A Central Beach Bazaar At Sentosa Is Set To Open In September 2022!

Here’s what you can expect
By: agnes
July 18, 2022

As unveiled by Mount Faber Leisure Group (MFLG), The Central Beach Bazaar, a day-to-night carnival beach experience is set to open in September 2022. Sentosa SkyJet, the tallest fountain in Southeast Asia at 80 metres high, will be one of three new attractions at Central Beach Bazaar, which is positioned to be the perfect seaside destination for guests of all ages. Are you excited about this new attraction spot? Keep reading to find out more!

Experiences To Enjoy

Joining Sentosa SkyJet in the lineup of new experiences is a modern rendition of the iconic Sentosa Musical Fountain from the early 1980s, and a casual eclectic F&B concept International Food Street. The third new attraction, to be revealed at a later time, will offer simulation ride experiences and carnival games. Footsteps away from Sentosa’s Beach Station, Central Beach Bazaar will enhance the existing entertainment, dining and retail experiences that MFLG currently operates, like the popular outdoor night show Wings of Time. The existing Good Old Days Food Court & Western Grill and FUN Shop @ Beach Plaza are also part of the Central Beach Bazaar.

Changing The Sentosa Skyline

Sentosa SkyJet, a new landmark that will enhance the Sentosa skyline and offer beachgoers an alluring new visual marker, will be the tallest fountain in Southeast Asia at 80 metres high, which is equivalent to a 24-story skyscraper. Sentosa SkyJet, which floats on a platform in open water, was created with as little negative influence as possible on the environment and marine life. Unlike conventional fountains of its kind, it is anchored by marine-grade chains and seabed weights without the need for concrete groundwork.

Sentosa SkyJet was developed to go with the outdoor night show’s expertly planned symphony of water jets, laser light projections, and pyrotechnics and is located right next to the over-water stage for Wings of Time. The Sentosa SkyJet’s beautiful plume is a sight to behold from miles away thanks to underwater hydraulic pumps that propel seawater at incredible speeds. Its stream will be illuminated by LED lights, creating a vibrant and majesty spectacle in the nighttime sky.

The Beloved Fountain Display Show Returns

Come September, Central Beach Bazaar will be a prime seaside locale with a host of dynamic dining and entertainment experiences for all ages.

A contemporary version of the legendary Musical Fountain, one of Sentosa’s most famous spectacles in the early 1980s, will be available for visitors to enjoy. The Sentosa Musical Fountain will feature two curated 5-minute performances to commemorate the launch of the daytime version of the attraction, which will run on the same infrastructure as Wings of Time. The first performance will feature a selection of 1990s-era songs like Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me and Walking on Sunshine. The other includes a medley of popular National Day songs from the country, including Home and Count on Me Singapore.

With a minimum purchase of $5 at the International Food Street, tourists may sit back and enjoy a panoramic view of the captivating displays while indulging in mouthwatering street fare. Entry to the Sentosa SkyJet and Sentosa Musical Fountain is gratis with every minimum expenditure of that amount.

A Variety Of Vibrant Street Food

Eight F&B ideas will be housed at The International Food Street, which will be a collection of food trucks, kombi vans, and repurposed shipping containers. At reasonable pricing under $10, each kiosk will provide enticing grab-and-go street food cuisines that are influenced by locations like London, Tokyo, and Mexico. The shipping containers also have the recognisable eclectic Memphis-style splash of vivid colours and strong structural motifs.

The British-themed kiosk Chipper Roll offers traditional English fare such sausage platters, lobster rolls, and bangers & mash. One of the food truck concepts, Taco Pau, will serve traditional Mexican dishes like Tandoori Chicken tortillas and Chicken Chili Con Carne quesadillas with a twist. The Bentori kiosk, which will provide a selection of Japanese skewers delivered in takeaway boxes, is a product of the streets of Tokyo. The menu will include Tamagoyaki, Prawn Gyoza, and Chicken Karaage for diners to pick from.

Endless Fun Under The Sun And Stars

The third new attraction will mix interactive simulation ride experiences with carnival activities and be housed in repurposed shipping containers. A later date will be notified with additional information about this.

The well-liked Wings of Time night show, which just reopened with improved pyrotechnic effects and an even more stunning conclusion, is another option for guests to enjoy after nightfall. Visitors will also be treated to an improved pre-show with new projections starting on July 14, 2022.

Grab a snack at the Halal-certified Good Old Days Food Court & Western Grill before the performance. Visitors from the area can buy a Wings of Time + Good Old Days Value Set Meal for $18 (worth at least $29.80), and they can select from the Asian Delight set, which includes a choice of mains between Nyonya Laksa, Ayam Penyet, and Vegetarian Fried Rice, or the Burger Combo, which offers a choice between a Chicken or Fish Burger. Both sets include a choice of beverage and an ice cream cup.

Visitors can also enjoy 10% off their Wings of Time ticket for advance bookings made on MFLG’s website.

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