What To Expect For Your Astrology Sign This Leo Season 2022!

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By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
July 25, 2022

The Sun officially entered its favourite sign on July 22, and just like that, Leo season started! Because the Sun signifies life, enthusiasm, and innovation, this is usually an exciting time of year. Summer is in full flow, primarily for fire signs that are Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries, whereas fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius expect a busy Leo season ahead of them. 

The first round of the Leo season 2022 is spectacular, due to Jupiter, the deity of fortune and prosperity. It’s an excellent moment to take your chance, start a new career, or start a new endeavour. Ultimately, Leo season is a real treat. Even on your lowest, the Leo season vibes will help you sprinkle a little sparkle on almost everything. 

You’re undergoing tremendous self improvement, asserting yourself freely, and shining brightly like the superstar you are. Whatever your Sun sign is, this is a month to radiate outwards. You exude charm, elegance, and creativity, and you want so much to have fun. 

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Prediction For Leo Season 2022


It’s romantic happiness! Leo season is illuminating your astrological zone of romance, sex, and pleasure, so it stands to reason that you will have plenty of fun this time. No, you’re not going to meet the soul mate (just yet), but that’s good because you’re having a fantastic time playing about.


Beautify your surroundings! Bring a little Leo season with excitement and flare into your environment, acquire new furniture, or simply rearrange things for the perfect feel. Make your place feel more like home, and when you’re finished, bring your friends over for a great social occasion. 


Your favourite pick-up phrases are working better than ever, your mobile is constantly ringing, and it appears as though everyone wishes to get to know you more.  This Leo season is mostly about socialising, both old and new, and having fun with them. Make the most this Leo season by taking your team out or surprising your sweetheart with a spectacular romantic date.


Sorry, Cancer season seems to be over, everything is returning to normal and you’re drifting back into your schedule. Nonetheless, there are several upcoming possibilities at work that perhaps you should reap the benefits of. You’re going to spend some time this month, but if you put in the effort, do your best, and seize chances when they arise, you may finish up with a nice reward or perhaps a promotion. 


Happy Birthday fellow Leo! This month is providing you a lot of lead character power, and anything you say will come true. What do you desire? Who do you desire? Set a target, decide out how you’re planning to get there, then get into action.  Everything you start today will undoubtedly be important in the long run.


This Leo season, you’re receiving the raw end of the deal. You’re not getting out much, but that’s because this month’s astrology is asking you to backtrack, allow yourself to be alone time, and focus on yourself. Ex-friends, relationships, or jobs are resurfacing, and you’re being offered a chance to move on, find acceptance, and clear your plate. That way, you may have a fantastic Virgo season in less than a month. 


Your social life is booming; you spend all of your energy with your bestest pals, and when they’re not available, you make new friends around every block. You’re just by being the cheerleading buddy, but everyone is rooting for you this month.


All attention is on you, Scorpio, especially in the workplace. This is an essential month for your professional advancement, and all you do will be scrutinised. That implies that for every achievement, everyone in the office will rejoice with you, but every loss will be likewise celebrated. There is no stress; simply do your best. 


Sagittarius, disregard the laws; you’re doing your own way this season! Be adventurous, go on an unplanned trip, or meet some new people at your favourite pub. This Leo season is all about widening your experiences by connecting with people, performing new activities, and going to places, which are all of your favourite things. You’re growing as an individual.


This Leo season, concentrate on who is most important to you. So how would you strengthen your bond with them? How can you get to know them better? How can you make your bedroom life more spicy and fetishistic? This month is very much about deepening those bonds and completely investing in your relationship. 


Frisking season has arrived! Because the Sun in Leo is energising your romance zone, this is an opportune moment of year to get boo’d up. Reactivate your apps like tinder, make a connection, or go on a date or three. If you’re currently in a relationship, this is an excellent moment to DTR or settle down.


This season is all about organising your entire life. Re-decorate your home,  perform errands, and handle anything at work. The greater your productivity, the better. But, more significantly, Pisces, you must revitalise your self-care regimen.  Get athletic, begin a guided meditation, or do everything else you can to take proper care of yourself in a sensible way. Good habits you establish now could last a lifetime.

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