Native Bar: The Spot That Serves Cocktails With ANTS!

And other unique concoctions
By: agnes
January 26, 2022

There are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to cocktails. Some like it the classic way – a little whiskey on the rocks is good to go. On the other hand, some enjoy unconventional mixes and presentations. Whether you fall on either side, we can all agree that passion comes first when making cocktails. At Native Bar, passion for its roots is what drives the magnificent combinations. This makes it one of the best bars in Singapore to visit. Sticking true to everything Asian, this import-free bar offers odd yet intriguing mixes that are sure to delight your palate. Here, we list some must-try items from their menu.


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Of course, the first item from Native Bar that you should try is ANTZ. Chef Alex Atala of DOM in Sao Paolo is the person behind The Antz, which is created in Thai style. This drink’s original ingredients are actually sourced from Brazil. However, they have been replaced by Thai-sourced ingredients of the same type but a different variation. Vijay, the founder of Native Bar, forages for Thai Crunchy Ants in Thailand to use in Antz. Assembled on top of a basil leaf with basil meringue, the ants are placed on the cup’s opening. In addition, coconut yoghurt, salt baked tapioca, and aged sugarcane are some of the other ingredients in the drink.

2. Umami-Five-O

The Umami-Five-O is a new twist on the Bloody Mary, and it’s delicious. Before filtering overnight, the black garlic is infused with shiitake distillate before being combined with sriracha and pickles. An infusion of pulp, balinese salt and an over-ripe plum add to the cocktail’s sweetness. Then, the cocktail is garnished with an orange twist. Unlike the usual Bloody Mary, the Umami-Five-O from Native Bar is not as spicy. It’s truly a delightful choice for someone who cannot take spice.

3. Pineapple Arrack

Pineapple Arrack is a refreshingly tropical Native Bar staple made in collaboration with Ceylon Arrack. In addition, it is topped with grilled pineapple dusted with cinnamon sugar. Furthermore, the cocktail is infused with cardamom, cloves, and pineapple skins. However, this is after being sous vided for two hours. When the infusion is poured over ice, the subtlety of the flavours is most apparent.

4. Pandan

The spirit-forward cocktail from Native Bar is known as Pandan. One of the highlight of this drink is that it is made with Indian premium single malt whisky and jaggery (cane sugar). Moreover, it is infused with both fresh and dried pandan leaves from their own rooftop garden. With the addition of pink Himalayan salt, the goal was to create a herbaceous concoction with a well-balanced depth of flavour. And it’s without a doubt that Native Bar did just that.

5. Rhizome

If you enjoy ginger than this cocktail from Native Bar is made for you. Rhizome is composed of five distinct types of ginger: mango ginger, sand ginger, finger root ginger, galangal, turmeric. However, the rhizome family includes the black cardamom as well! Rather than utilising citrus, they use a Koji Citric solution. Which is an infusion of A.luchuensis barley spores inoculated with barley for 42 hours. Then, it is mixed and filtered into an acidic solution.

6. The Oyster Omelette

The Oyster Omelette takes inspiration from food that we’ve come to love and cherish from the hawker carts. The sweet and salty flavours of the Oyster Omelette are perfect for any time of day. ⁣Native Bar’s version is created from freshly shucked shells from Pulau Ubin and miso-cured eggs, which are then distilled into a froth for consumption. Furthermore, this is served in a zero-waste cup made of oysters as the last touch to enhance depth in texture.

7. Sarapan

Glutinous gula melaka and aromatic pandan aromas with a toasted, breadcrumb garnish is what makes the Sarapan. Coconut distillate infuses Sarapan with a delightful after-hours zing that is immediately pleasant. It’s a true local experience, with all of the ingredients coming from within a reasonable distance of the restaurant.

8. Murtabak

The Murtabak is the only thing that sends us back to the wee hours of the morning. In this Native Bar version, they added a vegetarian twist to this hearty dish that has become a fan favourite. Everything from cucumber raita to garden herb pesto to pickled onion is packed into this chickpea-and-black-bean-stuffed pastry, which is sure to tempt you back for more.

9. Moonlight Fried Rice

Locally grown greens, handmade achar and a soy-cured egg yolk accompany this Moonlight Fried Rice dish. ⁣⁣⁣Native Bar takes three to four hours to cure the yolk in the soy base (a mixture of dark and light soy sauces). Furthermore, they use the egg whites in their Hibiscus and Coffee cocktails to avoid waste. Moonlight Noodles, a popular hawker dish, is the source of inspiration for this meal. The silky smooth yolk of the egg adds to the overall flavour and texture of the fried rice dish, so we suggest mixing the two together.

10. Native Bar Jellies

The Calamansi Jelly from Native Bar features a unique reddish tint. In order for this to happen, they add fresh hibiscus petals to the cooked mixture. Alongside the fresh hibiscus petals, it also features calamansi juice, milk whey, and xylitol. On the other hand, the blue pea blossom & pandan jelly was inspired by the traditional Kueh Salat. Furthermore, it is made using goat’s milk curd, coconut, and pandan. Lastly, it is garnished with grated jackfruit seed for an extra touch of nuttiness. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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