10 Best Souvenirs From Singapore That You Absolutely Need To Bring Home

No more cheesy and tacky souvenirs!
By: balqis
December 1, 2021

Are you searching for souvenirs that best represent Singapore?  Whether you’re a tourist or simply a Singaporean looking for the best gift to surprise your friends, nothing can truly beat the taste of locals. However, you might want to leave the run-of-the-mill souvenirs out of the door before that. If you think that souvenirs are all about that regular fridge magnet and keychain, well think again. Luckily there are tons of unique and stylish souvenirs from Singapore that we just simply can’t get enough with. If you’re looking for the best goodies, textiles or even snacks, we at Glitz have gathered a list of the best souvenirs from Singapore that you need under your radar. So, once you’re done hitting the best ice cream spots or Instagrammable cafes, you can go for a shopping spree to get your hands on these souvenirs.

These Best Souvenirs From Singapore Are Perfect For Tourist and Local People

1.Kopi Dabao Bag From When I Was Four

Honestly, the moment we lay our eyes on this tote bag we just instantly knew that we needed to grab one! If you are an avid lover of kopitiam, this tote bag definitely should be on top of your list. With its large size, you can simply use it to carry essential things. Plus, it also comes with a matchy straw and detachable straps of green and pink colours. The Kopi Dabao Bag looks super realistic and it will certainly make heads turn in a good way. It retails at $19.90 which is available on its official website


Origame features several different board games that reflect Singapore’s culture and traditions. They offer about nine board games including Kopi King, Durian Dash, Rainforest City, Buffet Boss, Mooncake Master, Wok and Roll. With its quirky yet fun filling games, it will surely spice up precious times with family and friends. Plus, it is also a perfect way to introduce the local culture to your fellow foreign acquaintances. The starting price for Origame is $20.00

3. Pins from The Little Drom Store

For those who prefer to accessorize their tote bags, hats or even jackets, the local inspired pins by The Little Drom Store are one of the best souvenirs from Singapore that you need to have. At The Little Drom Store, you can find an array of pins with designs taken by local culture, playgrounds and snacks including kopitiam and singlish. They also collaborate with other artists to come up with exclusive pieces for The Little Drom Store. If you’re thinking of having the same pins with your other half, you can opt for the bundle packs. The price for a pin is between $10.00 and $15.90.

4.Artisanal Chocolates By Janice Wong

Nothing can truly beat the taste of chocolate and luckily with the artisanal chocolates by award winning chef Janice Wong, you can take a piece of Singapore with you. They feature a myriad of handcrafted chocolates that will intrigue your taste buds with local and classic flavours. We recommend that you try out the Box of 5. Signature Singapore Series. Chef’s Choice Pre-Packed as it includes flavours like BBQ Bakkwa Chicken Praline Poprocks, Gula Melaka Pandan, Chilli Padi, Kaffir Lime Caramel and Laksa Leaf Lemongrass. If you want to amp it up to the next level, you can opt for the Box of 25. Assortment. Chef’s Choice Pre-Packed which retails at $90.00.

5.Binary Style

Founded by Santhi and Sari Tunas, Binary Style is a lifestyle brand that offers apparel, accessories, home and living products. They are widely known for their jaw dropping printed scarves which feature abstract and intricate designs inspired by the local scenery and culture. Among the list of scarves available for purchase are Tiong Bahru, Peranakan Opulence, Bumboats on Singapore River, Singapore Dilanggar Todak, Chinatown and Once Upon A Time in Singapore. The retail price for the printed scarves starts from $35.00. 

6. Bynd Artisan

Helmed by Winnie Chan and James Quan, Bynd Artisan is known for its impeccable quality of personalized leather goods. With over 80 years of legacy, the products are meticulously crafted from premium leather. Shoppers will find an array of products including curated gifts, bags, pouches, notebooks, and cardholders. If you’re visiting Singapore or simply looking for some creative sessions, you can also harness new skills by joining their workshops. For those who want to surprise your loved ones, be sure to pamper them with a personalized gift in which you can even inscribe initials or quotes. 

7. Anthony the Spice Maker

If you’re still relentlessly looking for the best souvenirs from Singapore, simply head to the Anthony the Spice Maker that is located at Chinatown Complex. They have been crafting local spice since 1986, making them the go-to place for those who want to bring the taste of local spice back home. If regular spice is too boring for you, you will be delighted to know that they even offer traditional flavours of Singapore spice blends and Grandpa’s Seasoning Rubs. These spice blends are also created without any additives, MSG, preservatives or colourings. 

8. Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Indulge in the local taste wherever you are with the Ya Kun Kaya Toast. This signature jam known as Kaya is created with eggs and coconut milk. It is a classic spread that is highly loved by Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indonesians. A visit to any kopitiam around the islandwide is not complete if you did not try out this traditional favourite. So, it is only right that you buy a jar or two to bring home, right? Trust us, your morning breakfast routine will certainly be more satisfying with kaya butter toast.

9. Kattoe Design

We know that shirt printed with the Merlion statue might be too typical and expected, but Kattoe Design definitely amps it up with their cool yet quirky design. The Merlion King t-shirt which retails at $45.00 features an illustration inspired by The Lion King. If you look closely you will notice that several animals like wild boar, hornbill, otter and orangutan also make an unlikely appearance. The shirt comes in two different colours, black and white. Plus, shoppers can choose from size US 34 to US 58.

10. Paintings by Clare Haxby

Clare Haxby, a British based artist is known for her collection which is inspired by the local landmarks. These limited edition paintings feature architectural heritage like Singapore Shophouses, Chinatown, Little India, Marina Bay Sands, Sultan Mosque, and Botanic Gardens. The starting price of the Singapore Landmark Art Collection is $519.32. If you are an avid art lover, these paintings are absolutely one of the best souvenirs from Singapore that you need to buy asap.

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