How to Choose Your Swimming Goggles In Singapore Like A Professional Swimmer

From the size to the lens
By: agnes
November 19, 2021

Have you ever wondered why water keeps seeping into your swimming goggles? And do you feel annoyed having to always adjust your goggles from time to time? We bet you didn’t know that swimming goggles actually come in various sizes and types. And if your goggles struggle to fit on your face, then it might not be the right one for you. This is why Glitz is teaching you how to choose your swimming goggles in Singapore like professional a swimmer. 

How to Choose Your Swimming Goggles

1. Know Your Level

Before you learn how to choose your swimming goggles in Singapore, it is important to know what level of swimming you do. Do you swim for fun? Or do you swim competitively? Knowing your level can help determine which swimming goggles are fit for you. Here are three levels of swimming that can help you find the perfect swimming goggles:

Beginner Level

Pic cred: Unsplash / Raj Rana

Are you someone who swims once in a blue moon? Or are you looking to buy a pair of swimming goggles for your child? Beginner swimming goggles in Singapore are perfect as they are designed especially for comfort and ease. The straps and nose bridges are adjustable which are also perfect for kids. However, swimming goggles may have a lesser field of vision. This may be uncomfortable or scary for some people. Thus, if you want, you can also get a swimming mask in Singapore which will help provide you with a bigger field of view.

Intermediate Level

So you’ve gone up a level and will be swimming on a regular basis now. It’s time for you to know how to choose your swimming goggles in Singapore. Pick a pair that features a flexible nose bridge for comfort and one that has a narrower vision. This allows you to focus on what’s ahead of you without getting distracted by things around you. You should also choose one that is firm and can last through your rigorous swimming schedule.

Advanced Level

How to Choose Your Swimming Goggles
Pic cred: Unsplash / Brian Matangelo

If you’re thinking of competing in swimming competitions, then you’re at the advanced level. At this level, you should choose swimming goggles in Singapore that fit your face and give you the right field of vision. You should also get one that is stable throughout your swim. Make sure that no water can go through your goggles and deter your vision. You can also opt to get those with removable nose bridges for extra fit. 

2. How to Choose Your Swimming Goggles Size

If you’re thinking about how to choose your swimming goggles size in Singapore, we’re here to help. Swimming goggles come in a few different sizes – S, L, and One Size. We recommend the S size for children as it would be a better fit. On the other hand, we recommend the L size for children with bigger faces or even adults. The one size is also made to fit any face shape so you can go with that.

How To Know If It’s The Right Size?

How to Choose Your Swimming Goggles
Pic cred: Unsplash / Pete Wright

So you’re at the store in Singapore and you’re picking out which swimming goggles you would like. But you don’t know which will fit you. Well, fret not as we have a simple method on how to choose your swimming goggles size.

Step 1: Bring the goggles up to your face and over your eyes. Then press down the lens onto your face but don’t put on the strap. 

Step 2: Now, take your hands off the goggles. If they stick to your face and don’t move, then it’s the right size and will prevent water from entering. If it moves or falls off, then it’s not the right size and you should try another pair of goggles.

Step 3: Lastly, adjust the swimming goggles’ strap and nose bridge. If you feel comfortable in them then it’s the right one for you. However, do note that you should not tighten it too much as it can injure your eyes. Just pull it tight enough so that water cannot get in. 

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3. Swimming Goggles Lenses

How to Choose Your Swimming Goggles
Pic cred: Unsplash / Orca

Did you know that there are different swimming goggles lenses in Singapore? Other than the style, they actually have their own purpose. If you’re thinking about how to choose your swimming goggles lenses, take into account where you will be swimming most of the time. Here are our recommendations:

  • Clear – You should use clear swimming goggles if you’re planning to swim indoors. This is because clear lenses are designed to be used in low-light conditions. It will help provide you with maximum visibility.
  • Lilac – Lilac lenses are perfect if you’re swimming in green or blue backgrounds. It helps provide a contrast to the two colours. You can use this lens indoors or outdoors. 
  • Smoke – If you’re someone who swims in the hot sun a lot, then the smoke lens will suit you. Smoke lenses help lower the overall brightness of your surroundings. It’s a great lens to have when you’re swimming outdoors.
  • Amber – Amber lenses are the perfect versatile lenses as they help enhance your vision for those swimming indoors. But they also help to reduce glare for people who often swim outdoors.
  • Blue – Want to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare? Then you should get the blue lens. It’s made to allow some light into your eyes but protects it overall from very bright surroundings. It can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Mirrored – Mirrored lenses are commonly used by professional swimmers. They reduce brightness and glare and blocks opponents from seeing your eyes. They also feature a mirror coat with tint, which is perfect for outdoor swimming. 

What Else Will You Need?

Now that you know how to choose your swimming goggles, it’s time to complete your look. Swimming goggles are just one part of completing your professional swimming outfit. You will also need the right swimming cap and swimsuit in Singapore. With that, we’re here to help you pick the right swimming cap and swimsuit in Singapore.

Choosing The Right Swimsuit

Pic cred: Unsplash / Johannes Zottele

Swimsuits come in many different designs. For those of you who enjoy visiting the beach for a suntan, you can get a bikini. But if you’re planning to swim professionally, there are two types of swimsuits you can get. The first is a traditional swimsuit, which is a more modest kind of swimsuit. It features a fully covered bodice that extends to the thighs and arms as well. You can opt to get short sleeves or long sleeves, depending on your personal preference. Other than that, the other type of swimsuit is the minimalist one. This swimsuit typically caters to younger people and also features a fully covered bodice. However, the difference with this one is that the legs and arms are not covered.

Choosing The Right Swim Cap

How to Choose Your Swimming Goggles
Pic cred: Unsplash / Arisa Chattasa

So, now that you have chosen the swimsuit you like, it’s time to find the right swim cap. Swim caps also come in different sizes but the regular one-fits-all size should work for you. But if you’re purchasing it for your child, then you might want to get a smaller size. There are also different materials when it comes to choosing the right swim cap. If you have long hair, we recommend getting a silicone swim cap. This is because it is kinder to the hair and is easier to put on and take off when you go swimming. If you have short hair then a latex cap will do the trick. Latex cap stretches more easily so it will surely provide you with a snug fit.

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