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December 20, 2022

The birth of your child is truly a wondrous moment. The sacred pregnancy journey signifies a transition to new motherhood. However, after endless hours of giving birth, the postpartum period is essential to replenish your energy and accelerate the healing process. Apart from getting plenty of rest, the confinement meal is equally imperative, as it replenishes the body with essential nutrients that are needed for new mothers. Zuo Yue Food, the renowned confinement meal provider, has long been hailed for its array of mouth-watering dishes that are curated with holistic health in mind. 

The Importance of Holistic Health After Giving Birth

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As a new mother, the new journey of welcoming your little bundle of joy heralds a significant transformation into parenthood. This momentous event is undoubtedly filled with highs and lows, from sleepless nights and sore bodies to mood swings. Therefore, postpartum care is important as it ensures that you can recuperate after childbirth. Most importantly, it allows you to be fully energised while caring for your newborn baby and adjusting to your new parenthood life.

The holistic health approach includes postpartum recovery through nourishment during confinement meals. The confinement period, which ranges between 30 and 40 days, is important to nurse mothers back to health. With the changes in your dietary requirements and lifestyle, confinement meals are a surefire way to replenish your body with essential nutrients that are lost during childbirth.

Unlike regular meals, the foods that are specially prepared for the confinement period contain high nutrient contents like calcium, vitamins, minerals, iron, and protein. Therefore, the confinement meals are designed to support healing and recovery. What’s more, the confinement meals often feature lactation-boosting ingredients, which aid in milk production.

For new mothers who are breastfeeding, these meals, which are packed with nutrients, are crucial to your baby’s health and development. With such significance for overall wellness, the majority of new mothers opt for well-balanced confinement meals that are curated by experts for optimal outcomes. Among the top nutrients that are needed for postpartum recovery are:

  • Iron: With the amount of iron lost during childbirth, it is important to replenish your body with this nutrient. If you’re nursing, iron is vital to nourish your newborn baby for development and thyroid function. Red meat, green leafy vegetables, livers, and clams are examples of iron-rich foods.
  • Vitamin B12: This nutrient is required for both mother and baby for red blood cell development and as a source of energy. You can consume liver, salmon, beef, clams, tuna, cereals and fortified dairy products to get vitamin B12
  • DHA: As an omega-3 fatty acid, DHA has been shown to improve a child’s vision and brain development. Whereas for new mothers, it can minimise the risk of postpartum depression, decreasing inflammation and promoting mental focus. Excellent sources of DHA include salmon, sardines, fortified eggs, and dairy products
  • Choline: It features similar benefits to folic acid, which makes it an important factor for brain development. For new mothers, the best sources of choline are eggs and organs including liver
  • Vitamin D: It has numerous health benefits, including strengthening the immune and nervous systems. Plus, it also reduces the risk of postpartum depression and anxiety in new mothers. The list of foods that contain high vitamin D are salmon , tuna, liver, fortified dairy, orange juice, and egg yolks

Zuo Yue Food, Quality Confinement Meals That Focus On Holistic Recovery 

With its plethora of tantalising dishes and premium ingredients, Zuo Yue Food is a renowned confinement meal provider in Singapore. At Zuo Yue Food, their signature tinge of home-cooked taste allows new mothers to enjoy the postnatal period while focusing on their little munchkin.

Their co-founders, chefs and nutritionists work around the clock to ensure that the confinement meals are curated exclusively to accelerate healing, recovery, and lactation. Their extensive confinement meal menus are inspired by Malaysian Hakka and Cantonese cuisine with a twist of a holistic approach.

Their rendition of delectable gastronomic dishes are free from msg, salt and fat. So you can certainly expect a burst of natural flavours that are loaded with essential nutrients. Thereby, this will ensure that your body is replenished with the nutrients that were lost during childbirth. 

Extensive Range Of Confinement Meal Packages 

Apart from offering  a la carte and trial menu sets, there are several of confinement meal packages that you can opt for which include:

  • 7 Days Dual Confinement Package ($488) 
  • 7 Days Single Confinement Package ($288)
  • 14 Days Dual Confinement Package ($898)
  • 14 Days Single Confinement Package ($488)
  • 21 Days Dual Confinement Package ($1388)
  • 21 Days Single Confinement Package ($688)
  • 28 Days Dual Confinement Package ($1788)
  • 28 Days Single Confinement Package ($898)

Although the menu varies depending on the day, it comes with a full meal that consists of soup, protein-based dish, vegetables, home-brewed red date longan tea and carbohydrates like rice or mee sua. Each of these meal packages comprises curated dishes that are selected for their nutrient-boosting benefits.

However, rest assured if you have any food allergies, as Zou Yue Food will go the extra mile to accommodate your individual preferences. Additionally, the confinement meals that are delivered by Zuo Yue Food are neatly packed inside a thermal bag along with thermal containers and flasks to ensure the meals are kept warm. 

Delectable Of Signature Dishes To Nourish New Mothers 

Signature Vinegar Pork Trotters with Egg and Mushroom

Zuo Yue Food’s Signature Vinegar Pork Trotters with Egg and Mushroom are known to be unparalleled. It is slowly cooked in a claypot for hours, ensuring a rich and flavorful taste. The broth has a perfect balance between sweetness and sourness, which makes you crave more. While the collagen filled trotters are so tender that they literally melt in your mouth. With every spoonful, you will feel more energised as it warms up your body internally, helping to expedite the healing process and prevent bloating. 

Signature Sesame Oil Chicken 

The Signature Sesame Oil Chicken is an all-time favourite that is packed with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and protein. This dish has a multilayer of flavours that result from long hours of marination with premium sesame oil and ginger strips, thanks to the extensive cooking process.It is followed by a stir fry before it is braised over low-medium heat to boost its flavour and texture. The chickens are extremely juicy and tender, with a slight crispiness. While the shitake mushroom provides a contrasting smoky flavour that enhances the overall taste.

Signature Papaya Threadfin Soup

A hearty bowl of Signature Papaya Threadfin Soup will surely nourish the new mothers during the confinement period. Unlike other confinement meal providers, Zuo Yue Food uses green papaya for its confinement meal packages. This unripe papaya is known to increase oxytocin, which makes it highly effective for boosting breast milk production. Apart from its generous portion, the clear soup base has a tantalisingly sweet taste to it.

The fresh garoupa has a delicate tender white meat, while the chunks of papaya provide contrast with their slightly crunchy texture. It is also concocted with goji berries, which impart a subtle sweetness and sourness that is perfectly balanced with the spiciness of the ginger strip. The ingredients for the Signature Papaya Threadfin Soup are meticulously selected as they are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and carotenoids.

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