Heading To Malaysia Tomorrow? Here are 7 Things To Prepare Or You’ll Be Stuck At Customs

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By: agnes
March 31, 2022

Tomorrow, the Malaysia Singapore border will open, allowing fully vaccinated adults to travel without quarantine. Non-vaccinated children under the age of 12 will also be permitted to travel with an adult partner who is fully vaccinated. Starting tomorrow, we will no longer need to use the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL), where a quota was previously enforced. With the reopening of the Malaysia-Singapore border tomorrow, the quota has been lifted, and travellers can now travel by land, even in private vehicles. While some of you will be travelling to Malaysia to visit family and friends, we know others are there for shopping! However, there are a couple of things you need to have before entering Malaysia, or you might just cause a jam on the highway.

7 Things You Need To Prepare Before Entering Malaysia

1. MySejahtera app

Pic cred: Mysejahtera

It is a must for Singapore travellers to download the MySejahtera app and create an account for themselves. The MySejahtera is a health tracking app that allows you to scan QR codes in order to enter pretty much anywhere in Malaysia. Hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and even grab cars will require you to scan the QR code given. The app will then record your check-in so that you can be informed if you’ve been a close or casual contact based on the places you’ve been. Furthermore, the app also allows security guards to check if you’ve been fully vaccinated before you enter shopping malls. 

The MySejahtera app is available on Google play store and Apple app store.

2. Fill Up A Pre-departure Form On MySejahtera

All visitors coming to Malaysia by air, land, or sea must fill out the Digital Pre-Departure Form (DPDF). The DPDF can be obtained in the MySejahtera application under the ‘Traveller’ icon. Skipping this step will not allow you to board your flight or enter the country. After submitting the DPDF, fully vaccinated travellers will receive a Digital Traveller Card. On the other hand, a Digital Home Surveillance Order (HSO) for 5 days will be given to partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers. 

To fill up the form, just click on the ‘Traveller’ icon on your MySejahtera app:

3. Get Your COVID Vaccine Certificate Verified

If you have completed your vaccination in Singapore or any other country that is not Malaysia, you will need to verify your vaccination certificate. You can do so at the MySafeTravel portal or just click here

How will you know if you’re considered fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated? Here’s a guide from the Malaysian government. COVID-19 vaccinations that are not on the World Health Organization’s Emergency Use List but have been approved by regulatory organisations in other countries will also be accepted in Malaysia.

4. Pre-Departure Testing

Pic cred: Unsplash / Mufid Majnun

Everyone travelling into Malaysia (aged 7 and above) will need to take a pre-departure test 2 days before leaving Singapore. Here are the tests you can take:

  • RT-PCR 
  • RT-PCR or professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) for travellers coming from Singapore 
  • Professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) if you recently recovered from COVID (within 6 – 60 days before departure). Note: The RTK test will need to be taken professionally and not through self-test.

If you tested positive or if your test results are inconclusive, do not travel as you will not be allowed into the country. 

For those who have recently recovered from COVID (6 – 60 days before departure), you will need to provide proof of your infection:

  • COVID-19 certificate with date of positive result (must be within 6 to 60 days of departure).
  • For travellers who were hospitalised due to COVID-19, you will need a doctor’s letter stating that the person has had COVID-19 but is now recovered and is not deemed infectious.

5. Mandatory COVID Travel Insurance

Pic cred: Unsplash / Vlad Deep

According to the Malaysian Government, you are required to purchase COVID-19 travel insurance with a minimum coverage of US$20,000. This is required for all short-term foreign travellers to Malaysia for COVID-19-related medical care and hospitalisation expenditures. Regardless of your vaccination status or recovery status, you will need this insurance. You can buy this from a Malaysian or international insurer. 

However, if you are under these few categories, you will not need travel insurance: 

  • Malaysian
  • Long-Term Social Pass
  • Expatriates Pass
  • Student Pass
  • Study Pass
  • Resident Pass
  • Permanent Resident Pass
  • Spouses of Malaysian citizens
  • Children of Malaysian citizens
  • Foreign workers including foreign helpers
  • MM2H

For more information on this, click here

6. On-arrival Testing

Travellers from Singapore are exempted from on-arrival testing. Click here for more information. 

7. Quarantine

Pic cred: Unsplash / Sharon McCutcheon

If you’re fully vaccinated or aged 17 and below, you will not need to undergo a Home Surveillance Order (HSO). This is one thing we’re all looking forward to as the Malaysia Singapore border open. However, if you’re partially vaccinated or unvaccinated, you will have to go through a mandatory quarantine, also known as HSO. 

You can opt to take an RT-PCR on the 4th day of your quarantine or take a professional RTK-Ag on your 5th day of quarantine. If you test negative, you will be released from quarantine on your 5th day. However, if you test positive, you will be required to quarantine for another 5 days.

Note: if you are developing symptoms during your trip, you should isolate yourself immediately and do a self-administered test. Should you test positive, go to the COVID-19 case management protocol portal.

Now that you have everything you need before the Malaysia Singapore border open, enjoy your trip and stay safe! Don’t forget to follow Glitz on Facebook and Instagram for more lifestyle-related information.