10 Thai Beachwear Brands To Shop For Your Beach Holiday

Comfortable and stylish pieces to own
By: agnes
April 29, 2022

Let’s be honest, even today, many of us are still cooped up at home despite travel restrictions being lifted. Maybe we haven’t had the time to plan a vacay, or maybe we’ve gotten too used to being at home. Well, if you’re looking for a sign to start planning a beach holiday – this is it! One thing we love about beach holidays is being able to sink your feet in the warm sand and sunbathe under some UV. But the highlight of it is being able to wear beachwear and Thai beachwear is probably some of the most comfortable ones. Here at Glitz, we’re introducing you to the best Thai beachwear brands to shop for your beach holiday.

1. ToochSwim

It’s safe to say that ToochSwim, the swimsuit line from the cult-favourite athletic company, will have you ready for any vacation. In fact, they are one of the top picks for Thai beachwear brands to shop for your beach holiday. For those who just can’t get enough of the summer sun, these swimming designs are a terrific option. Aside from beautiful and gorgeous bikinis, there are also outerwears that will complement your swimwears too. 

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2. Kuku

With climate change and the increase in environmental problems, it’s good to lookout for sustainable options. Well, if you’re looking for eco-friendly Thai beachwear brands to shop for your beach holiday, Kuku is for you. All of their beachwear are made from sustainable materials. Plus, the whole process of making each piece is also eco-conscious. We’re already adding a few of the pieces to our cart!

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3. Earth Child the Brand

If you’re on the lookout for more than just swimwears, then Earth Child the Brand is one of the top Thai beachwear brands to shop for your beach holiday. This brand is also perfect if you have children who love playing matching dress up with you! Earth Child the Brand produces the most beautiful dresses for women and children. These can be worn at the beach or even out for a dinner while you’re on holiday. They are airy, light, and incredibly comfortable. 

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4. J’aime.c Swimwear

Jaime.c is a Bangkok-based small independent business that specialises in swimwear. It’s one of the best Thai beachwear brands to shop for your beach holiday. They’ve got unique styles of swimwear from scrunchie-style waist bands, delicate florals, and ribbon-laced one-pieces. In terms of hues, they offer hip and natural tones that will surely match your skintone well. 

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5. Frankie X

Heading to the beach but don’t plan to swim? Then get some pieces from Frankie X, one of the top Thai beachwear brands to shop for your beach holiday. There are a wide variety of styles, from feminine to sporty. Thus, you can wear this even when you’re not at the beach. Whether you’re sipping cocktails at the beach bar or taking a stroll near the sea, Frankie X is suitable for all. 

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6. Timo Trunks

Here’s one for the boys – cause we can’t leave you out! If you’re out on the beach, you’d want to sport colourful and striking shorts, and you can. Timo Trunks feature a wide range of colourful and lively trunks with different designs. Trust us when we say, people will surely pay attention to your outfit. 

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7. Yorata

Yorata proves that swimwear can be both charming and sensuous. Therefore, if you’re looking for one of the best Thai beachwear brands to shop for your beach holiday, Yorata is it. This beachwear brand features unique bikinis with flower painted designs, delicately pleated cutout bandeaus, and slim straps. Overall, their pieces are dainty and beautiful.

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8. Glamazed

Get glammed up and have everyone be amazed at your outfit with Glamazed. Featuring bright and sophisticated fabrics, Glamazed is sure to make you the centre of attention at the beach. In terms of colours, Glamazed mostly features solid hues. But some of their pieces come in shiny gold or silver, which are incredibly attractive.

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9. Bikie Swimwear

Bikie Swimwear is one of the best Thai beachwear brands to shop for your beach holiday. The brand is known for its bright colours and striking graphic motifs. But these are what reflect the brand’s cheerful personality. At Bikie, you can expect to find comfy one-piece swimwear alongside high-waisted two-piece styles. You can also find modern and vintage vibes, which everyone will appreciate. 

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10. Sea Salt & Vinegar

Natural elements and tropical forests are frequently used as inspiration for Sea Salt & Vinegar designs. Therefore, if you’re looking for something subtle, then this is perfect for you. Blue and earth tones dominate most collections, with options for extreme sports and style. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that they are comfortable and breathable. 

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