Teppan Works Is The Spot For Authentic Japanese Teppanyaki

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By: agnes
January 28, 2022

A post-World War II type of Japanese cuisine known as teppanyaki, or hibachi, employs an iron griddle to cook meals. Teppanyaki is a combination of the words yaki, which means grilled, and teppan, which refers to the metal plate on which the food is cooked. A teppanyaki dish is one that is prepared on the teppan. Thus, you can find dishes like steak, shrimp okonomiyaki, yasoba, and monjayaki. If you’re looking for the best authentic Japanese teppanyaki restaurant then Teppan Works is the place for you. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about this spot.

About Teppan Works

Teppan Works is tucked away in the Japanese enclave of Tras Street and serves up a taste of Osaka. Onomiyaki is one of the most popular meals in Tokyo, and you’ll find it on the menu at Teppan Works. Teppan Works features a premium range of fresh, high-quality Japanese and local ingredients, with a focus on excellent Wagyu steak cuts. The restaurant uses traditional Japanese culinary techniques to capture the essence of each product, resulting in an experience you’ll want to share with others. As your Wagyu steak is grilled right before your eyes, take in the scents, flavours, and deep umami notes radiating from the big teppan grill.

Meet The Chef

The restaurant’s two skilled chefs, who hail from Japan’s Kanto and Kansai regions, work in perfect unison to assure visitors have a tasty and enjoyable dinner unlike any other. Chef Keita was born in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward and has lived in Singapore for the past five years. He was inspired to enter the world of teppanyaki during his former employment, and he continues to challenge himself in learning the subtleties of this traditional cooking style.

Top 5 Dishes To Order

1. Omakase Course

It’s not often that you find a teppanyaki restaurant that offers an omakase course. But you’re in luck because Teppan Works does. You can choose from two different omakase course; one that costs $78 per pax and the other that costs $98 per pax. In both courses, you get the appetiser of the day, house salad, assorted seafood teppanyaki, and a Japanese omelette. Furthermore, you get homemade pickles, okonomiyaki, and dessert. The only difference is the steak, where you get a chicken or pork loin option or a A4 wagyu beef.

2. Seafood Teppanyaki

Chicken is the most common type of meat that people order when at Teppan Works. However, the seafood teppanyaki is definitely something you need to try. They offer a wide array of seafood ingredients like salmon, squid, shrimp, scallop, and oyster. In fact, you can also get a medley of three different types of seafood ingredients. Of course, if you’re a seafood lover, we recommend that you get the latter. 

3. Teppanyaki Steaks

Take your dining experience to the next level with their teppanyaki steaks section. Here, you can choose from wagyu diced steak, pork loin steak, chicken steak, and more. But it’s without a doubt that we would recommend you get the A4 wagyu sirloin and rib eye. In addition, if you order from this section, you get complimentary vegetables and seasoning. The seasoning features garlic, truffle salt, wasabi, soy sauce, and yuzu chilli. Furthermore, you can also opt to add on toppings such as caviar, hokkaido uni, and fresh truffles. However, do note that the toppings require additional charges.

4. Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a savoury Japanese pancake meal made with wheat flour batter and other ingredients that is fried on a teppan. Cabbage, beef, and shellfish are common additions, as are okonomiyaki sauce, aonori, katsuobushi, Japanese mayonnaise, and pickled ginger. At Teppan Works, we recommend you get the signature cheese okonomiyaki. It’s something that everyone needs to order when patronising the hot spot.

5. Teppan Crepe

If you’re looking for unique desserts then Teppan Works is the place to be. They offer an unconventional Teppan Crepe that comes in a wide variety of pairings. You can choose the classic matcha and red bean crepe. However, you can also choose something more Western, like chocolate and banana with oreo. Furthermore, they also have sweet pairings like an apple cinnamon crepe. One thing’s for sure, a single crepe may not be enough for you.

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