Tian Wei Signature Review: The Best Choice For Confinement Food?

Tian Wei Signature is one of the best
By: cherelle
February 25, 2022

After giving birth, mothers need to somehow replenish and restore their health. Giving birth is not easy at all and the whole process takes a toll on your body and health. To help make the process of taking care of your child a little bit easier, Tian Wei Signature offers confinement food in Singapore. Their goal is to make your confinement period that much easier and not to mention the fact that some can be quite tasty too! When taking care of your child, we understand that the thought of food for yourself might not even cross your mind. Thus, confinement food caterers such as Tian Wei Signature is exactly what you need. Let Glitz take a look at what they have to offer. 

Tian Wei Signature

At Tian Wei Signature, they offer confinement meal catering services in Singapore. They are but one of many. But, their main goal is to offer confinement meals that are delicious and wonderful. Offering new mothers a much more appetising meal than a rushed meal at the end of the day. In order to help confinement mothers recover quickly, Tian Wei Signature offers meals that contain essential ingredients. 

Furthermore, Tian Wei Signature offers a wide variety of food choices. They have the intention of bringing you the best confinement meals with a mediterranean twist. Aside from that, their food choices also include Japanese confinement food. Offering mothers the option of trying something new. 

The Head Chef at Tian Wei Signature also holds over 16 years of experience. Chef Eugene is extremely skilled at preparing tasty and healthy meals catered to clients. At Tian Wei Signature, they also put a twist on traditional recipes for an enhanced experience to boost your senses. Thus, it helps you maintain a good appetite even after birth. 

This confinement food caterer also has the desire to introduce the food culture during confinement periods. They wholly believe that this time is used for mothers to recharge and replenish their bodies. Believing that the essential ingredients and herbs are important even in boosting someone’s mood. Therefore, they add twists to once normal meals in hopes that it becomes more appetising for mothers. 

Their Commitment

tian wei signature

If you are worried about any unhealthy ingredients being used, don’t be! Tian Wei Signature prides itself in using fresh and healthy ingredients. Beside that, their menus are also planned and reviewed carefully by their in-house dietitian and award-winning chef. Since they believe that a nutritious and wholesome meal leads to a healthier diet after childbirth, all of their ingredients are hand-picked and freshly prepared. As they serve quality meals, new mothers will be pampered during their recuperation time. 

Tian Wei Signature Menu

Their menu is diverse as they serve traditional Chinese meals along with multi-cuisine meals. The menu also features 16 unique staples, 49 unique meat dishes, 42 unique vegetable dishes, 44 unique and nourishing soups, as well as 17 refreshing and unique desserts. 

Their fusion confinement food offers either a combination of Chinese-Japanese or Chinese-Mediterranean meals.  This choice offers new mothers variety while preserving the health benefits and essences of their ingredients. 

Traditional confinement cuisine on the other hand, offers herbal soups and ingredients such as red dates and ginger. These ingredients have the benefit to help get rid of the “wind” within new mother’s bodies. Furthermore, it also replenishes all the nutrients lost during delivery. With over 40 types of soup to choose from, mothers will be recovering speedily. 

If you are a mother who intends to increase their breast milk, they also offer a breastfeeding friendly menu too! To help, they incorporate many milk-boosting ingredients within their meals. 

Some of their signature dishes include the Braised Pork Trotter in Black Vinegar, Tian Wei Signature Coq Au Vin, Seared Salmon with Cauliflower Cream and Tri Colour Grains, as well as Snow Fungus Peach Resin Hashima Dessert. 

What We Think

tian wei signature

So, if you or someone you know is about to pop out a human, let them know about Tian Wei Signature! Not only will it make the confinement period of mothers easier to bear, but their food meals truly look delicious. Instead of traditional, boring and heaty meals, new mothers can enjoy yummy meals with a hassle. You can even plan your meals in advance, so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to have a meal! With so much variety in their menu, this is one of the best confinement food caterers you can get in Singapore. Definitely Glitz approved!

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