Where To Get The Best Poke Bowl In Singapore And How To Make One Yourself

Amazing spots for the amazing poke bowl
By: Nina Shahriman
November 10, 2022

If you’re a poke aficionado, and by poke, I don’t mean the act of poking someone, but rather the traditional Hawaiian poke bowl. This article will serve you as a treat. We’ve tracked, tried and tested these amazing spots for the best poke bowls and are sharing the exclusive details with you! With that, here is a list of poke bowl eateries in Singapore (and a special recipe from us, if you want to try making one)!

Poke is a Hawaiian word that means to slice or cut and refers to raw, marinated fish slices that are strewn over rice and garnished with veggies and umami-rich sauces. In Hawaii, the adaptable dish is ubiquitous.

The majority of bowls begin with a coating of jasmine rice on the bottom. Bamboo rice, which has a green hue, is used by Sweetfin. The warm rice contrasts nicely with the really chilly tuna. The star component is sushi-grade fish, most typically raw yellowfin (ahi) tuna.

However, you have a variety of fish to pick from, including salmon and snapper. If raw fish isn’t your thing, try tofu or cooked crab instead. To improve the taste, the fish cubes are combined with scallions, sesame seeds, and flakes of pink sea salt.

Soy sauce, Shoyu, ponzu, and even spicy black-bean paste are used to accentuate the fatty fish. Avocado, shaved onion, seaweed, and crispy garlic are among the toppings that provide flavour and texture. Togarashi, a Japanese red chile paste, provides heat; wasabi is another common alternative.

Best Poke Bowl In Singapore

1. Poke Doke

Poke Doke offers a wide variety of poke and add-ons, but the Wasabi Salmon poke ($12.50 standard size) is one of my favourites. The wasabi sauce provides a lovely layer of flavour to the salmon without dominating it, and it’s just hot enough to give you a jolt without making you cry. If you’re looking for a special treat, go for the premium toppings (an extra $1.50), particularly the Seasoned Jellyfish. It gives a great crunch to the meal while keeping it refreshing, as it is crunchy and nicely seasoned.

For more information, visit here

ADDRESS9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk #01-95, Singapore 039596
OPERATING HOURSEvery day (11:30am – 8:30pm)
CONTACT+65 8889 6893

2. Rollie Ollie

Rollie Ollie, a quick food truck located inside Suntec City’s PasarBella, serves you delicious poke bowls and sushi rolls that will leave you wanting more. The poke bowl is full of textures, with creamy avocado, crisp veggies with a delicate sweetness from the Tamago, and chunky savoury and peppery tuna and salmon chunks marinated in wasabi sauce. The aromatic tea-infused rice adds extra fragrance while balancing the wasabi sauce’s powerful flavours, resulting in a well-rounded and healthful poke bowl.

For more information, visit here

ADDRESS3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall, North Wing PasarBella Suntec, #01-K42, Singapore 038983
OPERATING HOURSEvery day (11am-9:30pm)
CONTACT+65 8188 1531

3. Katto

Katto is a newly launched stand in Fusionopolis that sells unique variations of the Hawaiian Poke Bowl. It is not only delightfully nutritious, but it’s also significantly less expensive than those in the CBD. Katto won’t leave you feeling guilty since it contains 250g of fine Japanese rice infused with an 18-grain mix, 140g of the freshest sashimi-grade fish, and delicious veggies.

For more information, visit here

ADDRESS1 Fusionopolis Pl, #01-21/22, 138522, Singapore 138632
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Saturday (11am-8pm)
CONTACT+65 9770 9800

4. Makai Poke

Gets a bowl to-go at Makai Poke! Simple but fulfilling, you can choose your proteins, toppings (standard or super food), and base for an affordable price. As of now, they only do takeouts or delivery for their bowls, so it’s a great option to have if you and your colleagues are collectively craving for some healthy and hearty Poke bowls to have delivered to your office.

For more information, visit here

ADDRESSGuoco Tower, 7 Wallich Street, #B1-08, Singapore, Singapore
OPERATING HOURSWeekdays (10:45am-8:30pm) / Saturday (11:30am-3:30pm) / Sunday (Closed)
CONTACTN/A (But available to order through FoodPanda, Onelink, or Deliveroo)

5. A Poke Theory

A Poke Theory is a new, stylish, and elegant culinary establishment on Boon Tat Street that specialises in a poke and other healthy, all-natural meals. Even without the costlier toppings, the base menu is more than enough to dazzle you with its astonishing diversity. The creamy avocado miso salmon goes perfectly with the fragrant spicy roasted cashews, while the smooth sushi rice and mellow lime avocado provide a wonderful contrast to the sour tomatoes and savoury, tender pork.

