Thomson Hospital Confinement Food Menu

For the mumsie needs
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
January 7, 2022

There’s no doubt that labouring is tiring. You spent hours sitting (or laying) in bed, struggling while in pain, with no appetite, a good amount of strength needed and not to mention the gallons of energy and bloodedness that have been wasted. That is why it is important for the fresh mumsies to get all the good nutrition they need. If not taken care of properly it could affect the mother’s overall health—post labour and long term wise. 

Thankfully Glitz found out that private hospitals like Thomson Hospital offer quite varieties of confinement food—known as the healthy meals that provide and restore the lost nutrients for the mothers, boost blood circulation and improve breast milk qualities and production. If you find it no time to cook a well-thought confinement menu, check out what Thomson Hospital has to offer. From their menus, their delivery slots and how to order online. 

What Is Confinement Food? 

For Asian women, we have always practiced postnatal confinement, or better known as ‘’proses berpantang’’. It has been practiced for over hundreds of years. The days usually lasts between 28 to 40 days where during those period of times, fresh mumsies and babies had to fo under strict food intakes, minimal activities movement and a lot of others traditional massages and medications. According to our Asian beliefs, once a woman gives birth, the loss of the blood can fully affect the health and the bodies of a woman, which it feels and looks more fragile than ever. This is why they are needing extensive care and nutrients to restore the energy and blood flow. 

Other than that, confinement food which is also packed with nutritional, vitamins and minerals can also act as a milk booster and uterus recovery. They usually mixed herbs inside the foods to help strengthen the immune system. So, a syou can see, confinement foods are one of the most important aspects for new mothers and babies alike—especially for us Asians. No caffeine allowed here!

How To Order From Thomson Hospital? 

You can simply head over to their Thomson Hospital website here and look over their menus. In terms of delivering, you can choose the date slots, though it is advisable for you to place your order at least two days beforehand. Check out the delivery time below so you can expect and calculate the timing. 

Delivery Time:

Lunch time: 10:00am to 1:00pm

Dinner time: 4:00pm to 7:00pm

What Can You Expect From Thomson Hospital Confinement? 

The Traditional Chinese Confinement Food Menu is backed by Thomson Medical’s in-house team of experts in nutrition, and fortified with the rich influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can be assured of a well-balanced, nutritious and flavourful spread to aid you on your journey to recovery during your confinement.

Is Thomson Confinement Food Halal? 

Unfortunately, they are non-halal. They served pork and a few other herbs that might not be suitable for our Muslime sisters. But the good news is, Thomson Hospitals indeed offer different Halal confinement which is handled by Caterfresh Pte Ltd. You can find all the details here

What’s Inside The Confinement Food Box? 

  • A handful servings of meat
  • A good amount of vegetable
  • Double-boiled soup
  • Rice
  • Longan & Red Dates tea

Thomson Hospital Confinement Food Menu 

1. 28-Day Lunch & Dinner + FREE 5X Pig’s Trotters (U.P. $75) $1,980.00

2. [FBI/SBI] 28-Day Lunch & Dinner + FREE 5X Pig’s Trotters (U.P. $75) $1,980.00

3. [NTUC] 28-Day Lunch & Dinner + FREE 5X Pig’s Trotters (U.P. $75) $1,900.00

4. Trial Meal $68.00

5. 21-Day Lunch & Dinner + FREE 5X Pig’s Trotters (U.P. $75) $1,688.00

6. 28-Day Lunch Or Dinner $1,188.00

7. 14-Day Lunch & Dinner $1,188.00

8. 21-Day Lunch Or Dinner $943.00

9. 7-Day Lunch & Dinner $643.00

10. 14-Day Lunch Or Dinner $643.00

11. 7-Meal Fish & Papaya Soup Package $488.00

12. 7-Day Lunch Or Dinner $488.00

13. Add-On: American Ginseng with Cordyceps Chicken Essence (6 bottles) $180.00

14. Add-On: Braised Pig’s Trotters in Black Vinegar (10, 5 or 3-Serving) $150.00

15. Add-On: Longan & Red Dates Tea ($4.50 per 500ml bottle) $4.50

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