Newly Opened: Wong Fu Fu, Singapore’s First Halal Taiwan-Inspired Hot Plate Restaurant – Must Visit!

Endless Buffet And Beverages
By: Iffah Salleh
February 24, 2023

Wong Fu Fu, a lovely new eatery that offers Singapore’s first Halal Taiwan-style hot plate restaurant, debuted yesterday, with extensive food and beverage choices to choose from.

All main dishes include bottomless milk tea with a choice of nine delicious toppings. If you don’t like boba, you can get opt for other bottomless drinks.

Variety choice of delicious roppings

Wong Fu Fu’s menu is also certified Muslim-friendly after its Halal certification has been handled and accepted by MUIS.

The hot plate dinners are accompanied by a Mini Buffet Bar with a great set of Taiwan-inspired foods and a foursome of excellent Signature sauces.

Moreover, fantastic news for the boba-lovers because you can enjoy as much bubble tea as you can handle all included in the buffet!

Keep on reading to check out ‘Who Is Wong Fu Fu?’, all of the drool-worthy foods and beverages! Bon appetite.

Indulge Into The Exquisite Sizzling And Fun

Main Dishes

There are eight Main meal options, all of which come with a choice of rice or noodles, eggs, and one or two Signature sauces.

You can select from the following main courses:

Grilled chicken leg, lamb chop, and beef striploin. Taiwanese Fried Chicken Cutlet, Grilled Salmon, Mixed Grilled Seafood, Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken, and Plant-Based Hamburg are all signature items (Vegetarian).

Nevertheless, if you select rice or noodles, you will have more options. White rice, Taiwanese egg fried rice, udon, or spaghetti are all options. Next add one or two Signature Taiwan sauces, such as Signature Brown Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, or Tomato Sauce (Vegetarian).

Once you’ve decided on your main course, head to the small buffet bar to select your side dishes and drinks. You may choose up to 15 hot and cold food options.

Side Dishes

Mini Buffet Bar: Side Dishes

Marinated Black Fungus, Marinated Vermicelli with Chilli Oil, Spicy Chicken Cubes, Marinated King Oyster Mushroom with Chilli Oil, Marinated Japanese cucumber with Vinegar, Assorted Cold Cut Fruits, or Sweet Potato Sizzle your day, with a Sizzler your way.

No Limit Buffet And Beverages

Spare some room for an infinite smorgasbord and endless Bubble Milk Tea.

You can go for round two with fries with Plum Powder, Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls, Taiwanese Scallion Pancake with chicken floss, Dump-lings with Hot Chilli Oil, Taiwan-Style Prawn Omelette and Braised King Oyster Mushroom with Beancurd sticks, and Chicken and Stir-Fried LaLa (Clams) with Basil.

There’s also a delicious soup choice: Taiwanese Mee Sua with Crab Sticks!

Drinks, And Bubble Milk Tea!

Bottomless Milk Tea

Bubble Milk Tea is 100% bottomless! So, have fun and ascend to BobaLand – or Boba Coma, your choice.

Aside from Bubble Milk Tea, seasonal beverages such as Winter Melon Tea, Taiwan Red Tea, and Iced Lemon Tea will be offered. Alternatively, you might opt for traditional post-meal beverages such as hot/iced coffee and tea.


The ambiance at Wong Fu Fu is always warm and inviting. You can also reserve the -seat semi-private room for a more intimate setting for your private event.

kids’ meal

Hot plates range in price from $24.90 to $32.90, while kids’ meals (5-10 years old) start at $15.90.

The bottomless buffet and drinks will be available to all ages, with an eating time limit of -minutes.


There will be a “Dine Pay” campaign as part of Wong Fu Fu’s opening special. Pay for only three meals per group of four until Tuesday, March 23, 2023.

Address776 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198744
Operating Hours11.30am – 10pm (Tue to Sun)
Closed on Mon
Contact Details +65 8890 1844

Something To Remember

Browse the merchandise area for Wong Fu Fu’s signature fluffy cushion to take home a wonderful memory of your experience at Wong Fu Fu. Alternatively, with its limited-edition bag and pin, you may be the next fashionista.

Not much for the food? No worries, head straight to the DIY bubble milk tea station and quench your thirst with a cup of their takeout bubble milk tea.

Takeaway packaging

Who Is Wong Fu Fu?

Its gastronomic theme is inspired by the fictional tale of a Little Girl Who Played With Fire. Wong Fu Fu offered up spicy meals that brought flare to life in the village, influenced by her home’s weekly campfires and her mother’s love of cooking.

She believed that food should have no limits. Consequently, she never prepared pork and wanted her Muslim friends to enjoy her cooking as well. To continue the story’s legacy is open to anyone. Thus, ‘people from all walks of life may come in and enjoy the sizzle’.

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