Psst, Here Are The Secrets To Fast Metabolism (No Exercise Needed)

Maybe some yoga… but not too much
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
January 1, 2023

The word ‘’metabolism’’ is more common than it tends to be—especially in this generation. They always get blamed for a lot of things including those unhealthy eating habits of ours or excessive junk food that we consume over a week. We finished those 10 slices of pizza in a night and the reason why we’re bloated the next day? Blame metabolism. Our weight doesn’t shift? Blame metabolism. Constantly tired? Metabolism. Seriously, do you guys even know what the ‘’M’’ words really mean? 

Here’s some FYI—according to Healthline, ‘’metabolism is a compound of merged chemicals processed inside our bodies that works continuously to keep us alive, our organs to function normally, keep us breathing, repairing old cells and of course, digesting foods. Turns out, metabolism carries a hell of work to keep our health and body in balance, so please stop blaming them for everything that you need to take responsibility for. So the secret to losing weight actually lays on the movement of our BMR (basal metabolic rate). 

So instead of spending two hours exercising daily like a pro athlete, are there any secrets in order to speed up your metabolism process? Of course there are. Boosting up your metabolism rate doesn’t only lays on the movement of your body but your food intake as well. Hint, it may include some sleeping. We here at Glitz truly understand that some of you may feel a bit dread when it comes to exercising early in the morning, hence we listed down golden rules (or shall we say secret) to fast metabolism? 

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The Real Meaning of Metabolism

As mentioned earlier, metabolism is a compound of merged chemicals processed inside our bodies that works continuously to keep us alive, our organs to function normally, keep us breathing, repairing old cells and of course, digesting foods. Turns out, metabolism carries a hell of work to keep our health and body in balance. Our BMR (basal metabolic rate) is the sole reason behind our calories, so the secret to losing weight actually lays on the movement of our BMR. It is also stated in a research by Healthline that ‘’a slow metabolism is controlled by a low BMR. In order to lose weight fast, you’ll need to monitor the increment of your BMR.’’ 

The Three (3) Types of Metabolism 

Here’s another interesting fact, your metabolism can actually break down into three different categories.

1. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

(As we explained earlier), BMR is measured in calories and indicates the amount of energy your body needs to pay close attention to. Usually takes account of 40% to 70% of your daily energy expenditure. 

2. Active Metabolism

This accounts for ten to 30% more, depending on how much exercise, daily activity, even how much fidgeting you do. In short, metabolism counted based on how much movement you made per day. 

3. Diet-induced Thermogenesis

Confusing? So do we. But for this third level, it basically just refers to the calories your body burns while digesting food. It makes up around 8% to 15% of your total metabolic rate.

Does Everyone Have Different Types of BMR? 

Of course. Hence the reason why there are few people who could eat up to five meals daily and still manage to maintain their killer figura, like Kendall Jenner. While some of us are still struggling to lose a few pounds even though we dedicate ourselves to eating small portions of meals per day. Your metabolism actually reflects your body size—so don’t get confused. Metabolism rate can vary depending on their sizes and energy levels. There are indeed people with larger sizes but have higher metabolism rates. You will just need to understand your BMR further. 

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So How To Boost Up Metabolism? 

The straight up answer would be exercising. Get that body moving and sweat some. But we get it, it can be dreadful. Who even has time to exercise when your schedule is packed with work and other necessities? (Lol, we’re being sarcastic btw—please exercise more. Your body will thank you when you’re older). But anyway, for those of you who’re looking for a specific measure to boost your metabolism without having to lift a finger or quench some sweat, we have a few secrets in order to speed up your metabolic rate. 

1. Eat Real, Whole Foods 

Yeap, we know—ditching those processed junk food is heavy but it is for your own good. And no, you don’t have to turn all vegan and eat salad all day long but don’t neglect the greens in your meal! Switching for a healthier meal can help prep up your metabolism. Fill up your daily menu with fruits, veggies, grains, meat, eggs and fish. A ‘’real food’’ is something that was once alive, whether it came from the land, sky or sea. Kiss those preservatives and man-made food goodbye. 

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2. Eat 30 Minutes After Waking Up 

Let’s be real, 90% of us are struggling to do this. We often wait until we reach the office or at least an hour before we wake up to actually eat something. This is surely wrong as it messes up our metabolism and energy-wise. Nutritionists suggest that we should take our breakfast at least 30 minutes prior to waking up. Your body needs solid fuel in order to operate so do not linger on too long in the morning without actually eating something. If you don’t that’s where your adrenals will produce cortisol, an emergency hormone that tells your body it had better start stockpiling fat, because who knows when you’ll get more food.

3. Stay Hydrated 

Losing weight is all about that H20 life. Make sure you hydrate yourself as often as you can. Especially if you do heavy exercise. Drinking enough water will not only help locking in the moisture in your skin, but they will also help you reduce fat loss. According to Heathline, a person who drinks 16.9 ounces (500 ml) of water increased the metabolic rate by 30%. So make sure you feel your body with enough water. Try to cut those sugary and caffeinated beverages for a while. You will notice a huge difference. Not only to your skin but to your mood as well.

4. Get More Sleep 

Make sure to get your beauty sleep, ah easy. During sleep, your body, cells and skin repairs itself. Your body increases your blood flow for the better and reforms collagen, healing all those damages caused by UV damage and environmental impurity. There’s a reason it’s referred to as Sleeping Beauty. 

5. Get Yourself a Good Supplement

To help balance out our mood and health altogether you will need a daily supplement. Especially if you’re over 20. The type of foods we choose to consume plays a vital role in influencing our guts and skin, so to help fix our digestive system, we’ll be needing good health supplements. Because honestly speaking, the lifestyle we live and the amount of nutrients we place inside our bodies contributes a lot to our complexion. If you don’t get enough nutrients you need from foods, your daily supplements will help aiding your heart and liver. So in order to gain plentiful amounts of nutrients and a healthier skin, hairs and nails, you need to choose your daily supplements carefully. 

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