Travelling To Japan? Here’s The Ultimate Guide For Every Traveller

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By: balqis
May 24, 2022

With the ease of travel restrictions announced by the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida earlier this month, it signified the lift of border policies which are aligned with the Group of Seven nations. Currently, Japan only allows 10,000 new arrivals into the country in a day and it is estimated that by next month the number of entries will increase to 20,000. The news has certainly garnered much anticipation from tourists around the world who are looking forward to travelling to Japan this year. If you’re planning a trip to Japan, here are all of the details that you need to know about Japan’s current travel restrictions in 2022. 

All of the Essential Things You Need To Know Before Travelling to Japan 

Source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Although Japan aims to reopen its border to tourists this summer, the Japan Tourism Agency announced that it would conduct a trial group consisting of tourists from Singapore, Australia, the United States and Thailand by the end of this month. These tourists who have received triple vaccines will be accompanied by guides throughout the tours. Primarily, this trial will be the deciding factor that will help the Japanese government with a major border reopening by the end of this year. 

Japan Entry Requirements for Foreigners

The new entry requirements stipulated by the Japanese government indicate that any new admission of foreigners into the country under the supervision of receiving organisations is allowed except for tourism purposes. Among the eligible criteria are:

  • Foreigners who are entering Japan for less than three months with business or employment purposes or otherwise for long term stay
  • Foreigners who have received organisations supervision for business or entertainment purposes

Foreigners who are newly entering Japan are required to apply for a visa, excluding those who have a re-entry permit.  Additionally, those who are entering through a receiving organisation need to submit a certificate for completion of Registration to the ERFS system, in which it was applied by the sponsoring organisation. For more information on the application process, click here.

On the contrary, foreign nationals who are travelling to Japan with special exceptional circumstances including a spouse of Japanese nationality are required to apply for a visa in advance. 

Covid Test Result and Proof of Vaccination 

Before travelling to Japan, travellers are required to conduct a COVID-19 test within 72 hours before departure. It is important to bring along the certificate since you are not allowed to enter the country without one based on the Quarantine Act. It is advised that you bring the printed version of the digital certificate provided by the clinic. Do note that an antigen rapid test is not accepted. Upon arrival, you are also required to undergo a COVID-19 test for safety precautions but no additional payment or pre-registration is necessary. 

Aside from the COVID-19 test results, travellers from Singapore are required to present proof that they have received three doses of vaccines whether it’s Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Janssen. This will allow them to be excluded from the quarantine. The vaccination proof must show the details of the traveller including name, date of birth, type of vaccine, date and number of the vaccine dose. 

On the other hand, those who have not received three doses of vaccines need to undergo quarantine at their designated residence or any accommodation. Once they have submitted a negative test on the 3rd day of the quarantine, the self-isolation period can be shortened from seven days to three days only. Plus, they will receive a release notice approved by the Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants. The travellers are also allowed to use the public transportation within 24 hours after they tested negative during the on arrival test. 

Written Pledge 

All the incoming travellers from abroad who are entering Japan are required to submit a written pledge during a quarantine period. Essentially, the travellers should adhere to the stipulated guidelines including self-isolation, reporting the progress of health conditions, restriction on using the public transportation and consent to share their location information with the Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants. Click here for more details on the individual written pledge.

Online Questionnaire

If you are travelling to Japan, your details including your phone number and email address will be checked upon arrival at the Quarantine station. You can fill in your information and the questionnaire. Then, make sure to save the issued QR code. Click here for more details on the Coronavirus response questionnaire.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels

Travellers are required to download the MySOS app to report their location and other necessary applications needed. The app will also notify travellers if they are deemed as close contact and they are required to undergo seven days of quarantine. To download the app, click here.

Fast Track Application

For those who want to save time upon arrival make sure to use apply for Fast Track through the MySOS app which allows you to pre-register some of the quarantine procedures even before entering Japan. This option is available for incoming travellers who are entering from Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kansai International Airport, and Fukuoka Airport.

Do note that you need to complete the application through the app at least six hours before the flight arrival time. Once the application process has been reviewed, the screen will change to green after completion.

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