Green Common Review: This Vegan Restaurant Is The World’s First Plant-Based Concept Store

One-stop centre of eatery and marketplace
By: balqis
March 18, 2022

The thought of abstaining yourself from eating any meat might seem intimidating at first glance, especially for meat lovers. However, the plant-based meal is more than just a bowl of salad. Just think of a meatless version of tantalising burgers, meatballs or even pizza. Regardless of its terminology, whether it’s veganism or plant-based alternatives, they have been making waves across the globe. Added with the proliferation of mindful eating, more people have switched to a plant-based diet as a way to be in tune with their overall wellness. Known as one of the best vegan restaurants in Singapore, Green Common has garnered a reputation amongst the local foodie. Well once you stepped into the place it’s fairly easy to see why people have been flocking over to Green Common. 

Green Common Review

Green Common 

Founded in 2015, Green Common is the world’s first plant-based concept store that traces its journey from Hong Kong. Apart from nine branches across Hong Kong, they also expanded to Shanghai and Singapore. Their primary mission is to kickstart a sustainable and healthy journey through a platform that provides groundbreaking innovation of food tech. It is a one-stop centre that boasts a spacious area that is equipped with an eatery, marketplace and innovative product platform.

Green Common Menu

At Green Common, you can find a plethora of menus that are inspired by Asian and Western cuisine. If it’s your first time visiting the place, you can certainly expect familiar dishes. Additionally, they offer a full course meal that ranges from appetisers, main dish, kids meal, and dessert. Guests can also expect a new addition to the menu every month that they should not miss out on. 


Before we dive straight to the must-try and list of dishes available, they also provide a lunch set that allows you to enjoy a full course meal without breaking the bank. You can either opt for a Lunch Set for One which costs around $17. Conversely, for those who dine in for two, the restaurant also offers an option of Lunch Set for Two which costs $38. These lunch sets include an appetiser, main course and beverage. 

If you ever find yourself at Green Common but unsure which dishes to pick, fret not as we got a whole bunch of recommendations for you. One of the appetisers that people have been raving about is the Omni Luncheon Fries ($8) which comes with four variants of dipping namely, Thai chilli, BBQ, truffle and honey mustard. If you just simply can’t give up on the meatballs, we highly recommend you to try the meatless meatballs ($10) which are created from OmniMeat and Beyond Meat Meatballs then served with marinara sauce. The Omni Musubi ($9) is also a perfect option, especially for Japanese food lovers. The sushi is topped with OmniMeat Luncheon which is glazed with teriyaki sauce and pineapple chilli chutney is added as a garnish. 

Personally, we are head over heels with the Omni kimchi fried rice ($16) as it delivers intense flavours of subtle spiciness and kimchi. Another dish that people frequently ordered is the Hainanese trick’ en rice ($16) which uses the Heura chicken as a substitute. This hawker food is certainly a must-have whenever you’re in Green common. If you’re a true Asian at heart, make sure to order the rendang chicken roti ($13) which comes with roti prata and rendang chicken that is made from potatoes and Heura chicken. 

If you want to relish your taste buds with Western cuisine, you can never go wrong with the beyond burger black ($15). It is created from the signature burger patty and topped with sauteed mushroom, cabbage and veganaise sauce.  Another dish that is worth mentioning is meat lovers pizza ($19) which features a combination of moving mountains hot dog, beyond sausage, Daiya mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. 

Apart from meatless dishes, Green Common also curated a list for seafood addicts. With about eight options, guests can select from Omni crabless pasta ($16), Omni golden fish fillet no-fish ($16), Omni classic miso glazed fishless fillet ($16), Omni golden fishless taco ($17) to spicy OmniTuna and Omni crab cake pizza ($16). Now we get to the part that everyone is waiting for, the dessert! Aside from its appetisers and main meal, Green Common also offers a wide variety of lip-smacking cakes and deserts. So it is definitely a perfect spot for some tea time session with your loved ones. Amongst the desserts available are K-pear garden ($11), HK style French toast ($13), pineapple paradise ($11) and strawberry tower ($11), classic baked cheesecake ($7.50), carrot cake craze ($7.20), ondeh obsession ($6.90) and sea salt chocolate crumble cake (6.90). 


Source: Green Common

At Green Common, you can find an infinite variety of beverages which include coffee, tea, mixed juices, smoothies, sparkling, kombucha, wines and shakes. Plus, they often introduce new drinks, so make sure to keep your eyes open to such new releases. The price range of the beverages is between $5 and $60. If you simply need a daily dose of caffeine, we recommend you to try the dalgona coffee ($7)and chai latte ($7). Whereas if you prefer a shake to refuel your energy, nothing can beat the dragon pro ($10) which features a concoction of Califia barista blend almond milk, red dragon fruit, banana, agave syrup and vegan protein powder. The newly released osmanthus sencha creme ($8.50) is also a perfect option whenever you need to beat the unbearable heatwave. 

The Setting 

Green Common features a relaxing ambience with lush greenery and floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to bask in the natural light. With the spacious open floor plan, the interior is creatively designed to ensure a seamless convergence between the marketplace and eatery. At the corner, guests can find a row of fridges that are filled with plant-based products. 

Green Common Location

If you prefer to dine in the comfort of your own home, Green Common is also available for delivery via Foodpanda, Deliveroo and OddleEats. 

AddressVivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-169/170, Singapore 098585
Opening HoursOpen daily: 11am – 10pm
Contact Details+6565135808

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