Mother’s Day Special: Introducing Three Inspirational Women That Defy The Odds

Mom, I love you!
By: Iffah Salleh
May 14, 2023

As Mother’s Day approaches, it is the perfect time to celebrate and honour the remarkable women who have made a profound impact on the world. Today, we shine a spotlight on three extraordinary individuals whose stories embody resilience, innovation, and empowerment.

Let us celebrate and honor Carolina Tan, Jolene Tan, Liza Morales, and all the remarkable mothers who, like them, defy the odds and inspire us with their unbreakable spirit to shape a better world. Their stories remind us that within each of us lies the power to create positive change and make a lasting impact.

Carolina Tan: Triumph Over Infertility

In the pursuit of motherhood, Carolina Tan’s path was paved with heartbreak, tears, and the anguish of multiple pregnancy failures. Her story resonates with one in six Singaporean women who face the challenges of conceiving. 

Embracing alternative methods, she discovered the transformative power of fertility massages, defying societal taboos and sparking meaningful conversations about infertility. 

Carolina’s unwavering resilience and eventual triumph infuse us with hope, reminding us that although the journey to parenthood may be arduous, with determination and support, we can overcome the obstacles of infertility.

Her journey serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that setbacks are not the end of the road but stepping stones toward victory. Whether Mother’s Day or not always remember that, with unwavering determination and support, triumph over infertility is possible.

Jolene Tan: A Wonder Woman Empowering Mothers

Next on our list among the inspiring mother on this upcoming Mother’s Day, we honor Jolene Tan, CEO of WONDERBEWBZ, whose dedication and ingenuity have revolutionised the breastfeeding experience for mothers worldwide. 

Inspired by her own struggles with breastfeeding, Jolene embarked on a mission to address the challenges faced by countless mothers.

Driven by her desire to provide her son with the benefits of breastmilk for an extended period, Jolene discovered the solution through freeze-drying. By transforming breastmilk into a convenient powdered form, she unlocked the potential to store it for up to three years, ensuring a longer lifespan without compromising its nutritional value. 

Jolene’s innovation not only empowered her as a mother but also offered a practical and game-changing solution to mothers everywhere. The innovation has empowered mothers with the ability to provide their children with the nourishment they need while overcoming the limitations of time. 

Jolene’s entrepreneurial spirit reminds us of the incredible impact one individual can have in making motherhood a more fulfilling and joyful experience.

Liza Morales: The Journey Of Resilience

Liza Morales, the Creative Director of Ecotecture Design Studio, embarked on her architectural journey with a burning desire to shape the world around her. One might find this story reminiscent of a fairytale, as she secured a dream job working in one of New York’s award-winning architectural firms. 

However, Liza’s tale is far from a mere fantasy, it is a testament to unwavering determination and sheer resilience. Faced with adversities that would have caused many to falter, she fearlessly confronted each obstacle head-on.

Overcoming language barriers, she dedicated herself to mastering English, using it as a tool to break down communication barriers and connect with others. She give the utmost commitment to her craft, coupled with tireless effort and countless hours of learning, propelled her to the forefront of the architectural landscape in the Philippines.

Today, Liza stands tall as one of the leading female architects, admired for her innovation and commitment to sustainability. Her brainchild, Ecotecture Design Studio, embodies her vision of creating a sustainable future for her children and generations to come. 

Through collaborations with prestigious brands like Nestle, and Green Pastures, Liza has revolutionized sustainable building design, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

On this Mother’s Day, let us honor Liza and all mothers who, like her, defy the odds, shape the world, and inspire us to reach for the stars.

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