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let’s get physical
By: Nina Shahriman
March 2, 2022

I’ve recently started working out at the gym and if you’re a newbie (like me), it gets a little daunting. There’s equipment that looks too complicated and weights that you think you can pull but may cause an injury instead. That’s why having a personal trainer may help you tremendously in your fitness journey. In Singapore, one of the best gyms that specialise in personal training is none other than Ultimate Performance- so let’s get physical.

About Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance is an unquestionably popular fitness centre where you can get personal training and group programmes to help you get in shape. They have a 1-month unlimited membership option that includes up to two personal training sessions each week, access to all of their programmes, and nutritional product discounts. The facility offers top-of-the-line cardio and weight equipment, as well as cutting-edge technology like interactive touchscreen TVs.

Ultimate Performance offers well-trained and highly skilled instructors that can help you reach your objective, whether it’s weight reduction, muscular growth, or challenging training. Their instructors must have at least 5,000 hours of hands-on experience and have at least one certification from a reputable training organisation. Their semi-private small group sessions for six to eight people cost $800 for 20 sessions over a six-week period, which is far less expensive than traditional one-on-one personal training sessions.

Address: 8 Cross Street Ground Floor, Singapore 048424

Operating hours: Every day (6am – 10pm)

Contact: +65 6536 8649

Why You Should Go For Personal Training At Ultimate Performance

You’ve been working but haven’t been seeing results

If you’ve been exercising regularly for a few weeks or months and still haven’t met your goals. A trainer may assist you in a variety of ways, whether you want to reduce weight, enhance your athletic performance, or gain strength. A trainer might advise methods to adjust or tweak your routines to make them more efficient and successful by looking at what you’re already doing.

Furthermore, people frequently fail to see results because they are not working as hard as they might. When you’re alone, it’s easy to slack off, but having someone to push you and cheer you on may make all the difference.

Your workouts are getting boring

You may not have considered working with a personal trainer if you’re a seasoned exerciser. However, if you’re looking for some diversity in your exercises, it’s a good option. It’s easy to become stuck in a fitness rut, repeating the same exercises over and over again.

As a result, at Ultimate Performance, they may see sections of your programme that may be tweaked to make it more fascinating, difficult, or just more enjoyable. They’ve done a variety of workouts and have a lot of experience with them. Find someone who can show you the ropes if there’s one you’ve been wanting to try.

You want to learn how to exercise with proper form

Even if your objective is to design your own programmes and exercise on your own, hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions can assist you to learn how to do a new activity properly. This is especially true if you’re just starting out with strength training and need to get some practice in. You may construct your own workouts by knowing a range of exercises that target different muscles.

You must do each exercise in a certain manner to get the most out of your training and avoid damage. A trainer can give you instructions to get your body in the ideal posture so you can do each action correctly and securely.

You’re training for a sporting event

If you’re interested in a certain activity or are preparing for an upcoming event, a competent personal trainer might be quite beneficial. A sports conditioning trainer knows how to do workouts for a particular activity. They can assist you in devising routines that will improve the areas you need to strengthen while avoiding overtraining.

It’s more than just working out when it comes to training. You must also provide sufficient time for recuperation. A personal trainer can assist you in developing a fitness routine that allows your body to get the most out of your workout while also allowing it to rest and recover.

You want a tailored workout routine

We don’t learn how to exercise at birth, so the effort might feel daunting, causing you to do nothing. A trainer can assist you with the fundamentals. The F.I.T.T. concept should guide your workouts: you pick the frequency, intensity, time, and kind of training, and you alter these components over time.

Ultimate Performance’s personal trainers can assist you in determining how hard to work during exercise and how to track your workout intensity. They can also show you how to get the most out of your workout while also ensuring that you don’t overdo it.