Local Fashion Brands In Singapore You Just Gotta Have!

Local fashion brands in Singapore you must have!
By: Cherelle Lim
January 4, 2022

Fashion enthusiasts, we know that you all love shopping for new pieces of clothing. Especially when trends arise, we dash to all our go-to websites! The real ones shop local fashion brands instead. But, with fast fashion turning into a toxic buying behaviour, we need to re-evaluate if these trends are worth chasing. But, who says fashion is all about trends? Fashion is all about expressing yourself and your personality! So, we at Glitz say…wear whatever the heck you want! Forget the trends, create your own! As long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing, who cares? The only opinion that matters is yours. 

But, if you still can’t resist hopping on some juicy fashion trends, there are ways to shop sustainably. Either go to your local thrift store and find a gem or support a local fashion brand right here in Singapore! There are several local fashion brands in Singapore. You just have to look because these gems have been hiding under your noses all this time. 

Local Fashion Brands In Singapore

1. Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito needs no introduction as it is one of the most well-known local fashion brands in Singapore. Taking the world by storm, everyone loves their fresh and stylish everyday womenswear. This multi-million dollar brand was founded by Rachel Lim and leverages technology. They take advantage of Augmented Reality to create and improve a better retail shopping experience. Believe us when we say that this fashion brand is a phenomenal sensation. 

Website: https://www.lovebonito.com/sg/

2. Charles & Keith

Did you know that Charles & Keith is actually a Singaporean fashion brand? Having come a long way since 1996, Charles & Keith is a local fashion brand that has certainly made a name for itself in the fashion world. It has a vision to empower women around the world and celebrate the freedom of expression. This local fashion brand constantly reinvents itself with a contemporary take. Believing in social and environmental responsibility, the brand goes plastic-free for all product packaging to be sustainable. 

Website: https://www.charleskeith.com/sg

3. Beyond The Vines

Beyond The Vines was founded by couple Daniel Chew and Rebecca Ting. So, the brand caters to both womenswear and menswear. They feature simple architectural patterned lines and are made with nylon material that is lightweight and water-resistant.  

Website: https://www.beyondthevines.com/

4. Biro

Biro uses the best materials to create their products. This is a local fashion brand founded by two brothers, Kenghow and Kage Chong. They offer minimalist menswear with fabrics coming all the way from Japan. All of which adheres to precise, Japanese-quality tailoring standards. Some of the fabrics also come from mills that use artisanal techniques. One of which comes from Kyoto and is a yarn-dyeing process that is almost identical to the process for making kimono fabrics. Thanks to these unique techniques, it offers richer colours and incredible colour-fastness. Since most of Biro’s materials are woven using vintage machinery, it gives each piece character. 

Website: https://www.birocompany.com/

5. By Invite Only

By Invite Only empowers people to be uniquely you. Its products are free from nickel, cadmium and lead. These tend to cause skin irritations and are typically present in common jewellery. Passionate about sustainability, founder Trixie Khong aimed to be carbon neutral by 2021. By Invite Only is the perfect place to shop for fine anklets, earrings and other jewellery that will look timeless. 

Website: https://www.byinviteonly.shop/

6. In Good Company 

In Good Company believes in less is more. Founded back in 2013, it has since been crowned in 2016’s Singapore Fashion Awards as Designer of the Year. Their functional yet aesthetic clothing line offers timeless and classic pieces with a twist. Besides having both menswear and womenswear, they also have a range of kidswear called Mini Me. 

Website: https://ingoodcompany.asia/

7. Ong Shunmugam

One of the most notable local fashion brands in Singapore is Ong Shunmugam. The brand is not afraid to go against the grain and understands shapes and silhouettes. Ong Shunmugam has subtle undertones of Southeast Asian identities in their clothing lines. They do so by combining traditional wear around the region. 

Website: https://ongshunmugam.com/

8. Depression

There is only one kind of Depression we support and it’s the local fashion brand in Singapore! Since their day jobs were making them “depressed”, Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh bumped heads to create this streetwear label. They started off small, taking influences from goth, punk and Japanese streetwear elements. Depression soon became known for their unisex and mostly black collections that featured unusual cuts and deconstructed designs. Today, they are quite the talk with a multi-label concept store housing pieces from Depression, as well as many cult streetwear labels. 

Website: https://depression.com.sg/

9. Klarra

Founded by Beatrice Tan, a former blogshop model, Klarra is peacefully located at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Its boutique is covered with a minimalist white interior, and decorated with gold racks. The brand’s goal is to offer women the freedom of expression through elegant everyday wear. You can shop from a range of dresses, to shoes and outerwear. 

Website: https://klarra.com/

10. A.Oei Studio

Taking inspiration from many, A.Oei Studio is a local fashion brand focusing on modern silhouettes, original textiles and subtle details. Especially nature, technology and art. Each collection features prints that blend abstract and graphic textures. The brand was envisioned as a contemporary womenswear brand and platform for exploring new design techniques and prints. 

Website: https://www.aoei-studio.com/

11. August Society Swimwear

There’s never a dull moment in Singapore when you can plan a staycation just like that. But wait, you’ll need the perfect swimsuit to bring along for the ride. August Society Swimwear is a local fashion brand created from sustainable materials. The brand also uses digital printing techniques which uses less ink and dye. What’s more, is that the brand’s swimsuits are all ethically produced in Bali, in a small factory with reduced wastage. The swimsuits also contain XtraLife Lycra®, which is sunscreen, oil and chlorine-resistant, while supporting shape retention. 

Website: www.augustsociety.com 

12. Esse

What do you do when you have nothing to wear? Sometimes a closet full of clothes can have you come out empty-handed as well. Seeing as this is a struggle for all us women, Alicia Tsi decided to leave her full-time job in hopes of pursuing her passion. Creating quality classics in Fashion that makes women feel beautiful. Esse is a local fashion brand that came into existence to redefine consumers’ approach and interaction with fashion and garments. Inspiring people to consider a garment’s purpose and lifecycle. 

Website: https://www.essethelabel.com/

13. Ethan K

Ethan K is nowhere near ordinary. This local fashion brand is unique because of its lightweight. Which is thanks to an 18-hour ‘hand staking’ process that guarantees the softest skin texture. This pioneering technique gives the finished bag a shine, unlike any other. The brand itself is also extraordinary as the designer only creates a collection when he is ready. Not succumbing to “peer pressure”, the designer finds “bespoke” and “luxury” overused. Although the brand is based in London, Singaporean designer Ethan Koh has roots in producing Heng Long Leather, which is a local tannery business his great-grandfather set up. It now supplies a bulk of Ethan K’s crocodile skin. 

Website: https://www.ethan-k.com/

14. Frederick Lee Couture

As one of  Singapore’s most sought after and recognised couturiers, Frederic Lee is a bridal designer that wows the crowd. He is well-known for making glamorous and flamboyant gowns that stun. Furthermore, Lee is also a familiar name in the local theatre scene. Having designed many costumes for many productions, his costumes have also won Best Costume Design at 2010’s Life! Theatre Awards. Besides, he was also named Designer of the Year in 2004. If you appreciate intricate details and love embracing individuality and diversity, peek at some of Lee’s creations. 

15. Lily & Lou

Full of women empowerment, Lily & Lou has created their own unique clothing that is going to last a long time. Customisation is their speciality here as they source out eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo, Tencel and deadstock fabrics. Lily & Lou is a truly sustainable and local fashion brand in Singapore as even scrapes are made into one-of-a-kind products. This is all part of the brand’s upcycling initiative to reduce wastage. 

Website: https://lilyandlou.com/