Amazin’ Graze is Bringing Festive Irresistably Healthy Snacks This Season

Amazin’ Graze believes that you are what you eat, and…
By: Farah Khan
December 16, 2021

Amazin’ Graze believes that you are what you eat, and that healthy food is a crucial component of living a happy and meaningful life. Their major purpose is to convey joy and empowerment to individuals via the creation of good, authentic food. Christmas is almost approaching, and the holiday season calls for some tasty treats to complement all of the exciting activities!

So, Amazin’ Graze is on the job! Snacks that are tasty and healthful are on their way to you; check them out with Glitz.

Festive Nut Butter Variety Box

Treat yourself to a choice of their Mini Nut Butters in new, attractive packaging this holiday season. This variety pack, which includes 8 distinct flavours of Amazin’ Graze’s all-natural, sugar-free nut butter, is an excellent way to get started with our delectable nut butter. It’s ideal for folks who prefer to experiment with different flavours. Enjoy it on your own or, even better, email it to friends and family to share the holiday love for eating healthily for Christmas 2021.

Review: Excellent! I enjoyed all of the nut butters, despite the fact that I am not a big fan of sweet foods. My favourite has to be the Crunchy Peanut Butter because of the spread’s great crunchy and fresh feel. This variety box is ideal for mixing things up with a fresh flavour every morning for breakfast or a quick evening snack.

Price: S$19.90 at Amazin’ Graze Singapore

Festive Granola Variety Box

You may rediscover your love for their Amazin’ Granola Bites with their fan-favorite Granola Variety Box. This package has traditional granola flavours that many people have grown to love, now in a completely new and magical design for the Christmas season, stuffed with fun-sized snack packs. It’s also excellent for mailing to relatives and friends this Christmas season to convey your love with them despite the distance. It is, after all, the season of giving!

Review: I’ve always been cautious to buy granola since most of the brands I’ve tried are difficult to chew, which is a major worry for someone who wears braces like myself. Amazin’ Graze, on the other hand, gives the right crunch and flavour in each of these Granola packets. It was difficult to choose just one favourite, so I’ll go with two: Banana Bread and Chocolate Hazelnut.

Price: S$15.90 at Amazin’ Graze Singapore

Festive Snack Gift Box

Amazin’ Grace’s Festive Snack Gift Box captures the charm of the season. It contains some of their most popular and classic delicacies in little amounts, perfect for sharing and snacking with your loved ones. They’ve included a limited edition tea towel as a token of their thanks and appreciation. It was created with love and inspired by the incredible feeling of knowing we have another day to spend with people who fill our hearts.

Price: S$19.90 at Amazin’ Graze Singapore