For more information, visit here

ADDRESSSee list of branches here
OPERATING HOURSEvery day (10am – 8pm)
CONTACTContact numbers per branch here

6. Aloha Poke

Founded by two couples who wanted to bring an authentic Hawaiian taste to Singapore, Aloha Poke is one of the famous Poke Bowls in the country. With specialty flavours including Original, Wasabi Mayo and Spicy, get your cravings fixed with each bowl filled with rice, salad, your choice poké, and scallions, pineapple and lime on top. Customise your bowl to your heart’s desire from their wide range of standard to premium add-ons available.

For more information, visit here

ADDRESSSee all of their branches here
OPERATING HOURSEvery day (10am – Late)
CONTACT+65 6214 3378

7. Salmon Samurai

Salmon Samurai is another to-die place that specialises in food bowls – including their best-selling Poke bowls! If you’re a salmon lover, their Poke bowls are not one to miss – like their best-selling Omega Samurai made with a combination of salmon, yuzu ume rice and mixed greens salad, then topped with prawn roe, cashew almond mix, and onsen egg. Their extensive menu also allows customisation and alternatives for your ingredients – including swapping your rice for noodles instead.

For more information, visit here

ADDRESSSee all of their branches here
OPERATING HOURSEvery day (11:30 am – 9pm)
CONTACT+65 6543 6823

8. Alter Ego

If you’ve tried A Poke Theory, give their (dark) sister restaurant a try! Located in Esplanade, you can indulge in their signature Poke bowls, then come back later at night to satisfy your cravings paired with good booze. But before you get to that, try their pre-curated Poke bowls that’s slightly different, but unique in its own way. Choose from Originial Shoyu, Wasabi Yuzu Salmon, Umami Spicy Garlic & Ginger Miso. Have it on its own or get their lunch sets that come with free drinks!

For more information, visit here

ADDRESSEsplanade Mall, #01-13D, 8 Raffles Avenue, Singapore
OPERATING HOURSWeekdays (12pm – 10:30pm) / Weekends (11am-10:30pm
CONTACT+65 6327 9301⁠

9. Poke Lulu

With branches in Orchard Central and United Square, Poke Lulu has one of the best Poke bowls in Singapore that lets you choose between pre-made bowls or build your own bowls according to your taste. Complement your bowl with another Hawaiian classic snack, Spam Musubi (Spam wrapped in rice, nori, and special sauce), if you’re feeling extra hungry!

For more information, visit here

ADDRESS101 Thomson Road #01-K13 United Square 307591, Singapore
OPERATING HOURSEvery day (11:30am – 8:30pm)
CONTACT+65 8342 6384

10. Umi Sushi

Umi Sushi is the local go-to when it comes to affordable sushi, sashimi, bentos, and more for those who love Japanese cuisine. But aside from their sushi staples, they also serve Poke bowls that are becoming a crowd favourite. Choose from their Mini or Regular bowl sizes, top it with your choice of healthy proteins, rice or soba noodles, and choose from their in-house sauces – Original Shoyu, Signature Pesto or Spicy Asian Chilli! With numerous branches in the area, you can get your Poke bowl fix without breaking the bank.

For more information, visit here

ADDRESSSee the list of branches here
OPERATING HOURSEvery day (Operating hours vary per branch)
CONTACTContact Form

Our Poke Bowl Recipes You Need To Try

person holding brown wooden chopsticks with green vegetable salad

1. Submerge 1 cup (200g) sushi rice in a fine-mesh sieve in a dish filled with water. To eliminate extra starch, shake the rice a few times. Fill a rice cooker halfway with water and place the rice inside.

2. Pour 3 tbsp rice vinegar, 12 tsp sugar, and 12 tsp salt over the rice while it is still hot. To integrate the rice, gently fold it in. Cover and set away until you’re ready to put the bowl together.

3. Gently slice the salmon fillet into 1 cm cubes using a very sharp knife. If you put the salmon in the freezer for a few minutes to help it firm up, it will be easier to slice. Place the salmon in a bowl and season with 2 tbsp soy sauce and lemon juice just before serving.

4. Place a few spoonfuls of rice in a medium bowl to assemble. Any remaining rice can be used in another poke bowl or sushi. Toss the seasoned salmon, avocado, cucumber, ginger, green onions, nori sheets, toasted sesame seeds, and black sesame seeds on top of the rice. Finally, have fun!