Shop Affordable Chanel & Gucci Bags At ‘’Vestiaire Collection’’, #1 Online Luxury Vintage Resale Site

Goodbye fast fashion, hello second hand clothing!
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
September 23, 2021

Today, as we are developing into an era where sustainability is rapidly being the main concern in every angle of business content, it is definitely fitting—as you can see, we’re currently suffering from economic shrinkage over the past years, due to the pandemic impacted around the world. So, what does it mean for the future of the fashion industry? Of course, second-hand goods or vintage clothing is the answer. And as you can see, even big names like Kate Moss and Bella Hadid advocate strongly when it comes to fashion sustainability. 

We know that shopping for worn clothes, or second-hand clothing is a bit hard especially during this hard time. Are they even safe to wear? Are they even real? Are we just splurging fake brand products? From authenticity to the presentation or slash condition of the clothes—everyone had their 101 questions of concern. And yes, you have the right to question it all. But what if we say there’s a big platform that is solely dedicated to second-hand luxury fashion where the products are all 100% authentic, real and timeless. The site is none other than Vestiaire Collective, which now boasts over 5,000 luxury offerings. 

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Gone are the days where we spent thousands of dollars on a fast fashion market without having the thoughts of the timelity of the style. You can now freely shop for rare gems like Dior Saddle bags which are now making a comeback in the fashion world. The legendary Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection, and more. Oh, and if all of that isn’t enough to make you giddy, your life is about to be a lot easier because you can purchase Vestiaire Collective straight under Asia’s fastest fashion online platform, Zalora. That’s all you need to confirm the quality of each product. To learn more, read further for Glitz by Beauty Insider intakes on this Luxury’s #1 vintage resale site. 

Get To Know Vestiaire Collective

For those of you unfamiliar with this site, Vestiaire Collective is a French founded pre-owned retail site—one of the biggest online luxury resale platforms that offer almost if not more than 5,000 luxury items. The site was first launched back in 2009, and currently has a community of over 8 millions consumers, across more than 50 countries. And check this out, one of the best features offered by Vestiaire Collective is that users are able to to check the originality of a product by themselves by communicating with the resident experts available in Paris, London, New York, Milan, Berlin and Hong Kong offices. So, in short, sneaky fake purchases? Be gone!

And according to Versitaile’s Head of Authentication, Victoria Boyer Chammard, she said, everyday, their staff will assign products—who are obviously given the superpower to detect and differentiate the fake ones and the authentic ones—to carry out the whole process on whether a product is suitable to be put on the website. She said, ‘’We have different teams in different categories. Everyone who knows the inside out of fashion authenticity, will be placed accordingly in different categories like jewelleries, watches, ready to wear, and accessories. All for making the consumer purchase them easily.’’ 

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The Importance Of Authenticity

Speaking of authenticity, which leads to the second point—what’s more, according to Victoria Chammard, the checkpoints process requires multiple actions taken. This is due to their importance of selling real items on the site, which represents who they are as the retail brand. Victoria revealed, ‘’Each process took a very cautious, punctilious process which may or may not involve higher expert examination.’’ To walk you through the ‘’heavy’’ process, first they will filter the images submitted by the re-sellers. They will go further in checking each angle and details, detecting any irregularities. Once they’re good, they will continue onto the next steps which are checking the reliability of the seller. In short, are they legit or nah? Did they steal these items? Do they even use a real identity? So on and so forth. 

Last but not least, the most important steps in authenticity check—they will ask for expert assistance to check on the products physically. Victoria said, ‘’We have a reliable power-team when it comes to authenticity checking.’’ That’s a heavy process but they gotta do what they got to do for the consumer’s satisfaction, right? These fashion gatekeepers also were trained to keep an eye out of the freshest items in the fashion industry. They’re like Miranda Priestly of vintage items. So basically, everytime you purchase an item from Vestiaire Collective, not only does you invest in a good deal, but also getting the tick of approval from fashion experts. Now, that’s life

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Vestiaire Collective Partnered With Zalora 

For those of you who never considered buying second-hand clothing before, you might want to start now. Not only does it bring advantages for the environment, but it’ll save you dollars, too. And if you’re still having second doubts about purchasing luxury items from an online store, (Seriously, why? We just explained in detail why they legit sell original items only). We’re now bringing you yet another important point, which is one of the trusted Asian online platforms; Zalora. And thanks to Zalora’s partnership with Vestiaire Collective, you can now easily scroll through luxury products of your dreams anytime, anywhere. You can find rays of your dream Dior saddle bag, Gucci belts and Alexander McQueen jacket under ‘’Pre-Loved’’ section on both Zalora website and apps. 

And since Zalora is one of the biggest online fashion retailers, it makes sense that these two big companies in the fashion industry to joint venture. Nothing screams global awareness than to promote resell or second-hand clothing on a site that attracts more than a thousand active users daily. It shows commitment in restoring justice in Asia’s fashion movement. You go, Zalora and Vestiaire Collective!

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