Golden Village Vivocity Cinema: A Look At One Of Singapore’s Largest Cinema

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By: agnes
January 24, 2022

Watching movies in a cinema has become the perfect pastime activity for most of us. In fact, some of us even watch movies for dates or as a family activity. This is because movies become a topic of conversation for a lot of us. Furthermore, cinemas these days have a wide range of rooms and different types of experiences. There are unique family-friendly rooms with children playgrounds and gold class. With this, we are introducing Golden Village Vivocity Cinema, one of the best cinemas in Singapore

About Golden Village Vivocity Cinema

Singapore’s leading cinema exhibitor is Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd. Which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment (Holdings). They have over 14 multiplexes with 112 screens and is a crowd favourite when it comes to movies. Through its Movie Club programme, GV is the first local cinema company to personalise the movie-going experience. Today, GV is known for providing the most diverse selection of films. In addition, they also provide cutting-edge design, convenience, and unrivalled comfort. 

With 15 screens and four different types of cinema, the Vivocity Cinema occupies two elegantly constructed levels. It also features colours of purple and red and is right in the middle of Vivocity. Furthermore, it’s in the cutting-edge shopping and entertainment district in Singapore. Vivocity Cinema provides a well-rounded cinematic experience that combines high-quality sound systems, comfortable seats, pleasant service and atmosphere.

Types Of Cinematic Experience

1. Gold Class

Theatres like these Gold Class rooms are great for those who want to chill and enjoy in a luxurious setting that includes free first-class service. You’ll be greeted with an exclusive seating area that serves you hors d’oeuvres, refreshments and even excellent wines. Then, customers will be directed to one of three viewing rooms. Each of which can accommodate 24, 38, or 48 people. However, possibly the most impressive of these cinemas is the luxury and highly comfy couch-like seating. This enables practically 360-degree reclining. Furthermore, they are operated by electrical switches in these theatres.

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2. GV Max

One of Asia’s largest movie screens is on display in this theatre, which seats 602 people in plush crimson seats. Moreover, there’s no need for picking the best seat when it comes to GV Max. This is because the screen is so large that everyone will be able to see the action well.

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Merchandises at Golden Village Vivocity Cinema

1. Combo Of The Week


It’s without a doubt that one of the reasons we head to the cinema is for the popcorn. In addition, many of us also look for the combos that are sold. Well, if you’re the person who gets attracted to combos, then this is for you. Every week, Golden Village Vivocity Cinema has a unique combo to treat you. This week, it’s the Chinese New Year 2022 combo featuring a popcorn, drink and a fortune cat playing card*. We recommend you check for the combo of the week before heading to the counter to purchase your snacks.

*Information is accurate at time of writing. Combo of the week may have changed right now as you’re reading. Click here to find out what this week’s combo is!

2. Special Merchandise

Pic: coconuts

Did you say we can purchase card games from Golden Village Vivocity Cinema? That’s right! You can get three adorable and mind boggling games here. First, you can find The Singaporean Dream ($20.90). Then, try the newest release, Bye Bye Virus ($30), to see how far you’ll go to stay virus-free. Lastly, get Kawa ($27), a beautiful game where you’re tasked to flow petals down a river with your friends. 

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3. Funko

Pic: Vox

Any Funko fans around here? If that’s you then you need to check out the funko collection at Golden Village Vivocity Cinema! Of course, you can purchase these for your little ones. However, there’s no need to be shy if you’re an adult and would like to buy these for yourself. This is because Funko are adorable collectable items that we personally love too. From the Avengers and Star Wars collection to Lion King and Toy Story – what’s not to love?

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4. Q Posket

Pic: Geek Culture

Just like Funko, Q Posket is another super cute collectable figurines. However, what makes them different from Funko is the type of animation. Q Posket are more realistic whereas Funko are more animated. At Golden Village Vivocity Cinema, you can find a wide range of Q Posket. Nevertheless, most of it are from children movies like Frozen, Snow White, Peter Pan, and more. But they do also sell selected Avengers figurines, as well as some Harry Potter ones!

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5. Movie Merchandise

Pic: mustsharenews

Believe it or not, we sometimes watch a movie just to get the limited edition movie merchandise! We just can’t get enough of the cute tumblers that Golden Village Vivocity Cinema offers. As of now, they are offering the Fortune Cat Card, a Minion Tumbler, and a Jungle Brown Tumbler. However, this is subject to change so if you want more information, click here.

6. Gift Cards

Pic for illustration only

Don’t know what to get your family or friends on their birthdays? How about a movie gift card? Truthfully, this is our first time hearing of movie gift cards and can’t stop thinking about how genius it is. At Golden Village Vivocity Cinema, you can find a wide variety of gift cards. You can get the HSBC movie gift cards that come in various types. On the other hand, you can get a regular GV one card, which we think would be perfect too. 

Is Golden Village Vivocity Cinema Worth It?

Well, personally, we think that any cinema is worth a try. And if you happen to be at Vivocity then we don’t see why not. However, we do think that more thought could have gone into the aspects of this cinema. While it is quite huge and can cater to a wide audience, there are some limitations. For example, they do not provide adequate toilets which can definitely be an issue. Imagine watching a movie during the weekends and needing to queue to go to the toilet. By the time you reach the cubicle, the movie may have already started. Therefore, we definitely think something must be done. Nevertheless, seeing the types of cinematic experience you can get here, we think it’s worth a shot!

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