Why You Should Try Aurora Spin Studio In Singapore

Sweat more this new year
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
January 13, 2022

Life’s funny—one day you dedicated 45 minutes focusing on exercising and sweating the next day you decided that ‘’fitness isn’t really my thing.’’ We’ve all been there. Come new year, we promised ourselves to be healthier but halfway through you’ll be like ‘’Nahhh’’. People who are really into fitness will always get my respect. I don’t know how they did that but they managed to balance out their work life, personal life and wellness life perfectly. 

Anyway, it is not too late for folks like us to jump into the fitness fandom. Especially now that cycle class or spin studio are getting the hit they deserve. If you haven’t heard of a spin studio, it’s where an exercise class that allows you to sit down (yes sit down), the lights are dimmed, music blasted up, and then the next thing you know you sweat the ocean. 

But that’s the thing—we bloody enjoy it. Even though it is categorized as high intensity exercise, it burns out about 500 to 700 calories per hour. That sounds so much better after we swallow up to 5 pieces of pizza the previous night. In Singapore, Aurora Spin Studio features the first ever dual concept indoor rhythmic cycling studio. That means you will venture into an immersive experience where it is just between you, your bike and your ride. Which makes it even perfect for us newbies who have never experienced riding before. 

In short, we are absolutely sold on this one. Checkout Glitz full review for Aurora Spin Studio. 

Why Aurora Spin Studio? 

Aurora is Singapore’s first ever dual concept indoor rhythmic cycling studio, featuring world class facilities and technology that fully enhances your workout. Once you step into one of their dark room multi-sensory studios, be prepared to experience an advanced lighting system, magic mirror technology and state-of-the-art surround sound system to kick off the high energy music that you love. Sounds like discotheque ambience but instead of bumping your bodies around the stranger (ew, Corona), we get to sweat out the bad energy from our bodies and recharge for the better. 

The studio is perfectly located at South Beach Quarter, one of Singapore’s distinctive architecture known for its microclimatic canopy, which introduces renewed vitality to the vicinity. You will venture into an immersive experience where it is just between you, your bike and your ride. 

What Type Of Rides Are Available? 


For newcomers who need something simpler, we suggest you start out with the Aurora Fundamentals rides. This class is an introduction to rhythmic cycling which brings it back to the basics and focuses on developing proper form and good spin habits. But we would like to remind you to still bring two water bottles though. Just saying. 

2. RIDE THE AURORA (Intermediate)

Once you get the hang of it after a few sessions you can level up to Ride The Aurora. This is an intermediate class with a signature rhythm ride designed to improve your body, mind, and overall fitness level.

3. DOUBLE TROUBLE (Intermediate)

For an intense date with your bestie, try out the Double Trouble. This 45 minute session is sed by two instructors, get ready to #experiencethephenomenon as you ride through a mix of climbs, jogs, and sprints, all while immersed in the sound of epic beats.


If you think now that you’re a total pro, amp up your energy to the advanced ride which is the Ride The Thunderstorms. This is an iconic ride to challenge not just your stamina, but your mind too, through fast and strong beats. Be ready to push through your limits as you race to the finish line.

How To Book A Class? 

Login through their website login portal here or download our Aurora mobile app from the Apple app store or Google Playstore. They have 2 rooms for you to RIDE. Their INFINITY ROOM can accommodate up to 36 riders and our EXPERIENCE ROOM can accommodate up to 27 riders. 

How Do I Get There And What Are The Nearest Mrt Stations?

They are just a 4 mins walk from Esplanade MRT (Circle Line) and 6 mins walk from Promenade MRT (Circle and Downtown line) and there is a link bridge from Suntec city at level 2 exit (Near Watsons). For Grab drop off, kindly select JW Marriott Hotel Singapore as a drop off location.

What Should You Wear For Your Class?

Come dressed in comfortable workout gear or active wear including socks. Socks are available for purchase at our reception desk. Though small towels will be provided for each class, we suggest you bring your own towels, water bottle and face mist for freshening up. Seriously, who even shares personal items these days? 

Aurora Studio Student Package 

Good news for students, they do not have an age limit for student packages, but they will require a picture of a valid student ID from the package owner and the sharers of the package. 

What Other Facilities Do They Have? 

Much like other gym studios, Arora Spin Studio provides full shower facilities including personal changing rooms. Bath towels are provided, hairdryers and also full amenities like organic soap and shampoo at our studios. Lockers are also available for your usage in our luxurious changing rooms.

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