NannySOS: Singapore’s Best Confinement Nanny To Help When Mummy Needs It

get good care and relaxation following your pregnancy
By: Nina Shahriman
March 23, 2022

It’s critical to get good care and relaxation following your pregnancy and birth, and a confinement nanny may assist! Confinement nannies are particularly educated to look after pregnant women and new moms for the duration of their confinement, which is generally 40 days. They give the expectant woman food, health advice, and general assistance. With that, Glitz is introducing one of the best confinement nanny agencies in Singapore ready to help assist new mummys: NannySOS.

About NannySOS

Address750 Chai Chee Rd, #01-07A, Singapore 469000
Operating HoursEvery day (9am – 7pm)
Contact+65 6817 2479

Before hiring a nanny, this confinement nanny agency does thorough background checks, so you can be confident that you’ll be receiving the finest of the best. In addition to their usual responsibilities, confinement nannies also make special confinement baths for the mother, wash the mother’s and baby’s clothes, cook dinner for the father, and assist with minor home tasks as needed. Post-natal massage and Jamu binding are also available to make new moms feel pampered. They can be coupled with the confinement nanny service or done separately, and 14-, 35-, and 42-day options are available.

Services At NannySOS

Confinement nanny services

A daytime confinement nanny, unlike a live-in nanny, will only be in your home for 9 hours (9am–6pm). Although your daytime nanny does not support a night-time job (9pm – 8am) since she is out, you can inform them. During the day, she will look after the mother and newborn baby, make traditional confinement cuisine, and do laundry, but she will not be staying at your home at night. They will return to their own lodging to relax after the prescribed working hours.

The average cost of employing a part-time confinement woman is between $3000 and $4500. Furthermore, during Chinese New Year, as well as when caring for twins, rates will be greater than usual.

Babysitting services

The babysitting services are normally for a 3-5 hour period. The babysitter’s job is to keep an eye on the kids, play with them, and keep them engaged so that the parents can slip away and do their things. The cost of a nanny or babysitter varies depending on the number of babysitting hours, daytime or weekend.

Prenatal/Postnatal care

Pregnancy massage is useful for pregnant women who are easily exhausted and have issues such as water retention, back discomfort, headaches, leg cramps, aching legs, or swollen feet. Prenatal massage is an excellent treatment for expecting mothers. Home prenatal massage in Singapore is for pregnant women in preparation for delivery, while postnatal massage is for healing after childbirth.

Massage during pregnancy soothes discomforts, reduces stress, and promotes general wellbeing. Most significantly, it enables moms to deliver their babies with ease by allowing their muscles to relax.

A personalised postnatal massage home service helps mothers adjust to and recover from childbirth following delivery. Many new moms praise traditional massage treatments like Javanese or Jamu postnatal massage for their pain relief, stress reduction, and health advantages. Mothers may also experience a blend of Jamu and Chinese massage to further treat themselves.

NannySOS’ masseur focuses on the body’s meridian and hand methods to improve the massage session for the mother. After that, there is binding at the end of the session.

Why You Should Have A Confinement Nanny

In Singapore, good confinement nannies are a godsend and are in high demand. Pregnant women should start looking for a confinement nanny as early as the first trimester. Make an effort to have realistic expectations of the nanny. When things don’t go as planned, especially for first-time mothers, they might get worried.

When choosing a confinement nanny, look for someone you can trust. It will also be easy to choose someone with the correct mentality, who is humble and eager to follow directions.