Best Housewarming Gifts in Singapore That Are Unique and Practical

Useful gifts that new homeowners will appreciate
By: Ria Mirano
February 20, 2023

If you’ve been recently invited to a housewarming party, don’t forget to prepare a gift! Bringing someone a housewarming gift is a thoughtful way to wish someone well and to congratulate them on their new home. It’s a tradition that’s been going on for centuries—a way to help new homeowners feel more comfortable in their homes through these gifts as they settle down. 

However, it can be quite a struggle to decide what gift to give. But, don’t fret – let our list help you find the perfect gift to give to your friends or family! Glitz has listed down below the best housewarming gifts in Singapore that new homeowners will love, appreciate, and, of course, put to good use. 

Best Practical and Useful Housewarming Gifts in Singapore

1. HoneySpree Housewarming Gift Sets

Honeyspree’s housewarming gift bundles are carefully selected and curated together, so they all complement each other and make the homeowner feel happy and satisfied in their home. Choose from their classic to more premium housewarming gift sets that feature a variety of items, depending on your giftee’s preference. The main highlight of this gift set is the honey included, which was said to be a traditional way to wish purity, good omen, and good health upon the receiver. 

Price: starts at $69.90

Where to buy: Honeyspree

2. Crane Living Plant Pots and Vases

For friends and relatives who love gardening, these adorable and quirky plant pots make a perfect gift for a housewarming! Crane Living is known for its modern and unique home and beauty goods that add a bit more life to living spaces. They carry local to international brands and curate their selection of collections. We recommend their vases and plant pots that are truly one-of-a-kind whether it’s in shapes, abstracts, or design. 

Price: Varies depending on the product

Where to buy: Crane Living

3. ScentedLifeSG Scented Candle

You can never go wrong with scented candles! They’re timeless and aromatic which makes them one of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore. ScentedLifeSG is known to carry a wide variety of scented home items and their best-sellers are definitely the scented candles. Aside from the usual jars or canisters they come in, we recommend getting them designed with unique packaging instead. Not only do they smell good, but they double as great home decor – so each time you pass by the living room or the bedroom, you’ll get an aesthetically pleasing display AND a waft of good aroma. Check out their aesthetic marble candles or bubble candles!

Price: starts at $6.88

Where to buy: Shopee

4. Pristine Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Another scented item that’s great as a housewarming gift is the classic essential oil reed diffuser! You can gift the smell of home to your friends and family with this. A few of our favourites come from Pristine! You can choose from their variety of scent collections such as Hotel-inspired scents, Garden-inspired scents, and more. They add a touch of elegance to homes and last up to 4 weeks once set up.

Price: starts at $19.31

Where to buy: Shopee

5. Multifunctional Multi-layer Side Dish Plate 

For future hotpot gatherings with your friends, this steamboat food organiser will definitely come in handy! Your friend will certainly be impressed with this as a housewarming gift, which you can immediately use if your housewarming celebration will have a hotpot that day (make sure to wash it thoroughly before use!). You can organise the ingredients per tray, so there’s less mess, and it’s easier to get them, too. The multifunctional side dish plate comes in different colours, too.

Price: starts at $16.56

Where to buy: Shopee

6. TJean 5L Air Fryer

Air Fryers trended but are here to stay! These multifunctional air fryers are a great alternative to the traditional deep fryer – making it a healthier option. It’s an all-in-one appliance where you can cook your breakfast to dinner, using no oil, 6 menu options, and faster cooking time. Best of all, it’s one of the affordable options for kitchen appliances below $100 that make great housewarming gifts in Singapore. 

Price: $79.00

Where to buy: Lazada

7. Iwachu Cast Iron TeaPot

This sleek, precised, and carefully crafted teapot from Iwachu is also a great option for housewarming gift to give. The Japanese brand maintains its traditional way of manufacturing the tetsubin (iron kettles) where most of its process is still handmade. It’s simple, yet makes a great addition to any kitchen with its unique colourway.

Price: $196.20

Where to buy: Tangs

8. Hacienda Blue Custom Made Home Decor

If you have the extra budget and want something special and customised, you can request one at Hacienda Blue! They custom-make homeware using traditional techniques from artisans from India. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern designs and colours makes each decor striking and fit for contemporary homes. From mirrors, tablewares, to desks and chairs, you can have anything custom-made. We recommend their tableware, side lamps, and mirrors to check out for your giftee to add something special to their home!

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