Valentino Launches The New Eyewear Chapter

An inside look at the new collection
By: agnes
July 6, 2022

With the debut of its inaugural capsule collection in July 2022, Maison Valentino will begin a new era for its Valentino Eyewear line. In December 2021, Valentino and the Switzerland-based Akoni Group entered into a new, exclusive arrangement for the design, production, and distribution of high-end eyeglasses around the world with a dedication to skill, knowledge, and quality.

Three new, exclusive styles that exemplify the Valentino Couture approach by utilising the best materials and a combination of time-honoured and cutting-edge production techniques will be included in the debut collection. As a tribute to the Maison, three models were called after the numerals of the original Valentino headquarters: Paris Place Vendome (VIII), Milan Turati (XVI), and finally Rome Mignanelli (XXII), the location of Pierpaolo Piccioli’s creative hub.

Mastery Of Couture

The Valentino eyewear line embodies the principles of the brand and the best of couture. the customs and traditions of couture. Couture is a profession where the methods are still traditional and distinctive but also allow for experimentation. The best workshop in Japan produces the latest generation of eyewear exclusively using the best tools and materials. For decades of their lives, artisans devote themselves to perfecting their trades and transferring their expertise to future generations.

Couture is about precision in execution, and attention to detail, but it’s also about being unique, self-expressive, and personal. The new eyewear was envisioned by the creative director to reflect all the ideals he upholds: a celebration of diversity through a product that highlights this belief.

First And Second Launch

Eleven hues of three different sunglasses shapes make up this high-end luxury capsule collection. The second launch, which will debut in October 2022, will include six more types. Maison’s distinguishing characteristics, such as the famous stud and V-Logo Signature and the colour scheme that subtly but definitely communicates the brand’s history in Haute Couture.

Beginning this month, a selection of Valentino stores,, and exclusive eyewear retailers across the world will carry the new eyewear collection.

The New Collection

Valentino VIII

The Valentino VIII is a cat-eye form that combines feminine titanium and acetate with a uniquely modern flair for timeless beauty, lightweight comfort, and lasting quality. It has intricately crafted design features like the signature Valentino 3D rockstuds on the bridge’s top and front, revolutionary twisted temples, extruded stud temple tips, and bespoke hinges. The design is offered in classic Valentino colour schemes like black, clear brown, and crystal bordeaux. The pinnacle for the elegant yet tough modern femme fatale is VIII.

Valentino XVI

The Valentino XVI sunglasses have a large aviator form that is reminiscent of the 1980s and low base curve retro lenses. The famous 3D Valentino rockstuds on the bridge, brow bar, temples, and temple tips are crafted entirely of Japanese titanium, making this model the pinnacle of aviators. The multi-colour gradient sun lenses are projected beyond the eye rim thanks to cutting-edge design and construction techniques, which also highlight the complementary palette of chic Valentino legacy colour combinations.

Valentino XXII

Pierpaolo Piccioli’s ateliers and creative workshop are located at Valentino XXII, the Maison’s ancient headquarters. The famous model was developed in honour of the Valentino Creative Director and was influenced by his unique physique. Easy to wear, with a contemporary take on the iconic 1960s Wellington shape made famous by Italian Golden Era cinema. For a classic yet vintage aesthetic, it comes in solid black, brown tortoise, and mid-honey tortoise. The design has a front that is 8mm thick, gracefully sculpted to promote wearability, and adorned with distinguishable details like the renowned 3D Valentino rockstuds on the front, temples, temple tips, five-barrel hinges, and a special wire core.

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