bridge and flower domes also add architectural value to the whole place. 


7. Reflections at Keppel Bay

Just when you thought architecture could not get any better, here comes Reflections at Keppel Bay. This is honestly the most stunning architecture building in Singapore and one that is unique too. Reflections at Keppel Bay feature six towers that have full glass windows. Other than that, the towers are curved, giving residents a picturesque view of Singapore’s city. This beautiful luxury building houses a total of 1129 units and truly defines modern architecture. We think that pictures don’t even do justice to how amazing this building is. You will need to check it out yourself to admire its beauty. 


8. Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves is one of the most stunning architecture building in Singapore that is fully open to the public. This pedestrian bridge is a common go-to spot for a good run during the morning and at night. But what makes this pedestrian bridge stand out is the fact that it has the shape of waves. At every ‘wave’ that comes above, runners can take a break at the seats provided. Talk about beautiful architecture and functionality in one!


9. School Of Art, Design and Media

Can you imagine studying at the School Of Art, Design and Media in Singapore? With one of the most stunning architecture building in Singapore, the school truly holds up to its name. The school features strips of fields overlapping each other on the top, where the bottom houses classrooms and halls. However, this green roof doesn’t only look good but has its own functions too. The roof harvests rainwater and provides a cooling environment for students and teachers alike. 


10. Esplanade

Are you a fan of theatrical shows and live performances? Then the Esplanade is a place you will want to visit on a daily basis. The Esplanade is a theatre that is one of the most stunning architecture building in Singapore. Can you guess where it takes its architectural inspiration from? The building is actually inspired by durian, a local fruit that is widely popular in Singapore. Nevertheless, Esplanade takes the durian form to a whole new modern level and we’re so in love with it. 


11. The Hive @ Nanyang Technological University

The Hive is a stunning architecture building in Singapore that’s located in the Nanyang Technological University. This beautiful building features 12 eight-storey towers that houses 56 classrooms without corners. The Hive defines the word unique and features a breathtaking view from the bottom looking up. But as you stand in one of the levels of the building itself, the view is even more impressive. 


12. Eco Sanctuary

Eco Sanctuary is a stunning architecture building in Singapore that is actually a condominium. It takes inspiration from honeycombs, making it seem as if the building is a big bee hive. Eco Sanctuary actually has viewing decks where residents can enjoy the view Singapore has to offer. Other than that, there’s also a sky walk that links all three towers together. In addition, the beautiful honeycomb architecture allows for more air to flow into the residential area. 


13. Ferrell Residences

Have you come across a twisted building when around Bukit Timah? Well, this stunning architecture building in Singapore is actually known as the Ferrell Residences. Other than a beautiful facade, what you should know is that this residence only houses two units per level. And every unit features great lighting and natural ventilation. In addition, the residence also features a beautiful sky terrace, pool, and jacuzzi. 


14. Jewel Changi Airport

The Jewel Changi Airport has long been a place known for its beautiful amenities and architecture. Thus, this stunning architecture building in Singapore features beautiful views inside and out. One of the highlight of Jewel Changi Airport is the rain vortex that is a must-visit for any travelers. Whether you’re a local or tourist, the rain vortex is sure to blow your mind. 


15. The Colonnade

Located in the quieter side of Singapore, The Colonnade is a stunning architecture building in Singapore. It was designed by the late Paul Rudolph and takes inspiration from an unfinished building in Manhattan. The building features a unique zig-zag pattern in a calm cream colour. The combination of its hue and distinctive columns makes The Colonnade appear contemporary. It’s truly a view worth admiring. 


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