People Thought Swensen’s Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake Was An April Fool’s Joke, But It’s REAL

Available for the Ramadan season
By: agnes
April 12, 2022

For years, restaurants and brands have been tricking us with weird and unusual releases on April Fool’s Day. There have been chicken rice pads, burgers with nothing but fries in them, ikura matcha latte, and so much more. And to be completely honest, when you’re awake first thing in the morning scrolling through Instagram and seeing these; the confusion is real. But as soon as you remember that it’s April Fool’s Day, it all makes sense. However, Swensen’s wasn’t kidding when they said a new Nasi Lemak Ice Cream cake was about to launch.

Swensen’s Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake

One thing Swensen’s is known for is their dessert and cakes. They offer a wide variety of birthday cakes from classic and fancy ones to kid-friendly cakes. The latter features princesses, Disney characters and of course, baby shark!

But did you know that before this cake, Swensen’s was already offering an odd yet intriguing dessert? Yeap, they were already selling ‘Fried Chicken’ ice cream, which looks uncannily like a drumstick. But on the inside, you’ll find oozing chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

We have a feeling that the idea came from there, as the new Nasi Lemak Ice Cream cake features a drumstick too. Aside from that, there are actual roasted peanuts, a sunny side egg made from fondant and a bright ‘sambal’ sauce. Though incredibly odd, the cross-section of the cake actually looks really good. Plus, it’ll be the perfect prank for your family during iftar!

The Nasi Lemak Ice Cream cake retails for $53.80 and can be ordered here.

What Else Can You Get This Ramadan?

Other than the newly launched cake, you can check out their iftar menu, featuring some interesting bites. There’s a Nasi Lemak burger ($15.80), King Prawn Pasta Goreng ($15.80), and the Ramadan Family Platter ($28.80). The latter is a guilty pleasure of fried calamari, cheese sticks, fries, wings, and more. 

You can also order a smaller onde-onde cake for only $29.80 here

Swensen’s Promotion

Get 30% off when you order the Ramadan set from Swensen’s.

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