Here Are The Best Podcasts On Women’s Health That You Should Tune Into

What better way to be surrounded by great knowledge and…
By: Nina Shahriman
March 28, 2022

When it comes to getting healthy, we want to be surrounded with motivation, inspiration, and knowledge that will help us live the healthy lifestyle we desire. What better way to be surrounded by great knowledge and motivation than by tuning in to a podcast? They’re a great source of equal parts entertaining and informative without you needing to do much other than perking those ears up. With that, Glitz is listing out the best podcasts to listen to that focus and touches on topics, especially women’s health.

Best Podcasts On Women’s Health

1. The Doctor’s Farmacy

The Doctor’s Farmacy dives into the complex topics of health, wellness, food, and politics through interviews with renowned medical professionals and debates on current research with an aim to educate and motivate people to utilise food to heal their bodies. Dr. Mark Hyman, the show’s host, thinks that eating nutritious foods can heal our diseased civilization. Mark Hyman always appears to be well-balanced and sensible, and his knowledge is always backed up by research.

Where to listen: The Doctor’s Farmacy

2. Losing 100lbs

Corinne Crabtree, who dropped over 100 pounds 14 years ago and has kept it off, hosts a wellness podcast called Losing 100lbs. Corrine is a trained life coach and wellness coach who approaches weight reduction in a unique way. She concentrates on the emotional and mental causes of overeating and weight gain rather than presenting a lot of eating restrictions and a specific diet.

She concentrates on clearing your thoughts and implementing long-term adjustments. With her southern accent, fondness for cussing, and ability to tell it like it is, Corinne is a likeable character. She is brutally honest about the mental and physical struggles with weight loss while providing realistic, no-nonsense advice.

Where to listen: Losing 100lbs

3. The V Word

While the anatomy of a female’s body is still a taboo subject in many nations, physician specialists Dr. Jennifer Conti and Dr. Erica P. Cahill take on the subject head-on with a podcast dedicated to lady parts. These female doctors, who are now working at Stanford University’s Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, are committed to sharing their knowledge in order to combat preconceptions about the female reproductive system and reproductive policy concerns.

Where to listen: The V Word

4. The Food Psych

The Food Psych is one of the greatest women’s health podcasts available. This podcast is for you if you want to mend your relationship with food, feel beautiful in your own skin, and achieve genuine health and wellbeing. Christy Harrison, the host, is a straight-talking registered dietitian who advocates for intuitive eating and health of all sizes, two methods that promote both emotional and physical well-being.

Where to listen: The Food Psych

5. Science Vs.

While Science Vs. isn’t exactly a “health” podcast, they do take on some of the most popular health fads and challenges, such as diets and detox cleanses, to examine how they compare to science. And, let’s be honest, so much of diet culture isn’t based on research. You’ll learn solid factual knowledge concerning conventional wisdom and health fads while also being entertained. Wendy Zukerman, the Australian host, is wonderfully amusing, and the presentation is well researched and beautifully produced.

Where to listen: Science Vs.

6. Affirmations Pod

Affirmations may be a very effective method for changing your mentality, finding serenity, and enhancing your mental health. Not only will you receive excellent affirmations that you may repeat, but simply listening will be quite calming. Josie Ong, the host, has a really soothing voice. This is wonderful for when you’re feeling worried or stressed and find that listening to this podcast quickly calms you down.

Where to listen: Affirmations Pod

Why You Should Start Listening To Podcasts On Women’s Health

Listen while multitasking

The best part of listening to podcasts instead of watching TV is that you can listen while on the go! You may now be amused or learn something new anytime and wherever you desire. This hands-free, eyes-free kind of entertainment will make your regular commutes and duties more enjoyable. Podcasts bring a leisurely type of multitasking to your calendar in a world where we constantly appear to be busier and busier attempting to combine job and personal time.

Makes storytelling fun

Podcasting is reviving a fading art form: oral storytelling. Throughout history, this oral practice has been observed in different societies, although written and visual media have practically eradicated storytelling in general. Podcasting, on the other hand, has revived this tradition, with narrative accounting for a large portion of podcasts.

Reduce your screen time

Podcasts are fantastic because they give an engaging alternative to visual media. Podcasts, like films, don’t require any reading and demand minimal energy, but they don’t produce the same visual strain or mind-numbing. In fact, studies have shown that listening to podcasts stimulates the brain more than watching television. This is due to the fact that podcasts demand listeners to engage their imagination rather than just providing it to them with visual aids.

Listen in to expert insight

Podcasts are accessible; they provide a method for the average man to interact with the masses without the need for mainstream media, which is one of the reasons podcasting is a terrific educational tool. This implies that professionals from a wide range of sectors may simply share insider information with the general public. You may now learn directly from competent individuals in a straightforward, effortless, and free session, rather than reading complicated manuals or being weighed down with irrelevant material.