6 Made-in-Singapore Lingerie Brands To Shop For Stylish & Sultry Undergarments

Whatever the occasion, these Singaporean lingerie brands will make you…
By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin
December 9, 2022

G-string or comfy briefs? Corset or Spanx? Strapless or push-up? When it comes to lingerie, the options are practically infinite. That is why shopping for undergarments can be a real pain in the bum. (Girls, can we get a yes?)

Though your go-to labels may be the likes of the international markets like Victoria Secret and Savage x Fenty, why not show your support for these homegrown lingerie brands for once in a while? There are several lingerie brands in Singapore, some of which have shops around the country—where you can simply browse for designs matched to your preferences. Afterall, a good lingerie set can help you in feeling more confident. 

Show your support for locals by spicing up your lingerie drawers and shop these 6 homegrown lingerie brands in Singapore! 

6 Singapore-Owned Lingerie Brands

1. Ashley Summer Co

Ashley Summer Co is your best choice for a comfy, easy-to-wear lace lingerie set. The local business has swiftly become renowned with its sophisticated two-piece lace choices, which vary from iconic push up bralettes to alterable cushioned options in a variety of colours ranging from smouldering crimson to delicate greys. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, it also provides a simple 60-second questionnaire that guides the user through bra fit, size, and comfort.

Shop Ashley Summer Co

2. Susy + Bae

Make sure to check out Susy + Bae if you’re looking for attractive, delicate lingerie and loungewear. The brand’s selection is for those who want to go all out on adornments and sensuality. They are known for their hand – crafted lace separates. Silk pyjama sets, robes, and bustiers, you named it! The brand also provides an in-store fitting experience for customised loungewear. Anything that fits to your liking. 

Shop Susy + Bae

3. Perk by Kate

In terms of local clothing businesses, lingerie brand Perk by Kate has created an indelible mark. Founded in 2012 by Kate Low, the business was inspired by the urge to fill the gap between attractive and comfy clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. 

Today, it sells everything from lace bras to satin underwear to comfy camisoles. The physical store has recently added a variety of cosmetics and home decors as well as a creative event space for seminars targeted at inspiring women.

Shop Perk by Kate

4. Our Bralette Club

Our Bralette Club defies cultural notions of what lingerie should feel or look like by being comfortable, size-inclusive, and beginner-friendly.  The brand describes the term ”bralette’ as a “less scary alternative to a bra.” Customers may pick from a variety of cushioned bodysuits, as well as athletic and cushioned bralettes, all with comfort in mind. 

The label also offers a recycling project that encourages the submission of old bras of any kinds and brands so that they may be repurposed or donated.

Shop Our Bralette Club

5. I’m In

Push-up bras, strapless bras, seamless bras, and bandeaus are among the “Asian-fit intimates” available from the I’m In brand. Even though  the majority of these are in basic patterns that are suitable for everyday use,  there are also some sensuous types in the mix. They’re an absolute godsend for pastels and lace aficionados; the brand has various sizes available that are up to 38C.

Shop I’m In

6. Reverie Studio

Reverie Studio’s intimates, like its resort wear for men and women, are made with a “luxe-meets-laid-back” approach. Their bralettes include dramatic V-necklines or wider lace bands, which you can wear as a crop top on warmer days. 

The label’s Jen bralette is a real highlight, and it comes in a variety of colours such as khaki, burgundy, and blue, so you’re likely to find one that matches your skin tone. The firm has also been liberal with its sizing; ranging from small to XL.

Shop Reverie Studio

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