The Perfect Wallpaper To Decorate Your Home

Here's what to consider when choosing wallpaper.
By: Cherelle Lim
January 28, 2022

Interior designing is the time for you to shine. It shows your taste and style. Deciding on the perfect wallpaper can be tricky when there are just so many options! So, how should you go about choosing the best wallpaper for your home? The most important thing is to make sure that you love it personally. It doesn’t matter what others have to say about it because you will be the person living with your chosen wallpaper for quite some time. So, make sure that it is something that fits your aesthetic. Maybe, you aren’t too sure if the wallpaper is for you too. So, let us help you decide!

Types of Wallpaper

Paper – paper-based wallpapers usually have a decorative design printed all over it. Most will also have a top coating to ensure that the design is sealed. Paper-based wallpapers are also typically cheaper than other types of wallpaper. 

Paper-backed Vinyl – these types of wallpapers have vinyl coated all over the printed design. They are wipeable and are able to resist moisture as well. Similar to paper-based wallpapers, they are also relatively cheap to get.  

Non-woven – for a sophisticated look, go for non-woven wallpapers as they are composed of synthetics and natural fibres. These are easy to apply and remove, so don’t worry about messing your wall up. Although, they fall on the more expensive end of the spectrum. But why not for that more elevated look right?

Solid Vinyl – solid vinyl wallpapers mean that a solid sheet of vinyl is applied over a fabric or paper. The design will then be printed over the vinyl sheet instead. This makes the wallpaper much more durable and washable too. 

PVC or Coated Vinyl – if you are looking for a more affordable option, PVC or coated vinyl is a great pick. Since it is essentially a layer of acrylic coated or sprayed over a paper base, it is quite moisture resistant. However, designs for these types of wallpaper will not have a refined finish.

Fabric – fabric wallpapers will typically either have a design printed over it, or a fabric back that has a designed vinyl layer on it. 

Why Use Wallpapers?

Now we beg the question of why use wallpaper? Isn’t paint much more effective and easier to apply? Well despite what you think, wallpapers can be applied quite easily as well. Even though it may be slightly more expensive compared to paint, there are affordable options as well. With wallpapers, you get to choose from a variety of different designs, finishes and patterns. What’s more, is that some types of wallpaper can actually last for more than 15 years. Most wallpapers are also washable, so you can definitely reuse them. It is also much easier to customise your temporary home or rental home with removable wallpapers. The best part is that it can be used to cover up any imperfections on the walls such as cracks. 

Furthermore, choosing the right type of wallpapers can help instantly make your room look larger. Lighter colours and subtle patterns can make a room look bigger than it actually is. If you ever find yourself with a dark hallway in your home, pastel and white wallpapers can help brighten it up. Aside from that, wallpaper with abstract or 3D patterns can really hide flaws on your walls. Vertically patterned wallpapers can also help make your room look taller as it seems to elongate. This could work well with shorter ceilings. The best use of wallpaper is also when you want to separate a space. It can easily set apart different spaces and how you use it without actually taking up space. 

Paint VS Wallpapers


Compared to paint, wallpaper takes a quicker time to apply. Within a couple of hours, you’d have a room decorated with aesthetically pleasing wallpaper. While if you painted the room, you’d have to do several coats and wait for the paint to dry. That would take at least a day or two. What’s more, is that using wallpaper won’t leave your house smelling like chemicals. Using wallpaper is cleaner as you don’t have to move or cover any furniture. Besides, wallpaper doesn’t shed dust all over your floors either! It is also much easier to use wallpaper with printed designs, rather than try to paint your own complicated designs. 

Dos & Don’ts of Wallpaper


Don’t – When exposed to direct sunlight, the colour and shade of your wallpaper can fade. Thus, you shouldn’t be using wallpaper on walls that face the sun or window directly. Choose somewhere cooler like a blindspot that the sun doesn’t usually hit. 

Do – Even though it is called wallpaper, it doesn’t have to just be for walls! You can wrap wallpaper on the ceilings or even on furniture. This allows you to enhance your space and add an impressive detail for guests to spot. 

Don’t – If your walls are prone to moisture, it is not advisable for you to put up wallpapers too. Places like the bathroom, kitchen or outside the house will most likely damage your wallpaper instead. 

Do – When it comes to wallpaper, you need to be daring! Don’t be afraid to mix together fine prints with a bold painted wall. You never know what types of contrast it could create and you might end up with something unexpected. 

Don’t – If you are on a tight budget, you don’t need to cover your whole house in wallpaper. Use it on an accent wall just like you would with paint. You could even use it on columns located in your house for a cool detail.