Best SONY Gadgets To Give Your Tech Savvy Partner This Valentine 2023

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By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
February 2, 2023

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, so if we did our calculation right, there’s only a little more than two weeks till the day of romance approaches. If you’re planning to surprise your loved ones with the latest cool gadgets in the market, look no further. As we help to compile a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas influenced by technology—shoutout to SONY for selecting a slew of innovative ideas that extend beyond candies and flowers. 

So, let’s skip the clichéd and typical presents for Valentine’s Day this year, yes? Glitz by Beauty Insider carefully selected bunches of SONY gadgets that truly have something for everyone. Ready to surprise your tech savvy partner? Scroll below.  

SONY ZV-1 Digital Camera Digital Camera

There is always someone in the relationship who loves capturing their moments together, creating all of the memories even more appealing. If your partner is that type of person, surprise them with the ZV-1 camera as a new and improved method of capturing these moments. 

Everything is in place to make taking great-looking films easy, even for an amateur, with features like pro-quality bokeh control, Super Slow Motion video, and a powerful BIONZ X™ image processor. The compact and tiny ZV-1 enables for quick information transfer, editing, and publishing to social media.

Available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$959 (UP S$1,009)

Alpha 7R V Full-frame High-resolution Camera

If your partner is always on the lookout for details in their photographs, surprise them with the A7R V which delivers sharp, refined details thanks to the latest BIONZ XR™ processing engine. It also boasts an AI processing unit dedicated to processing significant amounts of data, recognising and tracking subjects flawlessly. They can also expect greater flexibility in shooting with the new 4-axis multi-angle monitor.

Available on the official Sony Store at S$5,749

FX3 Cinema Line Full-frame Camera

Designed for comfortable solo shooting, the FX3 is compact and lightweight making it easy to bring around and handle even with a one-man crew. Expect a fast readout speed with the full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS sensor and high speed with the BIONZ XR™ image-processing engine. FX3 is also equipped with the acclaimed S-Cinetone™, optimised for natural skin tones and mid- range colours, with gentle highlight roll-off.

Available on the official Sony Store at S$5,904

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Surprise your partner the WH- 1000XM5 headphones, which provide an intense, distraction-free sound experience. Sony’s industry-leading noise cancellation blocks out more mid and high frequency noises compared to ever before, and noise cancelling is automated based on your wearing conditions and environment due to the Auto NC Optimiser.

Available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$499 (UP S$575)

LinkBuds S Wireless Earbuds

The ultra-compact and light LinkBuds S comes into play with soundscape that is automatically tuned and high-quality noise cancellation to provide a distraction-free audio experience. Give your partner the opportunity to explore their environment by filtering out the noise with the WH-1000XM5 and LinkBuds S.

Available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$242 (UP S$302)

EXTRA BASS™ Portable Wireless Speaker

Fell in love with your partner due to their lively and fun-loving charms? Amplify that with the SRS-XB33 portable speakers so that they can bring the party with them. Equipped with EXTRA BASS™, enjoy deep, punchy sounds that’s sure to liven up any setting.

Available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$199 (UP S$279)


With the BRAVIA XR A90K OLED television, you can watch all of your favourite shows while cuddling with your favourite person and indulge in a cinema-like at home where images are improved and replicated to provide an amazing experience thanks to the Cognitive Processor XR™.

Available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$3,337 (UP S$4,037)

360 Spatial Sound Mapping Dolby Atmos® / DTS:X® 3.1ch Soundbar

Level this up with the HT-A3000 sound bar to enable the Acoustic Center sync where the HT-A3000 reinforces the centre speaker channel for clearer and fuller vocals. Aside from that, expect an authentic surround sound with its centre speakers and built-in dual subwoofer for immersive sounds for shows, movies and music.

Available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$1,112* (UP S$1,312)

Xperia 5 IV

Been exploring a whole range of exciting hobbies with your partner? Let them do it all with the Xperia 5 IV, made for creativity on the go. From imaging to gaming to sharing, there’s nothing this phone can’t support in your partner’s next hobby venture.

With features like 4K HDR 120fps video recording, real-time Eye AF & tracking on all lenses as well as 360 Reality Audio, the Xperia 5 IV has all it needs for your partner to dabble into different things all from one device.

Available on the official Sony Store at a promotional price of S$1,449 (UP S$1,599).

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