The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes From Blackpink’s Rose To Lalisa

Lalisa as Squid Game's doll
By: agnes
November 1, 2021

Halloween is one time a year where we get to swoon over the most outrageous Halloween costumes worn by our favourite celebrities. And this year is no different. Your favourite celebrities went all out with their costumes this year and we’re here to take a look back at the memorable weekend. Who do you think deserves the best costume award?

The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

1. Lalisa from Blackpink

~ Mugunghwa kkochi piotsseumnida ~

Lalisa dresses up as Squid Game’s doll from the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ episode. She nails it all from top to bottom and looks adorable as ever!

2. Rose from Blackpink

With her trusty video camera, books, and big round glasses, Rose turns herself into the student of the month. She takes the nerdy style to a whole new level and we love it!

3. Jisoo from Blackpink

But we have got to give it to our girl Jisoo who went as none other than her own groupmate Lalisa! The resemblance is uncanny.

4. Jennie from Blackpink

Who knew cosplaying Medusa would look this good?! Jennie puts her own opulent twist on the Greek mthyology character.

5. Katy Perry

We literally LOL-ed when we saw this super relatable Halloween costume from Miss Katy Perry. Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson who? We only know the Katy Perry vaccine!

6. Doja Cat

We cannot get over this adorable cosplay by Doja Cat of Miss Sara Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls! She even has little mayor with her by her side. Too cute!

7. Kendall Jenner

Yaaas kween! Kendall Jenner pulls of a sexy corpse bride for Halloween this year. Just check out those heels and veil – we love!

8. Megan Thee Stallion

Megan went as Cruella De Vil this year for Halloween and gurllll we might just prefer this straight hair over the poofy curls.

9. Lizzo

The makeup, the clothes, the EYESSS! Lizzo looks exactly like little baby yoda. She’s even munching on little blue macarons that he did omg.

10. Hailey Bieber

~ Hit me baby one more time ~ Hailey Bieber dresses up as the iconic Britney Spears in her ‘One More Time’ and ‘Oops!…I Did It Again’ music videos. Hailey looking stunning as ever!

11. Harry Styles

This Halloween, or should we say Harryween, Harry Styles dresses up as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. He even performed on stage with the adorable fit!

12. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello donned their best Feliz día de los muertos costume this Halloween. Swipe all the way to catch a little cute video of them dancing!

13. Cardi B

Dayumm Miss Cardi B isn’t holding back this year. She dressed up as the iconic Morticia Addams and everything is on point!

14. Olivia Rodrigo

The Deja Vu singer went as Elvira Hancock of Scarface and we’re in love with this baby blue dress. Plus, who else agrees that Olivia should try going blonde soon??

15. Saweetie

Saweetie got all dolled up as Catwoman for Halloween this year. But the best part is having Halle Berry, the original catwoman in her IG reel. Iconic!

16. Trevor Noah

Comedian Trevor Noah decided to go as The Weekend. Except in his world, he is called The Weekday.

17. Winnie Harlow

This year, model Winnie Harlow dresses up as Cheetara from the 1985 series ThunderCats. We’re so obsessed with this whole look!

18. Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara paid tribute to Amy Winehouse this Halloween by dressing up as the iconic singer. From the hair, eye look, mole and tattoos, she nails every single detail.

19. Rebel Wilson

The Squid Game craze continues as Rebel Wilson dresses up as Player 456 from the Netflix series. She even played Red Light, Green Light with a bunch of other ‘players’.

20. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande took it up a notch this year and went with Miss Creature from the Black Lagoon. The prosthetic makeup is devine!

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