Famous Hawker Food In Singapore You Have To Try!

The most famous hawker food in Singapore!
By: Cherelle Lim
March 11, 2022

We all know that whatever country you visit, their local foods are always the best. We aren’t talking about any famous fast-food chain that you’ve been craving over the internet, we’re talking about the local hawker foods! There is no doubt that Singapore’s hawker foods are one of the best there is. Although, our Malaysian neighbours might disagree! No matter, friendly virally is always good to allow us to continuously improve! As locals, where do you think the best hawker food in Singapore is? Or rather, which hawker food is most famous in Singapore? If you aren’t sure, here is a list of some of the famous hawker food in Singapore. We want you to ditch the glitz and glamour of fancy restaurants and bars, and indulge in some of the local delights!

Top 10 Most Famous Hawker Food in Singapore

1. Chicken Rice

Image Credits – Kuali

Singaporeans will know the most legendary chicken rice shop. Swee Kee was a culinary icon that served one of the best chicken rice across Singapore. Sadly, the hawker stall closed down in 1997. But, if you are craving some delicious chicken rice, drop by Tian Tian Chicken Rice! Although no one can ever top Swee Kee’s chicken rice, this is your next best hawker stall to get it. When you don’t know what to eat, get a pack of chicken rice and you’ll be full!

2. Hokkien Mee

Image Credits – Noob Cook

Hokkien Mee is yet another famous hawker food in Singapore. Whenever you visit a hawker centre, Hokkien mee always shows up on your table. It is a dish that everyone will get no matter what. Not only because it is delicious, but because it is an iconic dish. The different methods of cooking Hokkien Mee also affects its taste. So, you have to know which uncle at which hawker stall cooks the best Hokkien Mee. The Hokkien Mee at Geylang Lor 29 is cooked with charcoal fire for an authentic taste. 

3. Char Kway Teow

Image Credits – Visit Singapore

Locals are also obsessed with the most famous hawker food, Char Kway Teow. Who can resist saying no to this local delight? The best ones are those with just the right amount of oil. Not too oily and not too dry. For some of the best, visit the uncle at  Smith Street Food Centre. He has over 50 years of experience in frying char kway teow, so you know it will taste good!

4. Laksa

Image Credits – Hot Thai Kitchen

Laksa has a long history and to this day, some of the hawker stalls are still cooking it over charcoal. As a famous hawker food, laksa can be found at almost any hawker food centre in Singapore. Some of the best laksas tend to have a bit of character and it may take some searching before you find one that you think is the best. 

5. Bak Chor Mee

Image Credits – Lifestyle Asia

Bak Chor Mee is a famous hawker food in Singapore and you can find the best, Tai Hua Bak Chor Mee at Crawford Lane. You better get there early because there is always a long queue waiting for you. Furthermore, Tai Hua Bak Chor Mee is also the first to be awarded a Michelin Star! That tells you just how good the Bak Chor Mee is.

6. Wanton Mee

Image Credits – Daniel Food Diary

Looking for a comfort hawker food to have? Wanton Mee is as comforting for locals as it can get! As one of the most famous hawker foods in Singapore, it is perfect to have any time of the day. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

7. Prawn Mee

Image Credits – Miss Tam Chiak

Prawn Mee is also another famous hawker food that we just can’t resist! No matter what restaurant we’re at, if we don’t know what to eat, Prawn Mee is the key! Available at many hawker centres in Singapore, a hot bowl of prawn mee is perfect on a rainy day. 

8. Oyster Omelette

Image Credits – Nomadette

Ask any Singapore and they’ll say that their oyster omelette is the best you’ll ever taste. A famous hawker food to have, old school oyster omelettes are still the best! For a taste, head on over to Lim’s Fried Oyster at Jalan Berseh Food Centre. Remember to eat it while it’s hot to get the best tastes!

9. Roti Prata

Image Credits – Daniel Food Diary

Whether it’s roti canai or roti prata, they are still famous hawker foods to have in Singapore. Most roti prata stalls operate till late at night, so it is the perfect food to have as a late-night snack. 

10. Carrot Cake

Image Credits – Visit Singapore

When we say carrot cake, we don’t mean the actual cake dessert! Carrot cake to us is a famous hawker food we love to consume. Typically served at Dim Sum restaurants, carrot cakes are fried to perfection and best consumed hot. 

Best Hawker Food Centres in Singapore

So, you know what to order if you ever visit a hawker centre in Singapore. But, which hawker centres should you visit? Here are some of the best!

1. Golden Mile Food Centre

famous hawker food
Image Credits – Sethlui

Golden Mile Food Centre is actually sort of like a hidden hawker food centre. But since the hawker foods here are quite exceptional, many have travelled far and wide to eat here! Whether it’s Hokkien mee, beef noodles or Teochew braised duck, you’ll find it all here. 


2. Old Airport Road Food Centre

famous hawker food

A hawker centre that is at least a decade old is the Old Airport Road Food Centre. You’ll find that the HK-style chee cheong fun and barbecued seafood are the best to have. 


3. Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre

famous hawker food

Want a hawker centre with a lot of variety? Visit Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre today! Located right in the centre of indie stores and hipster cafes, it is the best place to be after a stroll in the afternoon. While here, you’ll have to get a taste of famous hawker foods such as chicken rice and Chinese rojak.


4. Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

famous hawker food
Image Credits – Mothership

If you are searching for the famous mee siam and prawn noodles, Hong Lim Market & Food Centre is the right place. It is known for housing The Old Stall Hokkien Street Famous Prawn Mee and Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa. Visit this hawker centre with an empty stomach and you’ll leave satisfied. 


5. Maxwell Food Centre

famous hawker food

Maxwell Food Centre is packed with over 100 hawker food stalls and all of them focus on different specialities. Besides that, this hawker centre tends to open till late at night so those with late-night cravings are safe. 


6. Tekka Centre

famous hawker food
Image Credits – Hotels.com

If you are ever craving Indian cuisine, drop by Tekka Centre for some good Indian hawker foods. Over here, you’ll find the legendary biryani and Indian rojak. If you decide to have breakfast here, you can even drop by Tekka Market for some of the best fresh produce you can find!


7. Whampoa Hawker Centre

famous hawker food
Image Credits – Womens Weekly

Although Whampoa Hawker Centre is located in a cosy neighbourhood, it is actually quite big! Be ready to be spoilt for choice as they serve a myriad of local food. Whether it is classic carrot cake or nasi lemak, they make the long queues totally worth the wait. 


8. Geylang Serai Market & Food Centre

famous hawker food
Image Credits – Sethlui

Geylang Serai Market & Food Centre is part food centre and part wet market. This is the hawker centre you need to drop by if Malay cuisine is what you’re craving. Furthermore, it is easily recognisable thanks to its neon lights.