Tarot Card Readers In Singapore To Help You Lead A Happier Life

Know your past, present, and future
By: agnes
October 22, 2021

Having personal struggles in life is completely normal. But not knowing how to overcome or deal with them can be dangerous. This is because if you don’t take control of your life, it is easy to fall into ways that may deteriorate your mental health or physical health as well. What if we told you that there were people out there who could help you with these? That’s right, we’re talking about tarot card readers. Whether you’re keen to know what you should do to ensure a great future ahead, or if you are eager to purchase a set of tarot cards yourself, we’ve listed down everything you need to know about tarot cards in Singapore. 

What Is A Tarot Card?

You would be surprised to know that tarot cards are similar to your usual playing cards. They were previously used to play games like Italian tarocchini, French tarot, and Austrian Königrufen in the mid 15th century. While these games are still played today, tarot cards in Singapore are more commonly used to gain insight into the past, present, and future.

So How Does A Tarot Card Reading Work?

Typically people would go to a tarot card reader in Singapore when they feel like their lives are full of uncertainties. Tarot card readings can help give you answers or guide you through difficult times in your life. When you go for your first tarot card reading, the reader would usually have a chat with you and ask you some personal questions. This is done to create a calming environment and to encourage you to tap into your intuition. The reading will then start and when it does, do not be afraid to ask questions, especially if it is about something that truly bothers you. You should leave the tarot card reading in Singapore feeling more assured of what to do to ensure your upcoming days are better.

The Best Tarot Card Readers In Singapore

Face-to-face tarot card reading is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We believe that everyone should get their readings done at least once. But where do you go? Don’t fret about this, because we did all the hunting for you. We found 5 of the best tarot card readers in Singapore that can help guide you through your current life obstacles.

1. Tarot On The Moon

Elaine is one of Singapore’s most well-known tarot card readers. She provides both online and in-person readings. Her online readings range from 15-minutes to an hour, while the in-person ones are 30-minutes to an hour. Elaine also hosts meditation workshops and provides an extensive list of wellness books to read – all of which can be found in the link in her Instagram bio. 

Price: Starts from $30

Where to book: Click here

2. 7una7avenda

Lin Yi Xinn is the woman behind 7una7avenda, a well-established tarot card reader in Singapore. Lin believes in helping people who deal with the same inner struggles as she does. Thus, her readings can be known as one of the most accurate ones, as she speaks with added experience. Lim provides three unique services, which are aura photo experience, tarot reading, and aura and tarot reading. She can read everything from love, career, family, business, health, wealth, as well as the outlook of your upcoming year. Every appointment here in Singapore ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on which option you choose. 

Price: Starts from $57

Where to book: Click here

3. Mamatha Tarot Reader

Mamatha is probably no stranger to you, as she has rightfully gained the good reputation that she has in Singapore. With almost 20 years of experience, Mamatha is definitely one of the best tarot card readers in Singapore. Her readings are done online or face-to-face, depending on which you prefer. She also provides tarot reading courses in Singapore, where she teaches people how to read tarot cards. You can choose if you want the hobby level, basic level, or advanced level. Plus, she also has a course on how to heal with crystals. 

Price: Starts from $60

Where to book: Click here

4. Moonchild Rising

Adapting to situations, Cheryl of Moonchild Rising is the ultimate go-to tarot card reader in Singapore if you prefer virtual sessions. Of course, she does provide physical sessions but is closed for now due to the pandemic. Aside from virtual tarot card readings, she also provides DM reads on her Instagram page. These DM reads are charged based on the number of questions, and her answers will be in text or voice message form and will take up to 3 working days. On the other hand, her virtual sessions in Singapore range from 30 minutes to an hour via zoom. She will also be open to any amount of questions during the session.

Price: Starts from $70

Where to book: Click here

5. The Moon

You most probably have come across The Moon whenever you visit Chinatown in Singapore. Well, The Moon is actually a cafe, bookstore, and event space. But they also offer tarot card readings by two Singapore readers – Pearlyn and Eve. As of now, face-to-face readings are closed but virtual zoom sessions are available. Another thing to note is that Pearlyn and Eve both provide different offerings. Pearlyn offers individual readings from 15-minutes up to 90-minutes. As for Eve, she provides exclusive readings on Wednesdays from 20-minutes to an hour. 

Price: Starts from $25

Where to book: Click here

Where Can I Purchase Tarot Card Decks?

Tarot card reading in Singapore is interesting and takes you on a journey to self-discovery, which is a good thing for self-development. Apparently, people are not supposed to buy their own deck of tarot cards but instead wait for someone to gift it to them. However, this is a personal preference and you can always purchase it for yourself. This is because if no one gifts you tarot cards, then you most probably would never be able to learn to read them. Therefore, if you’re keen to purchase tarot card decks in Singapore for yourself (or even for a friend), we’ve listed down some great options for you. 

1. Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Perfect for beginners, this tarot deck is one that every tarot card reader should own. It is a classic and popular deck that many know about. This particular version of the deck is fully in English and comes in a slightly smaller size than the original, making it easier to hold. The deck also comes with an instruction manual that will help guide you through.

Price: $6.86

Where to buy: Shopee

2. Light Oracle Cards

Tarot card

If you or your friend are experienced tarot card readers then this would be a great one to have in your collection. This 44-pieces deck of tarot cards feature a mystical colourway and is fully in English as well. It also comes with a guide so it’s also suitable for those who are just starting to read tarot cards.

Price: $4.89

Where to buy: Shopee

3. Mystical Manga Tarot Cards

Tarot card

As tarot card decks get more popular, many different versions come about. For manga fanatics, this particular deck will definitely be one they would like to own. Featuring 78 pieces, the deck also comes with an eco-friendly manual, which can be found by scanning a QR code. 

Price: $6.09

Where to buy: Shopee

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