15 Best Popular Cocktails You Should Order On Your Next Night Out In Singapore

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By: agnes
October 8, 2021

A drink – *whispers* or two! – at the bar on Friday nights with your best friends is the perfect way to unwind after a long week of hard work. With two days of rest ahead of you, you order your favourite concoction and chat all night, cracking jokes and laughing at some noteworthy ones. Whether you are someone who prefers sweet, sour ones or even thick concentrated ones – there’s always a cocktail fit for you. But sometimes ordering the same old drink over and over again can get boring. Well, lucky for you, Glitz has got you covered. We went on the hunt for 15 of the best popular cocktails in Singapore and we’re here to tell you what they are.

Firstly, What Are Cocktails?

Well, for all you newbies to the bar scene, a cocktail is an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit that’s typically mixed with other ingredients. It can be multiple spirits mixed with either fruit juice, cream, flavoured syrup and even sparkling water. So it’s not your basic “on the rocks”, but rather something carefully blended and usually served with an elaborate garnish in unique glasses. So the next time you visit a bar in Singapore, you might want to try checking out the cocktail section. Especially if you are someone who loves taking all those Insta shots!

The Best Popular Cocktails To Order For Your Next Bar Visit

1. Mojito

Popular Cocktails
Picture Credit: Love and Lemons

Did you know that Mojito has supposedly been around for hundreds of years? This popular cocktail is a traditional Cuban highball that typically consists of five very familiar ingredients. White rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint is what makes a Mojito. And if you’re someone who prefers a light cocktail, or maybe you’re just looking for starters, Mojito is the best drink for you.

2. Martini

Picture credit: Epicurious

Served in the classic V-cocktail glass and garnished with olive skewers or a lemon twist, a Martini is a popular American cocktail. It’s no surprise that Martinis are often seen in many Western movies, like Gossip Girl for example. But what makes a Martini unique is that it is typically consumed before dinner. Made from gin and vermouth, it is the best light drink to start your evening in Singapore.

3. Bloody Mary

Popular Cocktails
Picture Credit: Real Simple

Like a little spice in your drink? Then the Bloody Mary will be right up your alley. Made from a base of tomato juice and vodka, a Bloody Mary cocktail incorporates spices and flavourings for its distinctive taste. Try this popular one out at your next Singapore bar visit and see if you can distinguish what those ingredients are. We’ll list down some of them to give you a rough idea: hot sauce, garlic, herbs, celery, salt, black pepper, lemon juice, and lime juice.

4. Old-Fashioned

Picture Credit: Epicurious

There’s so much more flavour when it comes to an Old-Fashioned. Developed in the 19th century, the Old-Fashioned is an International Baristas Association’s (IBA) official cocktail. This means that this particular cocktail is constantly used in world bartending competitions and is the best popular classic. Made with sugar, bitters, whiskey and water, this cocktail is almost like the cool cousin to whiskey on the rocks.

5. Gin & Tonic

Picture Credit: Mealthy

Fun fact: did you know that tonic water glows in the dark? Well, more specifically when it is under blacklight or UV light. And that’s another reason why you should order this popular cocktail choice in Singapore. It is the best cocktail for people who like something light and easy to drink. Another surprising fact that you probably didn’t know is that gin has various health benefits too. Truly, it’s the best popular cocktail to try next!

6. Long Island Iced Tea

Popular Cocktails
Picture Credit: Flavor Fix

Now it is time for the main course! We’re just kidding! But if you haven’t heard of Long Island Iced Tea, then you might want to order this popular cocktail the next time you go out. Also, another fact, there’s actually no iced tea in this drink. In fact, it got its name from its hue, which is the same as iced tea. On contrary, this popular drink features vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola. 

7. Daiquiri

Picture Credit: Simply Recipes

Rum lovers, we’ve got the best Singapore cocktail for you. Daiquiris are popular cocktails that consist of rum, citrus juice and sugar. This means that these popular cocktails come in various flavours and stunning colours, depending on the juice used. Daiquiris are fun summer cocktails that are served without ice. And that’s the best because you will not end up with a diluted concoction.

8. Whiskey Sour

Popular Cocktails
Picture Credit: Whiskey Sour

While you may expect a Whiskey Sour to be well, sour, you would be surprised to know that it is actually more on the sweeter side. Made with bourbon, lemon juice, sugar and egg whites, this intriguing foamy drink is a popular one that we feel everyone should try. Whiskey sours are not too strong, making it the best cocktails for a fun catch up session with your friends.

9. Margarita

Popular Cocktails
Picture Credit: The Spruce Eats

Here’s another popular cocktail served in a fancy eponymous margarita glass. With a base of tequila, it is often blended with orange liqueur and lime juice. To finish it off, the rim is lined with salt and garnished with a slice of lime.  This classic popular Mexican cocktail is a must-try for people who lean towards drinks that emphasise sour notes.

10. Mimosa

Picture Credit: Love and Lemons

A classic pairing of champagne and orange juice, Mimosa is one of the best popular cocktails out there. Perfect for people who enjoy simple cocktails, the Mimosa is one that’s easy to replicate in the comfort of your own home as well. All you need is one part champagne and one part orange juice, or any other citrus fruit juice of your preference.

11. Negroni

Popular Cocktails
Picture Credit: The Spruce Eats

No need for that trip to Italy, because all you need is Negroni. And you can find it right here in Singapore. This popular cocktail is made from equal parts of gin, vermouth Rosso, and Campari. It is also typically garnished with an orange peel. But unlike your other cocktails where your bartender shakes or stirs up your drinks, Negronis are cocktails that are built. This means that the ingredients are poured into the glass and served straight up. It’s the best option for people who enjoy a simple yet tasteful drink.

12. Cosmopolitan

Picture Credit: Punch Drink

The Cosmopolitan, also known as Cosmo for short, is a pretty pink drink that bursts with flavours and ends with a sweet note. It is typically made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice. It will then be shaken and poured into a cocktail glass without ice. But here’s how to tell when your Singapore bartender has made you the best Cosmopolitan: the drink should be bright pink and frothy.

13. Pina Colada

Popular Cocktails
Picture Credit: Saveur

We don’t think anyone can say Pina Colada without bursting into the popular Pina Colada song. And that’s exactly how you’ll feel when you try this popular and refreshing summer cocktail in Singapore. Pina Coladas are a blend of rum, coconut cream or milk, and pineapple juice. Bartenders usually blend and serve this in a large tall glass. It is a great drink for this always hot and humid weather.

14. Moscow Mule

Picture Credit: The Kitchn

Commonly served in a copper mug, the Moscow Mule is one of the best popular cocktails to try. This delightful concoction features a base of vodka with spicy ginger beer and lime juice. So if you’re a fan of beers then this might be a popular cocktail that will entice you. 

15. Gimlet

Popular Cocktails
Picture Credit: Simply Recipes

A simple yet significant cocktail, the Gimlet is a mix of gin and lime juice. It’s mostly gin though, as gin takes up four parts to one part sweetened lime juice. They usually serve this to you straight or on the rocks. However, whichever way you decide to have your Gimlet, we guarantee it will be a cocktail that will be engraved in your “best cocktails” book. 

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