International Women’s Day 2022: Honouring Trailblazing Women In Different Industries

Thank you my SHEroes!
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
March 8, 2022

Around 36 years ago, the United Nations General Assembly declared March as National Women’s History Month to honour the efforts and achievements of women all over the world throughout history to the present. Literally, everyday, I would come across a report about the significance of women in the workplace—on LinkedIn majorly. I would be greeted with 10 different news of women celebrating their work achievements. It inspires me, truly.   

Events like this are where it helps increase in female representation at all levels of the business hierarchy, from entry level to C-suite. The closing of the gap is positive, but the task is far from done. It is critical that businesses maintain this progressive momentum by prioritising gender inclusive working practises for women.

For some countries, International Women’s Day may be an official holiday or merely an observance in others. Here, at Glitz we’re all about celebrating and honouring women everyday. There’s no specific date. However, in conjunction with the official Women’s Day which falls on March 8th, we decided to roll on the red carpet to acknowledge women in different industries (most of which are dominated by men). Honestly, it is time to #BreakTheBias—once, and for all. 

1. Lawyers 

Since this year’s theme is #BreakTheBias, it is perfect for us to honour the women lawyers and celebrate their collaborative efforts to combat domestic abuse, respond to gun violence in our communities, and guarantee the rule of law is alive and well in a justice system accessible to everyone. While we look forward to honouring the achievements of women attorneys during Women’s History Month, we are fully aware of the continuous hurdles they confront in achieving success in today’s legal profession.

2. Chefs

“Women make good cooks, but men make great chefs,” as the adage goes. Leaving aside the inaccuracy of this remark, it does reveal something significant about how society views the roles of men and women in the kitchen. Women have battled #BreakTheBias in all aspects of their life for decades. And it is undeniable that the general movement toward equality has had an effect on the professional kitchen. Simultaneously, visionary female chefs and restaurateurs have demonstrated to the world what they’re capable of. Don’t forget that there are innumerable female culinary dynamos who have infused the art of cooking with their distinct inventiveness and style.

3. Directors 

For the past 11 decades, women have been creating films. There are several films directed by women. The question is, why aren’t we aware of them? If we’re speaking facts, there are countless fantastic films made, directed and produced by women that didn’t receive the recognition they deserve just because they’re not up to standard like the usual ‘’male Oscar’’ candidates However, with so many of this year’s most talked-about films featuring female directors, it could be their time to #BreakTheBias. 

4. Photographers

Women in photography are sometimes neglected in favour of their more well-known male peers, but there is no disputing that female photographers contribute a distinct perspective to the industry. Let’s #BreakTheBias and acknowledge that each photographer has a unique perspective on the world, but female photographers indeed bring a unique set of perspectives to the table! 

5. Artist

Oh, and speaking of photographers, let’s not forget female artists as well. There are hundreds of great men littering the history of art—Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso—but what about the women who have contributed to the development of the world’s visual history? Women have historically been discouraged from pursuing a career in the arts, yet there are many remarkable women who have persevered. Female artists share more than just their gender and professional path; they are all trailblazers in their own way, with many tearing down boundaries in their personal and public lives.

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