10 Best Vegan And Non-Dairy Ice Cream In Singapore

Indulge without the guilt
By: agnes
August 10, 2022

As someone who loves her dessert, finding vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Singapore is no easy feat. Majority of the time, the most convenient and cheapest options contain animal byproducts alongside trans fat and refined sugar. But having those every day can be detrimental to our health in the long run. Therefore, when we came across these vegan and non-dairy options, we knew we had to share it. Here are some of the best options if you’re looking to fully indulge without feeling guilty afterwards. 

1. Kind Kones

Credit: Kind Kones

Kind Kones is a brand that hails from Malaysia. But ever since setting foot on Singapore grounds, we can’t stop raving about it. Every flavour is made from natural ingredients with no preservatives, artificial sugars and artificial flavourings. It’s no wonder you can taste the authenticity through every bite. 

You can choose from some crowd favourites like chocolate sorbet, cookie dough, vanilla and more. Alternatively, you can also try unique flavours like baklava, avocado coconut and pulut hitam. Some flavours are also curated for those on the keto diet, so there’s something for everyone!

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2. Ben & Jerry’s

Credit: plantbasednews.org

Ben & Jerry’s has long been a favourite not just for Singaporeans but for everyone worldwide. With its recent inclusion of vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Singapore, vegans and the lactose-intolerant have a chance to savour these gems. According to Ben & Jerry’s, almond milk is used in producing these tubs of goodness, with no animal ingredients of any type.

Flavour combinations include Caramel Almond Brittle, Mint Chocolate, Creme Brulee and so much more. The best part? You can find these vegan indulgences at any grocery store nearby, making it a super convenient choice. 

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3. Smoocht

Credit: Smoocht

Smoocht was previously known as Brownice, but has since rebranded itself. At Smoocht, you can find creamy gelatos that come in a plethora of flavours. Furthermore, instead of using coconut milk or almond milk base, Smoocht uses organic brown rice milk. 

The base is then combined with organic cane sugar alongside a variety of nut butters and fruits. The result is a delightful vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Singapore. Take your pick from pure hazelnut, rose coconut, matcha and more! In fact, pair the ice cream with some homemade waffles for the perfect dessert.

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4. The Ice Cream Cookie & Co

Credit: The Ice Cream Cookie & Co

The Ice Cream Cookie & Co serves some of the best vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Singapore. As its name suggests, the store first became popular for its ice cream sandwiches, which are Singaporeans’ favourite. Instead of the classic bread, they use gooey cookies and place a generous dollop of ice cream in between.

Alongside dairy options like espresso chocolate and matcha mochi, there are also non-dairy pints. These vegan delights include flavours like chendol, vegan dark chocolate, tropical coconut, mango sorbet and more.

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5. Momolato

Credit: Momolato

You may not know this, but the vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Singapore hotels that you’ve been savouring may just come from Momolato. This local brand supplies ice cream to many premium hotels and cafes throughout Singapore. And it’s no surprise why everyone loves it.

The flavours from Momolato are unique at best – with combinations like blue pea Hokkaido vanilla creme brulee and jasmine matcha with sea salt cream cheese. However, the flavours that caught our eyes were definitely the yuzu lemon with rose-infused lychee and sea salt Sicilian pistachio.

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6. Shirollina

Credit: Shirollina

Shirollina makes vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Singapore in small batches. It features a premium gelato consistency and uses cashews to achieve the creamy texture. Her ice cream batches also don’t include much sugar, which is great for people who are diabetic. 

Take your pick from a plethora of flavours like Mediterranean Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie Fudge, Peanut Gelato and more. You may notice that her ice creams are pretty much monotonous in colours and it’s because no artificial colourings are used.

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7. Oatly

Credit: Today.com

If you love oatmilk, you would have most likely heard of Oatly. The cult favourite oatmilk brand has gained a loyal following and it’s easy to understand why. Oatly offers creamy and nutty oatmilk that not only complements your morning latte, but enhances it.

Its newest release of vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Singapore sees a range of flavours, including oat flavoured ice cream. Other flavours include the classic vanilla, strawberry and even mint chip – for those who like something refreshing. You can find these pints on Redmart throughout Singapore.

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8. Magnum

Credit: Magnum

Our childhood favourite now offers vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Singapore! So if you’re lactose intolerant then this is truly the perfect option for you. Magnum has a few different non-dairy combinations – the classic, almond and the hazelnut. 

The ingredients feature dairy-free chocolate, pea protein, coconut oil and more. But one thing’s for sure, not a single type of animal product is used in these ice cream. Furthermore, they are great options for your child if their tummies can’t handle dairy.

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9. Mrs Plump’s

Credit: Mrs Plump’s

Mrs Plump was born in Australia but has spent over a decade staying in Singapore. The idea of superfood ice cream came when her twin toddlers were infected with Hand, Food and Mouth Disease. Due to the disease, they were unable to eat anything except ice cream due to ulcers. In order to ensure her toddlers got enough nutrition, she resulted to creating vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Singapore with the addition of superfoods. 

Today, Mrs Plump’s ice cream are a widely sought after treat that’s not only delicious but extremely guilt-free. Alongside classic flavours, Mrs Plump’s also offers unique whimsical ones that are suitable for your little kids. And if pints are too troublesome, she also sells popsicles.

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10. Zebra Dream

Credit: Zebra Dream

Hailing from Australia, Zebra Dream features some of the most unique packaging we’ve ever seen. The vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Singapore is also one that’s delectable and mouthwatering for sure. Every pint of ice cream features quality ingredients with no animal byproducts, artificial preservatives or refined sugar. In addition, their ice cream is also gluten-free!

In terms of flavours, you can find a two distinctive flavours like mint choc chip and choc peanut ripple. While they don’t have an extensive array of flavours, you can rest assured that the ones they do have are drool-worthy. 

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