Youtube Fitness Influencers In Singapore To Follow For That Banging Body

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By: agnes
October 25, 2021

We have to be honest, ever since the pandemic started, people have been into fitness more than ever. Which truthfully, is a great thing! Being locked at home for months, people have figured out how to get some movement every day. Home workout videos on Youtube and Instagram are circulating like wildfire, with various combinations that definitely put your strength to the test. These days, many fitness influencers have made their mark in the fitness industry. Whether they are international influencers or local ones right here in Singapore, they all promote a healthy lifestyle and teach us tricks on how to get the body we want. So here at Glitz, we decided to compile the best Youtube fitness influencers in Singapore that you should follow to achieve that ripped body.

15 Best Youtube fitness influencers in Singapore

1. Cheryl Tay

While we agree that working out is beneficial to your body, the thought of just being skinny can be detrimental to us. Some people tend to obsess over it, making it unhealthy for their bodies and minds. It’s not uncommon for fitness influencers to go through that and we’re so glad Cheryl Tay is open enough to speak about it. But ever since overcoming that, Cheryl has become so much stronger and looks like a million bucks! Check out her Youtube channel for more personal fitness content and her Instagram for some healthy fitness tips. 

Click here for Instagram and here for the Youtube channel.

2. Fay Hokulani

With over 20k followers on Instagram, Fay is a personal trainer, DJ, and founding instructor of Barry’s Singapore, a gym and physical fitness centre. Fay is not one to shy away from creating content about fitness. Whether it’s the best sportswear or a workout session with weights, she shares it all on her Instagram page. You can also opt to visit her Youtube channel, where she has a few contents on how to exercise with a foam roller. 

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3. Mathilda Huang

Having a banging body no longer just applies to having a skinny silhouette or having protruding abs. A banging body is filled with love and positivity, and Mathilda Huang is someone who embodies that. Mathilda joins our list of Youtube fitness influencers in Singapore that you definitely should follow. Aside from her inspiring body positivity posts, she also talks a lot about her personal life via Instagram and most recently, her Youtube channel. Follow her through her daily activities and maybe even take a few pointers for yourself too!

Click here for Instagram and here for the Youtube channel.

4. Georgina Poh

Georgina is a fitness influencer in Singapore that has rightfully earned her 120k Instagram following. Her feed is filled with incredible #fitspo pictures alongside workouts videos that teach you how to achieve a fit body in the comfort of your own home. The best part about Georgina’s workout videos is that her workout routines are doable and not so intense, which caters to a wide audience. And although she doesn’t have a personal Youtube channel, you can regularly find her on The Celebrity Agency where she stars with other influencers in some funny personal gym videos. 

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5. Hana

Hana from hanadoesyoga is definitely one of the most familiar fitness influencers in Singapore, especially for yoga enthusiasts. Yoga has long been a form of exercise that involves physical poses, concentration, and deep breathing. Many have found that yoga relaxes the entire body and mind, promoting healthier and better days in their lives. If you’re looking for the best yoga influencer to follow, then Hana is the one to check out.

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6. Sandra Riley

Have we mentioned how much we love versatile influencers? Well, if you love them too then Sandra Riley is one of the best Youtube Fitness Influencers In Singapore you should be following right now! Not only is Riley is fitness influencer, but a local artist as well. Other than wake surfing at the sea and stretching right at home, she has released an EP that you can listen to on Spotify. Through her songs, she also inspires girls to embrace their bodies and love who they are. And we cannot get over all the positivity she exudes. 

Click here for Instagram and here for the Youtube channel.

7. Joel Tan

You may know Joel as Singapore’s national swimmer, but since then he has kept up to his physique and drilling exercises. Joel is the founder of BBOUNCE Studio, which is Singapore’s first rebounding fitness studio. Other than that, he is also the founder of The Battleground SG, a spot for fitness enthusiasts to join intense workout classes. Although Joel doesn’t have much of a Youtube presence, his Instagram features short Youtube-styled workout videos that make him one of the best fitness influencers in Singapore to follow.

