The Best Personal Training Programs In Singapore To Get Beach Body Ready

Personal training programs to keep you fit.
By: cherelle
October 10, 2022

Trying to keep a healthy lifestyle and want to get into working out? First of all, you’ll need to find a good gym to get your sweat on! Exercising at home can sometimes feel a bit lonely and distracting. The first few weeks of working out at home on your own may be fun, but soon after, you might start to feel unmotivated. So, one way to prevent all this from happening is to go somewhere you won’t be distracted, but feel motivated instead! Furthermore, some gyms offer great personal training programs for those that wish to attain their dream beach body. So, here is Glitz’s list of some of the best personal training programs in Singapore. 

Best Personal Training Programs

1. SPARKD Personal Training 

Get your body moving and mind sweating with SPARKD Personal Training sessions. Their personal training programs allow you to engage with highly interactive technologies designed to challenge your dual-tasking ability. Aside from that, it also enhances your brain fitness! Imagine this, you are solving maths equations while doing squats, or prioritising a range of different colours as they flash in random order in front of you before they ‘explode’. So, get ready to feel your memory stretch, as well as your prioritising and planning functions challenged. Speeding up your reaction time, it is time to get beach ready for both your mind and body. 

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For quality fitness training, head on to FITLUC for one of the best personal training programs! We know starting a fitness journey can be difficult, but with FITLUC by your side, you’ll constantly be motivated. Over at FITLUC, they specialise in fitness experiences, corporate fitness classes and personal training programs. Furthermore, FITLUC offers customisable personal training programs to suit your lifestyle. You can choose to train on-site, at home or even with a partner! What’s more, is that the workout routines will be tailored according to your fitness goals and equipment. Most of the trainers at FITLUC also have a degree in Sports Science, so you are in good hands.

PriceTrials starting from $50.00
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3. Ultimate Performance Fitness

If you have a busy schedule and an on-the-go lifestyle, then you should definitely visit Ultimate Performance Fitness. Quite the popular gym in Singapore, they also offer personal training programs that are fit for people with tight schedules. Furthermore, their personal training services include the best body composition experts in Singapore. Since they constantly work with busy bees, the trainers here know how to tackle challenges like lack of sleep and stress. If you don’t have time to even leave the house, don’t worry! They offer online fitness training and group training. 

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4. Urban Active Fitness

With a team of experienced and diverse personal trainers, Urban Active Fitness offer some of the best personal training programs in Singapore. The best part is that you can invite them to your home or visit them at any of their branches. Thus, offering great at-home personal training services. What’s more, is that Urban Active Fitness offers customised workouts which is quite unique. You can choose from cardio boxing, kickboxing, self-defence or Muay Thai. 

PriceFirst-time clients can enjoy their free trial. | Classes start from $90
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5. The Pit

Drop down to The Pit if you want to keep fit or embrace your athletic potential. Their personal training programs are designed to make people healthier, stronger and fitter. Aside from that, they also offer services to different athletes from different fields. Thanks to their individualised and rigorous services, they are actually quite well-known! Moreover, many of the trainers at The Pit are overflowing with experience so you know you’re in good hands. 

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6. UFIT Personal Training

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At UFIT Personal Training, they have a team of over 40 trained and experienced personal trainers. Many of them come from different athletic backgrounds as well such as MMA, bodybuilding and professional boxing. Thus, you can decide who to work with to bring out the best in your fitness goals. Aside from personal trainers, UFIT Personal Training also has nutritionists, health coaches, physiotherapists and rehab specialists. Therefore, you can ask them for specifically tailored fitness plans based on your diet, injuries, medical history and lifestyle. So if you are looking for personal training programs to restore your health or stay fit, UFIT Personal Training is your pick. 

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7. One Personal Training 

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One Personal Training is yet another gym in Singapore that offers great personal training programs. Offering more organised personal fitness services, One Personal Training helps clients achieve the healthy lifestyle they desire. Apart from that, they are also well-known for creating personalised plans backed by science, and results proven by clients. Depending on your needs, these plans usually include a 12-week high-intensity training program and diet plan. 

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