Ginza Shinto Review: The Ultimate Spot for Japanese Omakase

With exceptional ingredients
By: agnes
February 7, 2022

So you’ve just hit a promotion, or you’re looking to celebrate your anniversary. Well, what better way to celebrate than to indulge in the best sushi in Singapore? Sushi comes in various combinations and serving styles. But one of our favourite styles is omakase. Omakase is when the chef handpicks dishes for you and directs you throughout the course. It’s an amazing experience because you get to try unique made-for-you items. Furthermore, you learn so much about Japanese culture just by talking to the chef. With this, we’re introducing you to our Ginza Shinto review, and why you should visit this ultimate omakase spot.

All About Ginza Shinto

Ginza Shinto redefines luxury dining by being fluid, engaging, and conversational rather than formal and threatening. In the comfort of the wide yet cosy eating spaces, indulge in their unassuming, authentic Japanese omakase food. Ginza Shinto is made up of the words “Ginza,” which refers to Tokyo’s vibrant and bustling metropolis of modern city life. On the other hand, “Shinto,” refers to the entrance to sacred shrines in Japanese culture. Thus, it represents the idea of bringing authentic and creative interpretations of Japanese cuisine to Singapore’s similarly busy city life.

Meet Head Sushi Chef Ron Newton Leo

Chef Ron comes from a family of chefs, so it’s only logical that he’d follow in their footsteps. He was the first in his lineage of cooks established in Western cuisine to step into a Japanese institution at the age of 23. This was because he preferred the interactive sushi counter to a heated kitchen. Chef Nogawa and the late Chef Santoro, who introduced Japanese cuisine to Singapore in the early 1990s, have influenced him to pursue a career as a sushi chef. Thus, Chef Ron has been preparing excellent Japanese Omakase and outstanding Japanese cuisine since then. As of now, he has over 30 years of expertise working at the sushi counter under his belt.

He has worked in a number of well-known Japanese restaurants in Singapore. This includes Pine Tree Club (The Pines Club), Nogawa Restaurant, and Tatsuya. He feels that the quality of the vegetables is at the heart of excellent dining. Through his creative touches, he imbues soul into each course, a notion that has shaped his profession to this day. For Chef Ron, Japanese cuisine is a work of art, a canvas on which he can express his creative side. He fantasises about one day making his own ceramics to suit the shape and purpose of his works. If you look behind his austere exterior, you’ll discover a personable and affable man who makes guests feel at ease. When it comes to cuisine, though, you can count on his elegance and thorough attention for an omakase experience you won’t soon forget.

Lunch At Ginza Shinto

What’s a Ginza Shinto review without a look at their current menu? As of now, they offer a wonderful lunch menu, should you feel like adjourning during the afternoon. For those who would like to enjoy a small omakase experience, we recommend the mini kaiseki. What you get is an appetiser, sashimi, a grilled dish, steamed dish, soup, and dessert. 

However, if you don’t feel like eating too much then try the gozen lunch or donburi. The gozen lunch comes with chawanmushi, rice, soup, and dessert. On the other hand, the donburi comes with chawanmushi and soup. In terms of choices for the gozen lunch, you get to choose from raw sushi, unagi tempura, silver cod, salmon, and mackerel. Nevertheless, for the donburi, you can choose from raw fish, tuna belly, and salmon roe. But that’s not all as you can also get unagi, beef, and tempura prawn.

If you’re in the mood to splurge then we highly recommend trying the omakase. Take your pick from Shinto, Ginza, and Gin. The Shinto is on the pricier side but features more courses. However, rest assured that you will still get to savour amazing items from the Ginza and Gin. Furthermore, they all include appetisers, raw fish, sushi, soup, and fresh fruits. 

Dinner At Ginza Shinto

Ginza Shinto highlights mainly omakase for dinner and is on the top of our Ginza Shinto review. The options are basically the same as the ones you would find for lunch. However, rest assured that the chef will change it up for you and make the experience unique. 

The first option in our GinzoaShinto review is the Shinto omakase set. You can enjoy this experience for $300, which includes a total of nine courses. You’ll start out with the appetiser, followed by an assortment of raw fish. Then, you’ll get to try four dishes made using different cooking techniques: grilled, fried, braised, and steamed. After this, you’ll end the course with some sushi, soup, and fruit.

Next in our Ginza Shinto review that we recommend is the Ginza set. This set is honestly perfect for people who can’t eat much but also want an in-depth experience. In this Ginza set, you will get to try the appetiser and raw fish. The raw fish is where you’ll get to see the chef’s skills shine as he individually prepares the dish. Furthermore, you also get to taste the grilled, fried, and braised dish. And lastly, you will also finish up with sushi, soup, and fruit.

But sometimes omakase can be too filling. Thus, if you want something light, we recommend the Gin set. In our Ginza Shinto review, we feel like the Gin may not be satisfying enough. However, we feel like everyone has their own preference, and this is a course that’s to each their own. While you won’t be able to savour any of the grilled, fried, braised, or steamed dishes, you still get the rest. But like we said, the raw fish course is where the actual omakase experience is at.

A La Carte Options

Should you decide to opt-out of the omakase experience, fret not as our Ginza Shinto review also features a la carte options. The a la carte menu is divided based on the different cooking techniques. Thus, you will find some choices from the grilled, fried, and steamed sections. Of course, we recommend trying the wagyu and fish. However, do note that these are based on seasonal pricing. Nevertheless, we assure you that they will be worth every penny!

In our Ginza Shinto review, you can also find various types of sake, beer, and whisky. We highly recommend you order sake, as it’s a traditional drink enjoyed alongside Japanese cuisine. But if you’re feeling strong, whisky is a good choice too. Furthermore, if you decide to completely omit alcohol then there’s also a non-alcoholic part of the menu for you.


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