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8. Denise Keller

If you’re looking for famous Youtube fitness influencers in Singapore, then Denise is someone you would want to follow. She may look familiar and that is because she’s a Discovery Channel Travel producer and presenter, as well as a video journalist for MTV. Aside from that, she is also a celebrity yoga instructor and is an ambassador for Manduka and Polar. Once again, we call all the yogis to this space, as she shares her yoga tips and tricks. What makes her content even better is the way she presents it. It is evident that with her presenting skills, her videos are calming to listen to as she articulates every sentence with grace. 

Click here for Instagram and here for the Youtube channel.

9. Preston Sim

Fitness can literally change your life, and this is what Preston Sim aims to do. If you’re looking to make the change, then Preston is one of the best fitness influencers in Singapore you should be following right now. Preston owns PressOnPreston, a transformation coaching platform. On this platform, you can sign up for online coaching experiences, transformation programs, and one-on-one coaching sessions with Preston. He also regularly posts about his transformation coaching on his Instagram, which you can have a look at. 

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10. Tong Jia En

Are you a fan of Chloe Ting’s home workouts? Well, then check out the local fitness babe, Tong Jia En. Jia En is one of the best Youtube fitness influencers in Singapore to follow as her workouts are mainly home-based, which everyone can do. Jia En was also a former Miss Universe Singapore runner-up and is a cycling and pilates trainer at Absolute You in Singapore. With such prominent background in fitness and lifestyle, Jia En is definitely a person to look up to.

Click here for Instagram and here for the Youtube channel.

11. Jasmine Danker

It’s common that when you see someone being adventurous on your Instagram feed, you would tend to want to be adventurous too. When you see someone posting about going on a hike, you tend to feel like hiking too. While this phenomenon is a little odd for some of you, we can’t help but think how great it is. This is because it encourages us to get out of the house and soak up some sun. If you want that little push to embrace fitness, then Jasmine is one of the best fitness influencers in Singapore to follow. She doesn’t have much of a Youtube presence but posts up exercises regularly on her Instagram page. 

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12. Sabrina

Just like how we feel adventurous when we see others being adventurous, we also feel encouraged when we see other people posting about working out on their feeds. If this is something that encourages you, then we recommend following Sabrina, better known as sabsiez. Sabrina is one of the best fitness influencers in Singapore because she is unapologetically herself and posts her gym visits very often. Indeed, we’re feeling motivated just by her posts and stories, and hope one day we can look just as good as her!

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13. Kristie Gannaway

Boxing and martial arts enthusiasts, we’re calling for you! Have you followed Kristie Gannaway? Because she’s truly one of the best Youtube fitness influencers in Singapore to look up to. Kristie is a professional boxer and martial arts instructor that makes Youtube videos on intense home workouts, as well as vlogs on her daily life. She exudes strength and power, even with her appearance, and is truly what we all aspire to be. 

Click here for Instagram and here for the Youtube channel.

14. Natalie Yeo

Natalie is a fitness influencer in Singapore that never fails to brim with sunshine throughout her Instagram feed. She is an avid fitness enthusiast and recently started a staycation Instagram account with her husband. Though Natalie does not have a strong presence on Youtube, you can still find workout videos of her that are done in collaboration with a few brands. You can find a full-body HIIT workout by Natalie on Shape Singapore’s Youtube channel by clicking here

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15. Tyen Rasif

Tyen Rasif is one of the best Youtube fitness influencers in Singapore you should definitely follow. She is the creator of the No Sweat App, a personal training app, and is a great presence on Youtube as well as TikTok. She is also a host on Click Network, where she hosts a bunch of videos ranging from food to fashion. If you’re looking for workout and fitness videos then we recommend visiting her Tiktok page. But if you want an insight into Tyen’s personal life and storytimes then her Youtube channel is where you will want to be. 

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