Predictions Are In: What to Expect For Your Horoscope In September 2022

Hold on, did someone say retrograde?
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
September 1, 2022

Stellar babies, welcome to September. This month ushers in Libra season, the beginning of fall, and a Mercury retrograde (oof). But don’t be concerned. This month finds us aiming to be our best selves in our relationships, and for some temporary love affairs, it may signal the beginning of frisking season though. It’s also the ideal time to experiment with fall makeup and hairstyles styles. 

Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, September 9. You already know what to do. Double-check your emails for errors, prepare for miscommunication and travel disruptions, and keep your exes out of your DMs. Since this Mercury retrograde commences in Libra, the sign of partnerships and alliances, take extra precautions to prevent romantic mishaps.

Read your sun sign’s horoscope to understand how this lunation greatly impacts you, although full moons can bring turmoil in nature, so if you want to be safe, stay at home and catch up on relaxation.

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September 2022 Horoscope 


Aries, there seems to be a Mercury transit and a full moon within the same weekend mid-month, so you’ve got a reason to remain home and catch up on snooze. However, around the end of September, shortly after the start of Libra season, a new moon invites you to also have an adventure with a love or intimate companion, as your love life heats up just in time for October.


Taurus, you have a boatload on the go, notably in terms of business or personal pursuits. In this industry, no astrologer can guarantee money. However, if you can be diligent during Mercury retrograde, don’t be shocked if you receive a favourable response. You watch sparks ignite in your romantic life at the conclusion of the month. Just keep in mind you’re adopting the Libra-season principle of equilibrium and giving yourself ample time and relaxation.


This month, Mercury went retrograde. Because it is your governing star, its reverse dance may have a greater impact on you than on other signs. Nevertheless, September illuminates the area of your horoscope that governs popularity and public persona. Gemini, you’re a fascinating superstar. September encourages you to believe that huge things are taking place even if you must wait a little further to witness the consequences.


With loving Venus assisting your communication abilities, Cancer, nothing can stand in the way of amorous blessing this month. During the full moon in imaginative Pisces, keep a diary beside your bed since your psychic talents are at their peak, and significant messages may arrive in visions around this period.


A mid-month relocation makes you so magnetic, Leo, that you may ask for what you desire even though Mercury is retrograde. You’re in high demand, but keep in mind that lions snooze around 16 and 20 hours a day. This month marks the start of Libra season, and being the sign of harmony, this time of year encourages you to make time for relaxation, even if your loves and/or bosses can’t have enough of you.


This month, Virgo, you must hand the mantle to Libra. However, with the onset of Libra season, which signals the start of season, you notice an increase in closeness in your life. This might be the result of a love connection, your chosen family, or even both. Just try to brush off any little arguments; don’t let Mercury retrograde this month prevail.


Libra, your season has started.  Continue to explore more hair and makeup trends since you may consider the entire Libra season to be your birthday, and you ought to be gorgeous. There will be a lot of physical intimacy headed your way, Libra. Just keep a low profile during the second weekend of the month, which brings Mercury retrograde and a full moon that can spark petty arguments.


Scorpio, Uranus turned retrograde last month, urging you to abandon bad habits, and the pattern remains this month. Libra season is all about compromise, which includes spending time for yourself. But, as September comes to a conclusion, expect increasing closeness in your love relationship and possibly even pleasant career news.


Sagittarius, keep your pals near this season. You’re probably too busy and need a safety net nearby. September finds you working hard on something that energises you, even if you must be patient for a good response due to Mercury retrograde. A wonderful celestial arrangement will also see your wishes come true at the conclusion of the month.


Capricorn, you like the beginning of fall. A Mercury retrograde in September may cause miscommunication. You can’t, nevertheless, put your life on wait every time Mercury starts its retrograde shuffle. Your love life is growing, and it’s okay if you can’t wait till Mercury retrograde is through to take a relationship to a new level. The only choice is whether you will let down your inner boundaries and be open about your emotions.


Aquarius is an intelligent air sign. Unfortunately, being clever does not imply that you are constantly on top of communicating. Sometimes confronting global political issues is more important than messaging your buddies back. This month, though, you will need your supportive environment, and Mercury retrograde may make awkward situations. Staying in touch with loved ones will need additional effort, but it will be worthwhile.


Pisces, September is all about romance, but you are not required to have any huge define-the-relationship discussions. Mercury is backwards, there’s a full moon in your sign, and it’s just not the perfect moment. Instead, depending on your relationship state, your duty is to be attentive in your love and concentrate on being content. You may postpone the important discussions till Mercury directly connects next month.

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