The Humble Scoop Review: Flavourful Ice Cream Shop In Katong

We take all scoops, thank you
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
March 1, 2022

Ohh, since the cold weather has finally wrapped its show, it’s time for the hot, sunny weather to gear up with some action. I mean, who am I kidding? We live in an Asian country where most of the time the beaming blue sky plays its part. And what better than to deal with hot weather? Some ice cream goodness, of course. In Singapore, there are a gazillion of ice creams and popsicles to be found around—but sometimes we need a little oomph

If you’re anything like us at Glitz, you’re sure to find somewhere cosy and airy to sit around with your friends or loved ones, licking off the melted ice creams on your fingers and snap some good #ootds. So we found the perfect place for you to do all that. Enter, The Humble Scoop, Singapore. Super laid-back ice cream bar in Katong, with conventional things like chocolate ice cream cones, pulut hitam scoops and vanilla ice cream waffles. 

Learn more about their sensational, one-of-a-kind flavour below! 

Get To Know The Humble Scoop

Yvonne, the owner and ice cream maker, hopes to make you smile with her unique and nostalgic ice cream flavours. This inconspicuous business, located within Katong Shopping Centre, was founded to celebrate the love for ice creams! The name The Humble Scoop was carefully chosen to serve as a constant reminder of their initial intention: to put their customers first. They make locally inspired ice cream as they wanted to bring back memories of growing up in Singapore – a simpler, happier time – to indulge our inner child, and hopefully to pass on the flavour memories to the younger crowd. And as they suggested, the shop really is pulling its crowd. 

How Much Does The Humble Scoop Cost? 

The ice cream is reasonably priced, with a difference of roughly S$1 – S$2 between Basic Flavours (S$3.90/one scoop, S$6.90/two scoops, S$8.90/three scoops) and Premium Flavours (S$4.90/one scoop, S$8.90/two scoops, S$11.90/three scoops). You may also carry home a Party Pint (S$15/basic flavour, S$18/premium flavour) if you’re hosting a dinner party (or if you just want extra ice cream).

Where Are The Humble Scoop Located? 

Good news! The Humble Scoop which originally (serve as their first shop) is located in 865 Mountbatten Road, #B1-92, Katong Shopping Centre. This modest shop is nestled away in the basement, between tutoring centres and housekeeping services. As for their second store in Kovan, they’re located within a five-minute walk from Kovan MRT Station. This outlet is a significant improvement over its prior shop in Katong Perfectly placed in between the Stars of Kovan housing complex, directly across from Ng Kuan Chilli Pan Mee.

The Humble Scoop Must-Try Flavours

1. Atas Ripple (Milk Ice Cream with Black Current Jam)

This flavour was inspired by the usual ripple ice cream from the ice cream push carts. They intended to enrich the experience by making a rich creamy ice cream with big swirls of black currant (Ribena) jam, while retaining the desert’s original nostalgic appearance. That is why it is known as the Atas Ripple.

2. In-Kueh–Dible (Salted Coconut & Gula Melaka)

Inkuehdible is similar to chendol ice cream, however it lacks the green jelly and scarlet beans. The pun in the name refers to the fact that all nonya kuehs contain coconut milk and gula melaka.

3. Orh-Bee-Good (Pulut Hitam)

This flavour is reminiscent of a dish that Yvonne’s grandmother used to make for the family only on rare occasions owing to the time-consuming nature of the technique. It is known by a variety of names, including “Burbur Hitam,” “Pulut Hitam,” “Orh Chut Bee,” and “Orh Bee Beh.”

4. Cereal Killer

This flavour was designed with the intention of transporting everyone back to a Saturday morning when we got up early to watch our favourite cartoons on TV, with no regard for homework or school. All that mattered to us were the TV remote, a bowl of cereal, and the cartoons that were on at the time.

5. Black Sesame Paste

This is a memory of eating tangyuans (glutinous rice balls) during winter solstices, and also during the last day of Chinese New Year. 

6. Kopi C Siew Dai

The concept was to create a coffee ice cream that could embody the Singaporean identity, and they understood right away that they wanted to develop a Kopi-C Siew Dai ice cream with Nanyang coffee beans – and it had to be ‘’gao’’ enough to satisfy the kopitiam coffee enthusiasts.

7. Sugarcane with Lemon

Nothing beats a cup of ice cool freshly squeezed sugar cane juice to wash down the great cuisine, especially when the weather is scorching and humid – and also to help fight off the oppressive heat that we have to deal with on a regular basis. This sorbet contains no additional sugar; all of the sweetness comes from the sugarcane itself.

8. Tea-Rex

Tea-Rex (milk tea with raspberry jam swirls) was crafted with our well-loved teh peng in mind, but with a surprising twist to it.

**These are just the fan favourite flavours—which Glitz finds appropriate to highlight. To discover more about the regular and seasonal flavour. Check them here

Can We Request For A Delivery? 

Yes sure can! As mentioned earlier, at The Humble Scoop, their customer’s need comes first. You can either pay a visit to their store or request for a delivery. Check all the information here

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